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QUESTION survey drought

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Yeah, this tends to be a slower time of the year for me, survey-wise. The weekends seem worse year round, though. It's like all the surveys no one wanted to take during the week are put into a dump recycle bin and emptied out on Saturdays & Sundays. I hardly earn that much on those days because they're the type that I never qualify for & it's usually a survey router I dislike or had a bad experience with in the past (rejections, low payout, no pay, no DQ points, too many screening questions, too tedious, etc.)

I've been taking surveys for three years and experienced a pattern of cycles. Sometimes I'll leave a site for a few months because things dried up and come back to it, only to make more than before, then abandon it again. I've just learned to go with the flow and regularly stay on the lookout to sign up with new sites to add to the rotation or to replace ones I've ditched for good.


Staff member
January and February were horrendous imho. March was great. April is looking great as well. But I agree weekend inventory is not awesome.
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