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LEGIT SuperPay.Me Review: Fast Easy Payment - Legit or Scam?

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In a perfect world, we would all just be sitting in front of our computers everyday doing things we’d normally do - and then get paid for it. With the birth of GPT and small-task websites, this is now a possibility. Many people with extra time on their hands have signed up for these sites, accomplishing ordinary tasks like watching videos, playing games, answering surveys, and shopping online - basically stuff we’ve always been doing, anyway.

SuperPay.Me is just one of those sites, promising their members a way to “earn easy money”. But is earning money from this kind of platform ever easy, or is it fist-eatingly hard? Let’s take a closer look if what SuperPay Me has to offer is truly legit, or if it’s another scam.

First things first - what is it?

SuperPay Me is a GPT website created by the same makers of Rewarding Ways and Offer Nation. Their website has the same look and feel (no-nonsense, very descriptive) of their other online rewards sites, though this one has a more active testimonials space, plus the logos of their partners and payment systems are very prominently splashed all over the home page.

How long has it been around?

It’s based in the UK and seems to have been established in 2012. Site stats indicate that there are currently 732,463 members at the moment. Membership is open and available worldwide.

Does it pay well?

As of this writing, SuperPay Me has paid out $1,607,678.45 in cash to members. The site itself has a latest members payment section which continuously updates the member names, dates, payment type, and amounts redeemed daily. There’s also a separate page dedicated to Payment Proof, which is a very helpful gauge for those who want to check out if members are actually getting paid.

Scrolling through the proof of payment table, I can see members cashing out as much as $155 via PayPal Instant, with the average cashout (as of this writing at least) amounting to around $15. Not bad at all.

As with its sister site Rewarding Ways , the payout minimum is just a dollar! In my opinion, this is what makes it stand out from the rest of the GPT sites, which often give members a hard time to withdraw their own money by making them wait a couple of business days (or until their account has at least $25 in it).

Also, with a promise of same-day payment, it’s good to note that SuperPay Me uses a variety of payment options for members - Instant PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin, Skrill, and Amazon Gift Cards.

Is registration free?

Signing up is totally free, there are no maintenance fees, and the site only charges a 2% standard payment process fee for each PayPal and Skrill withdrawal, 3% for Payza, and 10% for Bitcoin.

How do I start earning extra income from SuperPay.Me?

You instantly get 20 cents just for joining SuperPay Me. Once you’ve signed in, you are officially eligible to join their contests. These contests have 20 cash prizes available, which members vie for by trying their best to have the most cash/points combined over a certain period. Cash prizes are automatically credited to the winning member’s account.

Then you can start choosing the method you want to make money. SuperPay Me provides hundreds of paid surveys, simple online tasks, and completing offers daily. Surveys are popular among members, and the site FAQ states that you can earn between $0.40 and $1.50 (depending on the length of the survey) upon completion and submission.

A note of caution, though: most of the complaints by former members of the site revolves around their accounts getting suspended or terminated altogether. SuperPay Me has very strict terms and conditions that need to be thoroughly read and followed. “Cheaters”, as the site calls them, find themselves no longer able to access their accounts because of fraudulent accounts (creating more than one using the same IP address), providing inaccurate and dishonest information, or using a VPN to try to create another account from another “country”.

What’s the best option of earning as a SuperPay.Me member?

Personally, the most viable way to earn here is by getting lots of referrals to sign up to SuperPay Me and encourage them to be active members. This is because you will get 25% of all their earnings! Sure, a hundred SuperPay Me points only equals a dollar, but if your referrals hustle with tasks and keep completing them, you’re going to be earning from their earnings, as well.

The verdict?

This is a legit site, as the hundreds of satisfied member testimonials keep mentioning fast payment and ease of use. Their points aren’t higher than any other GPT sites, which means you will really have to work so your account can hold more than just a couple of dollars after a few weeks’ worth of work.

For me though, the way SuperPay Me offers different payment methods plus a low minimum payout shows how serious they are at compensating their members for accomplished tasks. On that note, this is something I would recommend to others.

SuperPay.Me Screenshots

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Your turn!

