LEGIT Speak Up Surveys Review: Complete Surveys for Money - Legit or Scam?


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May 16, 2018
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For my latest review, I will be covering Speak Up Surveys. The site, as you may have deduced from the name, is a survey site. Many of us here on the Earn That Buck community will be familiar with survey sites and how to earn on them. You complete surveys, you get points. You trade those points for rewards, usually cash or gift cards. Pretty simple.

For anyone who’s new to making money online, particularly with survey sites, allow me to explain just what the heck they are exactly before I jump into my review.

Companies – from the local mom and pop to the world’s mega-corporations – thrive on information. They need information, particularly about their market, before they can make any business decisions. For example, if a shoe company wants to produce a new basketball sneaker, they would probably want to know what sort of features or styles the market is looking for. This is called market research, and it takes a lot of effort to do. Market research may entail getting feedback from hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe.

Since that sneaker company will most likely be preoccupied with, you know, producing sneakers, it would hire a survey site to help conduct that market research. The sneaker company will provide the survey site with the questions it wants to ask the market. The survey site, in turn, will send those questions to their members. The info gathered from these surveys will help the sneaker company decide on the appropriate features to add to its upcoming basketball shoes.

Now, members of survey sites don’t just take surveys because it’s fun. We do it because we get paid or rewarded for it. Since the survey site gets paid, they in turn pay their members (us).

There are different variations to survey sites. Some include additional tasks such as watching videos, clicking ads, reading emails, or testing apps. But they all follow the same business model, more or less.

And that’s what a survey site is. It’s a great way to earn some money in your free time. I strongly suggest you give them a try. And now back to Speak Up Surveys. Are they one of the sites you should try? Is Speak Up Surveys legit or a scam?

Read my Speak Up Surveys review to find out!

About Speak Up Surveys

Not much is known about Speak Up Surveys. What I do know is they were founded in 2006, which is pretty ancient in internet years. But that’s a good thing. One of the signs that a site is a scam is if they suddenly disappear (only to resurface later on using a new name). But Speak Up Surveys has been trucking along for about twelve years now. Their site is definitely showing its age - it looks pretty basic and doesn’t have a whole lot of info for potential members. Still, It’s hard to argue with that sort of longevity.

How to Earn on Speak Up Surveys

For starters, you need to register (but you probably know that already!) Anyone ages 13 and above can register. You will have to provide a lot of personal info, including your age, location, income bracket. I understand if you would hesitate giving that sort of info. But Speak Up Surveys needs the info in order to assign surveys that are appropriate to your demographic. For example, a survey about cigarettes and alcohol won’t be assigned to a 13-year-old. Or, a survey about a luxury vehicle will be assigned to members within a certain income level.

But either way, Speak Up Surveys won’t sell your private information without your consent.

Okay, with that out of the way, there are three ways to earn on Speak Up Surveys:

1. Answer Surveys

This is the primary method of earning on Speak Up Surveys. Most of your earnings will be from taking surveys.

When a survey that fits your profile becomes available, you will receive a notification via email (so make sure you keep your inbox clear of spam - I actually create dedicated email accounts for each survey site I use). But just because you get that notification, it doesn’t mean that you’re 100% qualified to take a survey. You will have to answer a few pre-qualifying questions first before the site determines that you are indeed a fit for the survey.

It sometimes sucks having to answer those questions only to know that I’m not qualified, but it is what it is. That’s why it’s called “pre-qualifying,” I guess.

2. Refer Friends

A site is only as good as its user base. A survey site will want as large a sample base as possible. That’s why it incentivizes members to refer their friends. You can refer up to 10 people and earn $0.50 per person.

Speak Up Surveys’ referral program is welcome, but a bit basic. Other survey sites will let you earn from your recruits’ own recruits - sometimes up to the third level! Referrals sometimes comprise bulk of my earnings on other survey sites. It would have been nice if Speak Up Surveys also had a multi-tier referral program. But alas, no dice.

3. Take Part in Monthly Sweepstakes

This isn’t exactly an earning method, since you can’t control whether you win (and earning from) sweepstakes. But I’m adding it in this section anyway, since you could, at least in theory, win and make some money.

Speak Up Surveys holds raffles every month. Each survey you complete is one entry in the sweepstakes. I love the fact that one survey = one entry. On some sites, you only get one entry no matter how many surveys you complete. There are three winners every month - they each win $100, $250, or a whopping $1,000! If this isn’t an incentive to keep complete surveys, I don’t know what is!

Earning Potential

Each survey will pay anywhere from $0.5 up to $2. The payout per survey depends on its length and complexity. A survey about your opinions about a political party or foreign policy will pay more, of course.

Your monthly earnings will depend on the actual number of surveys you qualify for. In my experience, earnings can fluctuate wildly. Because of that, I recommend you only use the site as a means to supplement your income. If you use the site to earn money for rent or groceries, you’ll be disappointed. Set your expectations accordingly, and you’ll be good.

Payout Options on Speak Up Surveys

When you’ve accumulated a minimum of $10 in earnings, you can request a cashout. Your earnings will be sent to you either via Payoneer MasterCard, $10 Amazon gift card, or $25 Dining Dough Restaurant gift certificate.

I always prefer cash, which is why it sucks that Speak Up Surveys doesn’t have PayPal. Since the rest of the world has already adopted PayPal as the de facto payment method, it gets my goat whenever a site doesn’t use PayPal. But that doesn’t mean the site is a scam - you’ll just have to go along with their payment methods.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

Speak Up Surveys is legit! Their earning methods are somewhat limited, but for newbies to survey sites, that could be a good thing. It’s extremely easy to use, and you won’t have to keep track of different earning methods. Highly recommended!

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Your Turn

This is my Speak Up Surveys review. Now it’s your turn to share! Have you used the site? How did you find it?

Let’s hear your stories!



Jun 14, 2018
Thank you for this Speak Up Surveys review. While I agree on most of the points you’ve mentioned (especially about it being great that you can cash out once you have $10 - and it being sucky because there’s no PayPal option available - boo!), there are also some points and observations I want to share as a member of Speak Up Surveys. Here they are:
  • You can make money here just by answering surveys. Well, duh, right? But I guess what I’m trying to say is, while a lot of paid survey sites waste your time by not giving you any surveys to do for weeks and weeks and weeks, you can make at least 75 cents for a survey that takes a few minutes to complete here. I’ve even had the incredible luck of making around $8 for a little under an hour during an extremely lucky streak of available surveys in a day!
  • There’s no way of knowing how long a survey will take. So now for some downer - nope, you can’t preview a survey for its length and difficulty on Speak Up Surveys. As for the lucky streak I mentioned above, it was for a mix of short and slightly longer surveys, but if they all had been lengthy ones, I think I would have gotten bored or screened out - whichever comes first.
  • They do tell you how much you can potentially make on a survey. This came as a pleasant surprise to me after the initial disappointment of not knowing how long I have to answer a survey. It also gave me a clue as to how long a survey would be, based on if this survey about something can earn me a dollar and a half versus if this survey on something else will only get me 75 cents.
  • There’s a referral system!...but it won’t earn you much. Fifty cents per referred friend isn’t enough but I guess it’s better than nothing?
With that being said, I agree that Speak Up Surveys is a legit paying site, and something I would recommend for some extra pocket money.
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Burt Maklin

Sep 24, 2018
Speak up surveys is okay. It's like a cold slice of pizza... kind of meh, but still good enough if you don't have other options. They're definitely legit, but not the first survey site I would try.