Swagbucks Review: Answer Surveys and Do Online Tasks for Rewards – Is it Legit, or a Scam?


Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
I know that it's been reviewed several times before in here (and everywhere else). But I’ve been sharing a bunch of websites that let you earn extra money from (which I call beer money, because, well, I love beer!) and I only want to cover the ones that I find work best. Right now, I’ll be covering a pretty sweet site – Swagbucks. So without further ado, here’s my Swagbucks review!


Wait A Sec – What Is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a rewards site owned and run by a company from Manhattan (Manhattan Beach, California, that is) called Prodege LLC. The company has been around for about 13 years. Why am I sharing that info? Because it helps prove that Swagbucks is legit. See, there are lots of scam sites looking to separate you from your hard-earned cash. Most of them tend to hide behind vague or outright false information. The fact that you know who runs Swagbucks is a good thing.

On Swagbucks, you earn points (called SBs) after you complete an online task. These tasks are pretty simple and easy to do. They include answering surveys (which is the more popular earning method on Swagbucks), watching vids, and shopping in online stores. I’ll give you details on each earning method later, but needless to say, they’re great for earning a bit of beer money every month. The site doesn’t overpromise anything, which is always a good sign.

As for the Swagbucks site itself, it looks pretty sweet. The layout is slick and the content is easy to read. Content is pretty thorough, too. Before I joined and starting this review of Swagbucks, I had no trouble looking for all the pertinent info.

Swagbucks also give up to 7,000 free gift cards every day! You would definitely want to get in on that action. Gift cards are still pretty awesome because I can use them to buy group and, er, more grub when the crew decides to crash my crib.

Okay, enough mucking around. Let’s dive into this Swagbucks review. First up: earning methods. Let’s get to it!


How Do I Earn On Swagbucks?

Glad you asked! There are several ways to do that, which are all listed below. When you complete a task, you get awarded points. Once you reached 500 points, you can request a payout. You can get your earnings as cash, sent to you through PayPal, or as one of many gift card options. Gift card options are pretty handy when going shopping since I don’t need to carry cash.

Okay. Earning methods. Here they are:


Answering Surveys

Answering surveys is one of the better ways to earn on Swagbucks. I’m generally an opinionated person, which is why I enjoy answering surveys. But I’m pretty sure you’ll find this pretty rewarding (heh see what I did there?) as well.

Take note, you might get disqualified in the middle of taking a survey. It really, really sucks when that happens to me. But the trick is not to take it personally – it’s not like I did anything wrong. Usually survey sites, such as Swagbucks, disqualify members if it decides you’re not the right demographic for the survey. As I said, it sucks, but that’s life. All I can do is go back around and hope for another survey.

Surveys usually take about 20 minutes to complete and pay the equivalent of 300 SBs each. In real-world money, you’re looking at about $0.22 per survey. If you get a longer survey, you can earn more (and shorter surveys will pay less, of course). $0.22 per survey may not look like much, but keep at it and your earnings will definitely pile up!


Watching Videos

Swagbucks has a pretty sweet app called Swagbucks Watch which is kind of like YouTube. Except for this time, you get paid for watching! The videos cover a wide variety of topics. As soon as a video is done, you earn points. You can then watch even more videos for more earnings.

What I love about this is that it’s pretty passive. I can keep videos playing while drinking with my friends or while preparing a snack for myself. It’s so easy!

And because it’s so easy, earnings here will be relatively low — you’re looking at earning around 150 points per day, or $0.005 per video. But, again, since it’s passive it’ll be easy for you to play one video after another.


Online Shopping

So-called cash-back shopping is a great way to earn points on Swagbucks. Basically, this means that whenever you shop in a Swagbucks partner store, you get a percentage back on select purchases — 4%, to be exact. This is kind of like affiliate shopping. But with affiliate shopping, only the site earns. But with cash-back shopping, Swagbucks shares some of those profits with you!

I suggest you download the SwagButton extension if you use Chrome. Heck, if you don’t use Chrome, I suggest you install it just so you can use the SwagButton. And here’s why: with the SwagButton, you will get a $10 bonus when you make a purchase worth $25 (applicable only to your first purchase). And you even get 1 SB per day that SwagButton is installed!


Get Your Friends Onboard!

Now that you’re earning, it’s time to help spread the word. More members mean a better experience for all members. So try getting your friends and family on board. You can earn 10% of your referrals’ earning for the entire time that they’re on Swagbucks! No limits, no cut-offs… just sweet, sweet earnings!

Why Do I Get Paid To Do All That?

Does that sound too good to be true? On Swagbucks, we’re getting paid to do stuff we would normally do anyway (I mean who hasn’t watched videos on YouTube or answered an online survey before?). So I get why you’re wondering why we even get paid to do this.

The answer is market research and advertising. Companies want to know what their market wants. And having people answering surveys is one of the best ways to find market opinions. For example, if a gadget company wants to introduce a new cell phone model, it could hire Swagbucks to run a survey to its members to learn what features the market wants. Of course, surveys will target a specific demographic. If you’re not into gadgets, chances are you won’t get assigned a survey that involves smartphones.

As for videos, they are usually from advertisers. Incentivizing members to view them is one of the best ways to get eyes on your video.

So Swagbucks isn’t too good to be true. They have a solid business model. Their rewards give you real earnings. And they’re pretty well-regarded across the internet as well. Swagbucks review, including Swagbucks review on the Better Business Bureau, are all positive.


How Do I Get My Earnings?

When you’ve got at least 500 SBs in your account, you can withdraw your earnings. You can do so as cash, sent to you directly via PayPal or as a gift card, which is sent to you via email. Swagbucks offers lots of gift card options, from Target to Walmart to Target. In short, all the great shops for the beer money lifestyle.

The downside to this is that it takes up to 14 freaking days to get your earnings! I don’t know about you, but two weeks is definitely too long to wait to get your beer money earnings.

Great! How Do I Get Started?

If wanna get on the Swagbucks gravy train, go to the Swagbucks site and register. You should also install the SwagButton Chrome extension and the Swagbucks TV app (Android only).

I also recommend you install the Swagbucks app on your iOS or Android device because it lets you earn while you’re out waiting in line at the grocery or during your commute.

The Beer Money Verdict

Swagbucks is totally worth your time and effort! Get started and you’ll be earning great beer money before long!
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