After reviewing SuperPay Me, I would like to know if you’re currently a member of this site, or have plans of joining. What do you find attractive about it? Or if you’ve had a negative experience as a member, we’re eager to hear all about it (along with proof of payment or screenshots of the unsatisfactory experience).

Link: http://superpay.me



New member
For my case, I think think it's just another annoying and time wasting site as I have spent weeks upon weeks but the highest amount I got was 0.43 dollars. Even paidviewpoint has got me more within a short time. I don't recommend it to anyone especially in my region.


Well-known member
This was among the first sites i joined when I started my online journey although I could not receiveany surveys. I used to get once in a while but I think its due toy geographical location. Unfortunately,I was suspended from the site.


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I signed up for rewarding ways and was going to sign up for superpay.me ; i watched a few videos and tried a couple of surveys without qualifying . I was going to give it some time but all of a sudden they suspended my account for some reason.


I signed up for rewarding ways and was going to sign up for superpay.me ; i watched a few videos and tried a couple of surveys without qualifying . I was going to give it some time but all of a sudden they suspended my account for some reason.
i had a bad experience with superpayme too i recently joined and did a few offers to reach the payout of a dollar. after i did the next time i went on the site it said my account had to be verified and this would take 30 to 60 days. thats way too long to wait for a security check and in that time i cant do any offers because i cant access them i keep getting sent to the verify page when i click anything. i complained but the admin said i agreed when i signed up to have a security check but i dont remember seeing that part about a 1 to 2 month lockout


Well-known member
I guess the most earnings I got from SuperPay.me was from referrals. This was largely due to the fact that I didn’t win in any of their cash contests (I tried, believe me) and almost got disqualified for surveys on a regular basis. I didn’t bother with the paid offers too. There were just too many conditions I didn’t like and wasn’t relishing the idea of unsubscribing from dozens of them so I won’t get spammed.

Anyway. I got a couple of friends to sign up and start earning on SuperPay. They did earn, and I got the promised 25% of their earnings. So as not to get your hopes up, it was only just a couple of dollars, but it was the kind of passive income that I like.

What else did I like about the site? Yep, the low PayPal cashout threshold at just one dollar. And they paid pretty fast, which I also liked. But even with all these seemingly positive traits, I found myself leaving SuperPay in the survey and GPT site back burner. I dunno why, I guess the lack of proper surveys to fill out had something to do with it? This was several months ago, by the way.
SuperPayme is legit. The site is run by the same owners like RewardingWays and they have a perfect payment record. I have a bunch of friends who are making some cash with their survey offers and I never heard any complains. Same with me personally. I did my surveys and got paid. As simple as that :) At times I would prefer more surveys but all in all my experience with them is good. And the trick is to not just use one site only anyways. You sign up to a bunch of survey providers and then fill out the surveys that are available. If one is out of surveys you can always move on to the next page and see if they got any good offers for the day. At least thats how I do it. You won't get rich with superpayme ( or with any other provider) but you can def make some nice extra income with a little work from home. All you need is a laptop or mobile phone and you're good to go.


Active member
Hands down they're legit and one of the good ones out there. They're not in my top 3 yet but I started using them more and more.

They pay out, they have a good amount of surveys & tasks and there is no negative stuff about them. if you guys read my other reviews then you know that I always research the companies I work with but I have never heard anything bad about superpayme. Also my own experience is very positive as I got paid ( which is always the most important thing for me ) and that they have plenty of tasks.

If you don't have an account yet then consider adding superpayme to your list. You can even give them a try and get paid after your first finished survey ( they pay already after you reach only $1). I've seen a lot of crappy sites but superpayme isn't one of them. Highly recommended and I hope they keep up the good work!


This site is legit. I have been using it for about a month now and it has become my number one survey site

I have received 12 payments so far. The site pays out a min. $1 to paypal (fast payout), skrill and min. $40 to your bitcoin wallet.
The site has around 40 offerwalls and you can earn a good amount of cash on it. You also get $0.20 when you sign up plus they offer a lot of promocodes for extra cash.

You can join the site here: https://www.superpay.me/

Payment proof is in attched file.

Good earnings and happy hollidays to all :)


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