Telly Pulse Review: Incentivized Indian Survey Site - Legit or Scam?


Jun 14, 2018
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I have to admit to being a bit superficial when it comes to buying or joining things. Packaging and design attract me, as I guess they should because that’s how marketing works. Of course, eventually, I will want to get beyond the superficial - whether I’m getting the most bang for my buck if that particular product actually enhances my life or not, and if it’s something I would recommend to others. But how something is packaged is admittedly what attracts me to GPT and survey sites in the first place.

Yep, I’m back to reviewing another survey site, this one called Telly Pulse, which has a very sleek-looking and streamlined website. Now, before you accuse me of using a VPN to access an India-only survey site, let me tell you right off the bat that it’s my Indian friend Ramesh who is a member, and I’m here to translate his membership experience to people here who are wondering what survey sites exist out there that are not only for UK and US residents only.

So is it a legit or a scam survey site? Let me relay to you my friend’s feedback.

First things first - what is it?

Telly Pulse is “a community of opinion leaders” AKA a survey panel for Nepa, an India-based market research company. Nepa boasts of using “data science” for customer research insights for many years now.

The surveys are a way of influencing the way business partners advertise and develop their products and services. Basically, the site sends you different surveys covering a variety of topics to your registered email address. They will also send an estimated time to complete each survey, along with how many points you can get from accomplishing it.

How long has it been around?

Founded in 2016 in India by Star India Pvt. Ltd, Telly Pulse was initially called Star Panel.

Is registration free?

Signing up is free and you only need a unique username and email to register. Multiple accounts are discouraged. Telly Pulse is open to members from India who are 16 years or older only.

How do I start earning extra income from Telly Pulse?

You really have to complete surveys as they come, and that’s pretty much it. As previously mentioned, each survey comes with estimated time to finish (the site claims most can be completed between five to 20 minutes), as well as the reward equivalent to the survey’s length and complexity of the topic. Some surveys may start with pre-screening to determine if you’re the right fit for the subject or target group. It’s important to note that when it comes to survey invites, time is of the essence (like with most paid survey sites).

I asked Ramesh if the site has any referral system in place or any form of alternative earning options apart from the surveys. He said no, there aren’t any :(

There is a minimum payout depending on what you want to spend your Telly Pulse points on. When you go to the page called “Incentive” in the Telly Pulse website, you will see a couple of choices (PayPal, unfortunately, is not one of them). The rewards for participating in surveys include BookMyShow e-vouchers and Flipkart e-gift vouchers. For BookMyShow, you will need to reach Rs.154 to be able to redeem a voucher worth Rs.150 for any movie, play, or concert you like. A Flipkart e-gift voucher worth Rs. 100 or Rs 500 requires you to have made at least Rs105 or Rs. 525. You can combine and use a maximum of 15 e-Gift Vouchers per order. My friend says the processing usually doesn’t take more than a week for the vouchers to get to him, so that’s a good thing right there.

The verdict?

Aside from not having any cashout options at Telly Pulse, there is also still the possibility of getting screened out here. Ramesh says it’s a good enough survey site to get some e-vouchers he can use for special dates with his girlfriend, but I can’t imagine how this one will have any real incentive to those who want to save up pocket money or set aside cash for whatever financial reason they may have.

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Your turn!

This review of Telly Pulse was based on my own research and my Indian friend’s personal experience (hopefully he will become a member of the forum soon so he can tell us about India-based survey sites in the future). If you happen to be a current or past member of Telly Pulse, we would love to hear your take on it.


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