LEGIT SpiderMetrix Review: Get Paid Answering Surveys - Legit or Scam?


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Jun 13, 2018
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This is a review for SpiderMetrix, a survey site based in Australia. You might have heard about this site in the online survey community. If you’ve been wondering if the company is worth your time and effort, you’ve come to the right place.

Ever wondered if SpiderMetrix is legit? Read on for my SpiderMetrix review!

SpiderMetrix: First Impressions

I won’t mince words here. The website of SpiderMetrix looks like it hasn’t been redesigned since the late 90s. To call it “design” is a tad bit too charitable. All the site has is a bunch of clipart and text. On the upside, the site does have pretty extensive info about its earning methods and rewards programs. So there’s that, at least.

Also, the site claims to have exactly 1,214,756 members. That’s nice to know, but anybody can invent those figures.

My Hot Take: Not a very good impression. I do appreciate that the site has decent content, but the site still looks pretty sketchy. I hadn’t planned on reviewing this site, I would have probably just moved along. But let’s venture deeper.

How to Earn on SpiderMetrix

On SpiderMetrix, you earn points for completing surveys. These surveys take anywhere from a minute up to 20 minutes to complete. The longer the survey, the more you will earn, of course. I’ve encountered a few surveys that even went up to 30 minutes.

Currently, SpiderMetrix has surveys that cover the following topics:
  • Vaccines
  • Gamers
  • Bankers
  • Managers
  • Parents
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Healthcare
  • Security
  • Peers
  • Teens
  • Legacy
  • Vehicles
  • Venom
  • Depression
  • Restaurants
  • Devices
  • Developers
  • Diabetes
  • Wisconsin
  • Albuquerque
  • Clothing
  • Doctors
  • Software
  • Homeowners
  • Commercials
  • Motorcycles
  • Movies
  • Spanish
  • iPhones
  • Sports
  • Credit
  • Pregnancy
  • Cruises
  • Asians
  • States
  • Students
  • Rugby
  • Bumblebee
  • Overwatch
And that is a lot of surveys! The company claims to have provided over 10,000 surveys in the last 12 months. So this is a site where you will always have surveys to take. This is awesome!

You will also get bonus points for completing your profile and taking the trial test. These tests were created for you to provide your demographic information. For example, on the list above is a survey about Bumblebee. The site will want to know that you’re a fan of action movies or cartoons before assigning you that survey. There’s also a survey about diabetes. If you are dealing with the disease, or have someone in the family who is, there’s a strong chance you’ll get that survey.


You can also earn whenever you refer someone to SpiderMetrix. You will earn 1 point when they complete their first survey. Honestly, 1 point is pretty lackluster. On other sites, you can earn more from your referrals - plus you can also earn from their own referrals. But on SpiderMetrix, a cent is all you get.

My Hot Take: The sheer amount of surveys is awesome! Whatever your demographic is, there’s a strong chance you’ll always have surveys to take - in fact, SpiderMetrix takes pride in this. So that’s awesome. What’s not awesome is there referral program. It doesn’t exactly encourage me to get people onboard.

Earning Potential on SpiderMetrix

The site claims you will earn, but I’m not quite sure what that means. Do they mean dollars per survey? Or dollars overall? Because in my experience, a 10 minute survey will pay about 10 points, which is equivalent to $0.17 AUD.

But overall, my earrings were pretty decent. And I’m pretty sure yours will too, since the site has lots of surveys for lots of people.

My Hot Take: Earning potential on this site is pretty good. Not enough to buy a new car or send your kids to college, of course. But good enough to supplement your income.

Payout Options on SpiderMetrix

You can redeem your earnings as cash (which is sent via PayPal), or a variety of gift cards. You can also donate your earnings to charity, or use them in auctions.

My Hot Take: Great payout options! While I always prefer cash, it’s good to know they have different options for those who need it.

How to Join SpiderMetrix

If all that sounds interesting to you, you can register for a free account on SpiderMetrix. I’ll be providing a link to their registration page below. Ka-chow:

Registration Page: https://spidermetrix.com/smx120.php

You need to be at least 14 years old to register. Memberships are open to a wide range of nationalities - all the countries are listed on the registration page. But take it from me - there are a lot of countries!

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

SpiderMetrix is legit! I call this a “sleeper” site because it doesn’t look like much (in fact it looks pretty terrible), but it’s good a pretty good thing going. I would have preferred to see a better referral program, but overall I still think the site is pretty good.

SpiderMetrix Screenshots

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Your Turn

So that’s my SpiderMetrix review. Now it’s your turn to share! Have you tried this site?

Let’s hear your stories!



Bronze Wordsmith
Jun 10, 2018
I am a member I cant recall where I heard about them.

Pros: It is open to all countries

Cons: At first the site is very hard to navigate and confusing. And its a VERY basic site, looks like it was thrown together in a few hours. The surveys are few and far between

I only have 52 points but it only takes 300 points to get that $50.00

Had I known it takes so long to earn here, I would NOT have joined.

As I said there are very few surveys, this screenshot shows what is available to me. Im in the US. As you can see by the blue links there are only 2 surveys, and those will remain there for several weeks without anything new


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Jun 13, 2018
Thanks for the spiderMetrix reviews. I’m kind of arachnophobic (okay, I’m VERY arachnophobic), so I was a little apprehensive about trying this site out. ;)

But when I first checked out spiderMetrix, thankfully there were no spiders. but what was a bit worrying was the “meh” site design. I dunno, I always prefer using nicely-designed websites. But I gave it a try, and here are some of my opinions about this site:

The Good

It’s available in LOTS of countries. A lot of survey sites only accommodate so-called “tier 1” countries. But I like the fact that spiderMetrix is like Benetton: all nationalities welcome.

The Bad

High minimum withdrawal threshold. $50 is a crazy high amount.

Few surveys. Even larger markets such as the US, like Ms. MoneyBags pointed out, get few surveys. Coupled the the high minimum payout amount, it’ll be a bit hard to earn on spiderMetrix.

Crappy site design. My little brother could create something better in less time.

The Bottom Line

The site is legit, but the overall experience of using it isn’t so good. If you like a fun, dynamic experience (and high earnings, of course) there are better survey sites out there for you to try out.
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Bronze Wordsmith
Jun 10, 2018
yesterday I actually got 2 emails from them for the first time ever to tell me there were new surveys, so they must be making some changes. Hopefully for the good
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