Success Story of Earning Online

Jun 8, 2018
I have been able to earn gift cards, free samples, coupons, and prizes through online websites. How much I receive a month varies upon how much time I have free each month. I join free sample sites such as smiley 360 and BZZagent that provide me with free samples in the mail and in return I provide honest reviews of the products I received. I also join websites that provide gift cards in return for your honest reviews or opinions such as Crowdtap and Grab Points . I will also join loyalty or rewards programs through different retailers where I can receive online coupon codes or coupons by mail to save on groceries such as Betty Crocker or Huggies. Sometimes I will also just google contests to enter to win prizes that I am interested in. Each month I may receive about $50 dollars with of coupons that I use towards my grocery bill, one or two gift cards, 3-5 samples, and in the past 6 months I have won a tablet in a contest. Even to receive free samples, coupons, prizes or gift cards it is not free, you have to put in the work on the computer to be able to receive these things and I do it just as a hobby on the side. I enjoy trying new things and I enjoy saving money so its just something I do for fun each month. Attached is a free sample of razors I received for free for my wife from smiley360.



Rookie Wordsmith
Jun 7, 2018
United States
Thank you for sharing . I will have to check out some of the free sample sites. I did not have any luck with grabpoints but I earn giftcards using other places. I have a blog with a few of them in my earning area. Do you have a web address for smiley 360? I looked on google and could not find the right one