SurveySpot: Get Paid to be Opininated - Legit or Scam?

Fred W

Jun 14, 2018
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By now, you probably have an idea what paid survey sites are all about - or at least what they promise in terms of making some extra income online. Most, if not all of them, partner up with corporations to get the kind of feedback about their products and services from people like you and me. This means these corporations are willing to pay us for our opinions, and the go-between them and us are these survey sites.

One of these sites is SurveySpot, which describes what they are all about this way: “When you think about it, it’s win-win; you get paid for sharing your opinion, while companies benefit from learning what their customers want!” But is it really a win-win situation for all involved? Let’s take a more thorough look at what makes SurveySpot legit, or a potential scam site.

What’s it all about?

SurveySpot, as I already mentioned, is an online rewards website that provides paid surveys from partnering corporations. They are a subsidiary of Survey Sampling International, a market research company specializing in data solutions. Basically, you get to complete surveys that are “matched” with you based on the info you provide upon signing up.

Is it a new site?

It’s been around since 2000, making it one of the longest-running paid survey sites in existence. They have an uncluttered, neat-looking website that right away gives a sign-up window, along with links about who they are, how their platform works, and the rewards you get for being an active member.

Is signing up free?

Joining SurveySpot is free, with no registration or maintaining fees whatsoever. Signing up means answering a few basic questions, accepting their terms and conditions, and then waiting to be matched with surveys that are a good fit with your background.

Will you get good extra income from it?

I would say your chances of earning at SurveySpot would roughly be the same as that of most other paid survey and online rewards site. You earn points, and if you reach a hundred points, you basically earn the equivalent of a dollar. Of course, the number of points you earn depends on how long and complex a survey you complete will be.

The rewards include PayPal cash-outs, Amazon and iTunes gift cards, and even airline miles from some partner airlines. There’s at least a good array of rewards choices, so I will give them that.

As someone who has considerable experience in joining paid survey sites though, I would have to say the number one complaint I have is not being able to qualify to answer surveys. Sure, many would argue that it’s based on demographics and geographics, but at least getting your foot in the door should be compensated, right?

SurveySpot promises members can earn even when they don’t qualify for a survey. This isn’t quite as straightforward or as easy as it sounds, though. What you get is a qualification for a quarterly $10,000 sweepstakes prize draw, with just one winner in every draw. So basically, with SurveySpot, patience is a virtue, and determination might just make you strike it day, maybe.

How do I start earning?

Points can be redeemed for Amazon or iTunes gift cards, or cash-outs via PayPal. Signing up as a member also immediately gets you qualified to be part of the quarterly sweepstakes.

How and how soon can I get paid?

Once you’ve earned 500 points, you can start redeeming your earnings for gift cards, or wait to cash out via PayPal with 1000 points. It’s not a high threshold for withdrawal, though not the lowest one I’ve encountered, either. PayPal processing seems to follow the usual number of business days, but then again, getting the minimum threshold to withdraw might take some time depending on different factors.

The verdict

So is SurveySpot a scam? I would venture a cautionary “no”, because it’s been around long enough for members to have benefited from its platform, with proofs of payment to show. However, I’ve read enough member feedback to realize that the site has somehow changed directions as far as how much money you can earn doing surveys with them goes (as well as their lowered ranking with the Better Business Bureau).

Other reviews of this site are also a mixed bag. Some members vouch for the kind of extra money they make “in their pyjamas”, while others bemoan how they get screened out right in the middle of filling up a survey - thus wasting precious time and effort - or getting their accounts frozen altogether so they can’t even touch the earnings they’ve accumulated.

My bottom line is, it’s really up to you to weigh the pros with the cons, and to review and compare what this site has to offer against similar paid survey sites, before deciding to give it a spin.

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Your turn

After giving you my SurveySpot review and feedback, I would now like to know your thoughts on this particular paid survey site, and what your experiences (positive or negative) about them might be. Share away!


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Jun 11, 2018
SurveySpot is part of SSI. SSI is pretty much on all GPT sites or offer walls, so while you may not have used SurveySpot directly you've probably completed some of their surveys if you've used any other GPT sites. In any case, since SurveySpot is part of SSI it's most definitely legit.


Jun 14, 2018
Is SurveySpot legitimate? I found myself asking that question when I saw that this particular SurveySpot review was unrated. Though Fred’s cautious verdict doesn’t seem to sway people into trying this one out, I nevertheless signed up to see if it’s worth my time and effort. I’ve given up on several paid survey and GPT sites due to slowness of both surveys/tasks available and payment, so I’m open to giving new ones a spin. And so without further ado...

My SurveySpot experience so far…

A little over a month and a half in, I’ve been disqualified at least four times right smack in the middle of a survey. The average amount of answering a survey here is around ten to fifteen minutes, so imagine wasting five to 8 minutes of my life every time I realize I am not being able to qualify for a survey that I thought I was actually doing pretty good at. Bummer.

I was able to cash out $10 but it took me a long time. I am not interested in gift cards and sweepstakes draws, because paid survey sites are my go-to for a little extra cash. But if it takes me all that time with no real assurance that I will be doing it steadily, what good is that extra cash for?

Why did it take me a long time? Because for some reason, I either wasn’t qualified all of a sudden in the middle of answering surveys, or I don’t even get surveys at all. Extra bummer.

Now I am being asked to update my profile. Like, ALL THE TIME, even after I have just done so. What gives? Is this a ploy so I will be discouraged from completing surveys, or is it because they’ve already paid me my minimum amount and need other people to work towards that now?

My verdict?

I felt so taken in by being a member here that I just quit doing it altogether. In fairness to them, other users have had a decent experience completing surveys for them, but if I am constantly waiting around for available surveys or ones that won’t just drop me unceremoniously in the middle or end of it - then I’m taking my survey-accomplishing business elsewhere.


Sep 28, 2018
They used to be great but recently I heard a lot of complains about SurveySpot. I haven't been using them for a while myself but a couple of my friends had their accounts frozen without any explanation.

For me personally I would stay away from Surveyspot for now. Not saying that SurveySpot is a scam but there are def a lot of complaints about them that would make me go with another more trusted site. In the end it would suck to fill out hundreds of surveys etc just to have your account frozen without any explanation.

Another issue my friends mentioned is that they lowered the payouts for a lot of their surveys. To me thats just another bad sign.


Jul 10, 2018
yes they froze my account along with their twin opinion outpost paid well when it didnt cut you off they can rest now like they made me rest there are to many other sites to worry about the likes of them
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Oct 10, 2018
yes they froze my account along with their twin opinion outpost paid well when it didnt cut you off they can rest now like they made me rest there are to many other sites to worry about the likes of them
did they give you a good reason or just shut it down and then stopped responding? My personal experience with them was positive although I haven't used them much lately. But I always got paid and I was planning to keep using them. Seeing your complaint and the others that were mentioned here make me want to skip them in the future but I would like to know what happened exactly. The other bad thing I heard from a friend is that they lowered their payouts on a lot of offers which is always a bad sign. So if you would've asked me if surveyspot is legitimate one year ago I would've screamed hell yeah but now I have my doubts. Which is a shame because I loved all the giftcards they offered. On second thought though most of the other survey sites offer the same ones :) I just hate to see good companies go to shit after a few years. I wonder if after all the success they just begin to slow down and let their companies deteriorate.
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