LEGIT SurveyBods Review: Earn Money Taking Surveys and Participating in Focus Groups - Legit or Scam?


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May 16, 2018
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A few of the co-teachers in the college I teach in are from abroad. One of our visiting professors is from the UK. During a coffee break, I asked him if there were any survey sites that served the UK market specifically. Surprisingly, there were.

One of the top survey sites in the UK is SurveyBods. My co-professor has been using the site for quite some time now. I asked him about his experiences, and I will be sharing them with you. This review is a combination of his first-hand experience using the site, and my impressions reading through their site. Let’s get to it!

What is SurveyBods?

The site has a cheeky name, but SurveyBods is one of the more prominent survey sites operating in the UK. Their clients include Nickelodeon and MTV. Since those are youth-oriented channels, SurveyBods is open for members as young as 11 years old. They do require members with ages 11 to 16 to have parental permission before registering on the site.

Their site reflects that youth-focused branding. The site is designed to look a bit like a cartoon channel, and their intro video is also pretty light-hearted. I really liked their branding, since most survey sites look the same. So plus points to these guys for trying to make a positive first impression.

How Do You Earn on SurveyBods?

I was curious if the earning process was different from US-based survey sites. According to my co-professor, there are four ways to earn on SurveyBods:

1. Complete your profile - This is a one-time bonus; when you complete your profile, you are given a reward. Since SurveyBods needs a complete profile to assign you surveys, it’s recommendable to provide all the info they’re asking for.

2. Take surveys - This is pretty standard for survey sites. You will receive email invitations to take surveys. Companies hire SurveyBods to conduct surveys for market research purposes. SurveyBods, in turn, rewards you for completing these surveys. The information gleaned from these surveys helps the hiring company make better-informed business decisions.

3. Participate in focus groups - This is similar to the previous item, because you also take surveys. But focus groups are generally smaller, and tackle specific products. This is one the more enjoyable ways to earn on the site, because with focus groups, you really feel like you’re making a difference and affecting companies directly.

4. Participate in monthly prize draws - Each survey you complete gives you one entry to their monthly prize draw. This is a great way to earn the loyalty of your members.

5. Earn through Loyalty Bonuses - Completing surveys on SurveyBods gets you badges and allows you to “level-up.” Levelling-up makes you eligible for cooler prizes. The badges are as follows:
  1. Bronze Badge (Given after completing 2 surveys)
  2. Silver Badge (Given after completing 5 surveys)
  3. Gold Badge (Given after completing 10 surveys)
  4. Platinum Badge (Given after completing 20 surveys)
  5. Diamond Badge (Given after completing 30 surveys)
  6. How Much Can You Earn on SurveyBods?
How much you can earn on a monthly basis depends on the number of surveys you take and focus groups you join - so in that regard, SurveyBods is similar to their US counterparts. Sometimes, you won’t receive invitations to take surveys. In which case, you got nothing to do (other than check your profiles in other survey sites to see if you can take surveys there).

Each task you complete earns you points, which you can convert to cash. Generally, each survey you complete will earn you anywhere from 50p to £2. My co-professor reported that he was able to take 2 to 4 surveys each month.

Completing your profile will earn you a total of £2. During registration, you will answer for questions which are worth 50p each.

So that’ll give you a general idea what your earnings will be like. It obviously isn’t enough to pay the rent or buy a new car. Look at this as a source of beer money (or a pint, as our friends across the pond like to say).

Payout Options

Once you’ve accumulated a minimum of 1,500 points (equivalent to £15), you can request a payout. Payment can be redeemed through the following methods:

1. Bank transfer - Funds are deposited directly to your account, but it takes up to three weeks to process.

2. Amazon Gift Card - If you choose this option, your card will be sent to your email address within five days.

3. Sweepstakes entry - You can trade your points for additional raffle entries. This wasn’t my co-professor’s favorite option, since it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get anything from your hard work.

SurveyBods - The Good and the Bad

Not to get all academic on you, but every analysis needs to be broken down into digestible parts. Here’s the Good and the Bad about SurveyBods:

The Good

Fun surveys - A lot of their surveys involved the entertainment industry. That made for fun, non-boring surveys.

High payout per survey - Those £2 surveys didn’t always come, but when they did, it is an awesome opportunity. The amount is higher than what some of the US-based survey sites pay.

Lots of bonuses - Earning through surveys is the bare minimum a site should offer. Fortunately, SurveyBods is above-average. There are numerous ways to earn on this site.

The Bad

Where’s the PayPal? - PayPal is global. Every survey site, regardless of the base of operations, should provide this as an option.

Long wait for payments - Yeah, that three-week wait for cash payments was not a type. You really do need to wait nearly a month just to get your money. These guys need to up their processing game.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

SurveyBods is legit! Their payment processing sucks, but at least you know you’re money really is coming, and that you’re not being scammed by a shady organization.

SurveyBods Screenshots

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Your Turn

This review is based on my the experiences of my co-professor. Now it’s your turn to share! Have you tried our SurveyBods? What was your experience like?

Let’s hear your stories!

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May 24, 2018
I just signed up but because I live in the US, they do not allow you to sign up. I don't think this is good for those of us living in the US.