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Jun 13, 2018
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What’s happening, guys? The weather here at home has been pretty terrible, and my internet connection has been pretty spotty. But just the same, here’s a new survey site review for ya. Today, I’ll be writing about TestSpin.

Have you wondered if TestSpin is legit? Read my TestSpin review to find out!

TestSpin: First Impressions

Whoa, this site looks like it was pulled straight out of the 90s! The design, the colors, even the stock photos all look like they came from the era when Justin Timberlake had ramen hair. TestSpin has been around for 20 years and boasts of 11 million users. You don’t last that long and get that many members without doing something right, right?

I’m pretty sure many of those members were lured by the company’s promise that they could earn up to $600. That’s a ginormous amount, but they never tell you how long it’ll take for you to earn that $600. Could be a week, a month, maybe even a year. I don’t know, but I definitely never earned that much.

Apart from the throwback-worthy design, the site has pretty good content. Information on various parts of the site are easy to find and read. The FAQ page, in particular, is pretty extensive. I always appreciate it when a site takes the time and effort help new members understand how to use their site.

My Hot Take: I usually get suspicious when a site promises you a set amount in earnings. But for TestSpin, I’m willing to overlook that in light of their tenure and the overall content on the site. So far, a pretty good impression.

How to Earn on TestSpin

As the name implies, they’re in the business of gathering user feedback and opinions. Members can earn points by completing surveys and testing products. These cover websites, products, music, and videos. I like these, because I’m into design, music, and pop culture in real life. So it helps that most of the surveys I took involved those topics.

As for the surveys, they come in different flavors, namely:

Regular Surveys - These are regular surveys, which I’m pretty sure most of you would already be familiar with. Like I said a while ago many of the regular surveys are pop-culture related.

Specialized Surveys - TestSpin also has surveys for people with specific backgrounds - mostly IT and business. To qualify to take these surveys, you’ll have to have the appropriate background.

Teen Surveys - Kids 13 years old and above can join the site. These surveys are specifically geared towards kids. While other sites allow teens to join, I think it’s cool that TestSpin has surveys just for this demographic.

Online Focus Groups - These are like panels where people are invited to join and provide feedback and opinions on a specific topic or product. Yeah, you gotta be invited to join these. People who take lots of surveys and participate often on TestSpin have greater chances of getting invited to one of these.

Notice Anything Missing?

No referral program! This is such a bummer for me. Whenever I use a survey site, a great referral program is one of the first things I look for. They’re great ways to boost your earnings, in addition to completing surveys. Sadly, TestSpin doesn’t have a referral program - but hey, at 11 million members, I don’t think there’s a shortage of members on the site!

My Hot Take: The different surveys are nice, but the lack of a referral program is disappointing. I’ve also experienced getting disqualified from tons of surveys. It’s pretty standard among survey sites, but it’s still pretty discouraging, especially since it happens a lot on this site.

Earning Potential on TestSpin

The pay for each completed survey is pretty good. On average, these surveys pay $1 to $2. Longer surveys can pay up to $10! The specialized surveys also pay pretty well - on average, $3 to $4 a pop.

The focus groups are the highest-paying tasks on TestSpin. If you’re lucky enough to get invited, you can earn up to $30 for participating!

My earning potential was initially pretty good. I would sometimes get up to 20 survey notifications a day. Anyone who’s tried survey sites will know that that’s awesome. On other sites, you sometimes have to wait long periods of time before you get a survey to take. Well, not all good things last. Eventually, the notifications stopped coming regularly, and I am now experiencing long stretches with no earnings.

My Hot Take: It started out really good, but my overall earning potential on the site was low to dismal. But who knows, you might get lucky and qualify for a focus group panel. I think those alone are worth grinding it out on this site.

Payout Options on TestSpin

Every time you complete a survey, you earn points, which are called “itcoins.” Once you accumulate a minimum of 10,000 (equivalent to $10 in real-world cash money) you can request a payout.

But there’s a catch.

After completing a survey, it’ll take up to 30 days for your earnings to be credited to your profile. They claim that’s because the site needs to complete the survey first before giving everyone their earnings. To me, that’s a load of baloney. If someone completes a task, you should give them their earnings quickly. I can understand waiting a few days - heck, even a week - but 30 days? No way.

When you’ve managed to get the minimum, you can request a payout in the form of cash, which is sent via PayPal, or Amazon Gift cards, which comes in $10 increments.

And there’s another catch!

If you request a PayPal payout, there’s another 5- to 7-day wait! So on top of the time spent completing surveys, you may have to wait up to 37(!) days to get your earnings.

My Hot Take: No way is this a good deal. I think nobody should wait that long for a couple of bucks. You’re better off using sites that pay instantly (or at least at a reasonable time).

How to Join TestSpin

If you’d like to give this site a spin, simply follow the link to their registration page, which I’m linking below. Ka-chow:

Registration Page: http://www.testspin.com/testerProfile

Memberships are open to anyone around the world ages 13 and up.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

TestSpin is legit, but they’re only impressive at the beginning. Eventually, the experience of using the site becomes average-to-bad. Their payout methods are dismal, and I could hardly get any surveys to take after a while. You can try using this site, but be warned.

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