LEGIT Survey Junky Review: Answer Surveys for Cash and Gift Cards - Legit or Scam?


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Jun 13, 2018
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Survey sites are one of the best and easiest ways to earn money on the internet. Think about it: most of us love sharing our opinions anyways. Why do it for free when you can earn by completing surveys?

If you’re new to survey sites, you should give them a try. Here’s how they work: companies hire the survey site to provide surveys to its members. The company uses the information gathered from the surveys to make better business decisions. This is called market research, and it’s a pretty big business. Since they survey site gets paid, the site, in turn, gives cash or gift rewards to members who complete surveys. It’s a win-win-win type of situation.

I was skeptical at first, but survey sites ended up being one of the most satisfying ways to earn online. Of course, not all survey sites were created equal - quite a few of them are pretty scammy. (I’ve reviewed a few of them for the Earn That Buck Community.

Today, I’ll be adding another review to my list: Survey Junky. Is Survey Junky legit, or are they one of the shady sites that want to take your money? Read my Survey Junky review to find out!

Survey Junky: First impressions

Based on comments I’ve read online, Survey Junky has a pretty good reputation. People seem to be generally happy with the site, and the number of members proves it - Survey Junky has a whopping 3 million members!

Their website also looks pretty great. The design is slick, and the content is easy to read. The site actually looks more like a fashion/lifestyle site, which I kinda dig. Most survey sites like pretty bland. Good on Survey Junky for trying to spice things up!

My Hot Take: Excellent first impression! This is the type of site that’ll make you excited to become a member of. But first impressions are just that: impressions. Let’s find out what actually being a member is really like.

How to Earn on Survey Junky

The name says it all - you earn by completing surveys. Most surveys take around 5 to 30 minutes to complete.

Whenever you complete a survey, you will earn points, which you can later redeem for cash or gift cards. (Note: only residents of the United States, Canada, and Australia can become members, and only US-based members can avail of the gift card option.)

Here’s a feature I like about Survey Junky: you still earn, even if you get disqualified from completing a survey. See, on most survey sites, you can get disqualified in the middle of taking a survey. This happens for several reasons, the most common being the site determined that you’re not the right match for the survey. For example, if the survey is about parenting and you answer “No” when asked if you have kids, the site may disqualify you.

On most sites, all you can do is hope you qualify for a new survey - the time you spent on the previous one is pretty much wasted. But on Survey Junky, if you get booted out, you will still get a nominal earning.

Now, here’s what I don’t like about Survey Junky: no referral program! Referrals are a big deal, since you won’t always qualify for surveys. A referral program gives you an alternate earning method on most sites. Sadly, Survey Junky doesn’t have this.

My Hot Take: I really like the fact that you still get some earnings if you get disqualified from a survey. But the lack of a referral program kind of cancels that out. Overall, I would say Survey Junky’s earning methods are good, but not great.

Earning Potential on Survey Junky

I’m gonna get real with you: you will not get rich with survey sites, and Survey Junky is not an exception. In fact, Survey Junky says the same thing on their site. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because survey sites weren’t designed to make you rich, anyway. I appreciate that Survey Junky is upfront about this - compare that to a site like NextGen Paidsurveys that promises you thousands of dollars, but is actually a scam.

Anyway, most surveys will pay you 60 points, which is equivalent to $0.60. When you get disqualified, you get 5 points, or $0.05.

Another thing I like about the site is that your earnings get credited to your account instantly! (On certain occasions, they might have to call you, but those instances are rare) That’s pretty awesome - some sites make you wait days - heck, even weeks - before you can get your earnings!

On a good day, I made about $20, but that amount might not be sustainable. You earnings will depend on how many surveys you actually qualify for - which is why I recommend you fill out your profile as completely and accurately as possible.

My Hot Take: Overall, Survey Junky is good for earning some pocket money. Or as I’d like to call it - beer money. As long as you manage your expectations, you should be good. And who knows, you might even be pleasantly surprised with your earnings!

Payout Options on Survey Junky

When you’ve accumulated a minimum of 1000 points (equivalent to $10) you can request a payout.

You can redeem your earnings either as cash (sent via PayPal or Dwolla bank transfer) or gift cards. Options for gift cards include Amazon and Target, but are available for US residents only.

Best of all: no sneaky “processing” fees! You don’t even have to shoulder the PayPal processing fee. That is awesome!

My Hot Take: The minimum withdrawal amount is just about comparable to other survey sites. I don’t mind the fact that non-US residents can only get cash, because like I keep saying, cash will always be king, baby!

How to Join Survey Junky

Memberships are available to residents of the United States, Canada, and Australia ages 13 and above. It’s free to join the site, which is always a good sign - scam sites usually charge you upfront for “access” to their surveys which is just a load of bull.

To register, simply click or tap the Join Now button on the homepage, which I’m linking below. Ka-chow:

Homepage: https://www.surveyjunkie.com

After you register, you will have the opportunity to provide info about yourself, including your age, gender, career, and location. The site needs this info to match you properly with various surveys. So don’t forget to do so!

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

Survey Junky is legit! I recommend you give this site a try. The user experience is great, and they have great payout methods.

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Your Turn

So that was my Survey Junky review. Now it’s your turn to share! Have you tried this site out?

Let’s hear your stories!

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Jun 13, 2018
+1 the site is one of the best looking sites around. loved it

im also with OP when it comes to a site’s looks. looks are important. when a site looks scammy, I usually avoid the site.

but survey junkie is very nice. i like this site and you should try it!