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UNRATED Smart Panel: You Can Earn $110 A Year Just By Installing This App! Scam or Legit?

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We all want to find ways to earn some cash. With that, I am sharing with you this cool thing that pays you $110 a year just to install their app. It’s called Smart Panel, and Verto Analytics developed this app. The company will give you money just to download their no-fee app. You can earn rewards as soon as you download the Smart Panel app on your Android devices.

How It Works

You need to download the app in an Android device. Smart Panel is not available in the Apple app store.

Official website: https://smartpanel.io/en-US/

Once you register, you need to fill up a short form, and you will earn $5 immediately. Upon installing the app, Smart Panel will pay you $5. Each month that the app is on your smartphone or tablet, the company will pay you $5.

Do you want to earn every month for years? If so, then, don’t uninstall or delete Smart Panel. For the first three months, you will receive a loyalty bonus of $5. After six months, the company will pay you a loyalty bonus of $10. If you’ve been a member for more than six months, Smart Panel will send you an additional $15 every three months as your loyalty bonus. Of course, your $5 a month will continue. If you compute everything, you’ll earn a total of $110 on the first year alone!

Want to cash out your income from Smart Panel? You can do it thru Paypal or use it to redeem Amazon gift items.

What’s The Deal With Smart Panel?

Smart Panel gathers data and statistics as powered by Verto Analytics. Verto Analytics is based in New York, and they collect data for research purposes. Once you confirm, the app will stay in the background and gather statistics from your mobile device. For example, they will record how many hours you spend on social media apps, how many hours you play on your games, how long you surf the net, or how many videos you watch on YouTube and more. With this information, it will help other companies to develop and improve their apps.

Is it safe? Yes, it’s safe to use. They can’t get a hold of secured passwords and the likes in your device. Everything is encrypted, secured and protected.

OUR VERDICT: Scam or Legit?

Smart App (short for Smart Panel app) is 100% LEGIT. Reviews from people on the net revealed that this app could indeed pay $5 per month. It’s not a tremendous amount, but still, who will give you $5 these days for doing nothing? Register as a Smart app member, install the app, input your Paypal address, and wait for the $5 monthly. It’s that effortless.

Smart Panel Screenshots

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Smart Panel 1.jpg Smart Panel 2.jpg


Have you tried Smart App? If you have tried it, please let us know how it worked for you. Did you get your monthly $5? How long have you been using it? Will you recommend Smart App to your friends? Are you interested in trying it? We’d like to hear from you!



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Just a heads up to anyone thinking about using Smart Panel. I got the following in my mail today.
1.png 2.png
Probably time to re-assess if this app is legit considering they are withholding all payouts until July. Can't be a good sign.


Staff member
Hmm, thanks for reporting this. I agree that the review needs to be changed from Legit. I've changed it to Unrated for now and if they are not paying by the time July comes around as they say they will, we will move this to scam.

Again thanks for reporting this. Like given.


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Hey Kanvi, I came across this thread as I am now using SmartPanel. Was the issue ever resolved with the withdrawals being disabled? Thanks, appreciate any replies!


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I was sitting on the fence about this app given the unrated label the OP made for this Smart Panel app review. But the promise of convenience and mobility won over and here I am, trying it out nevertheless. Call me stubborn!

Why I find it convenient:
  • PayPal! It just makes it so easy for me to redeem my rewards in cash
  • I encountered no problem signing up for an account
  • The initial questionnaire was easy, too. Took me a couple of minutes to complete.
  • Downloading and installing the software was quick
  • I get survey notifications via email, which I appreciate
  • I can just keep it running in the background and forget about it
It’s a great source of passive income - literally. As long as the software runs smoothly on my device, I can earn. I did actually kinda forget about it until I came across this review once more, which made me check and discover that I already have $10 earned for installing it on my tablet!
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