Six Survey Sites That Are Safe for Kids to Join


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May 17, 2018
I have a teenager at home – a constantly bored, sulky one. She keeps whining about how I should increase her allowance because she’s got this FOMO (fear of missing out) on shopping and on what her friends consider the coolest games to play, like, right this very moment. I told her that there are so many ways to augment her pocket money, such as doing odd jobs for the neighbors and for her parents. She just said “boo, dad” to me.

At any rate, I got this great idea that she can learn from the best…AKA me. I can teach her how to earn money online for kids, but I need to make sure that she will be protected from potential internet predators while she’s at it.

Which is why I took it upon myself to scour the internet for paid surveys for teens – the kind that actually makes it worth their while, and is a safe and secure one for young minds to engage in. Thankfully, I managed to come up with a list of half a dozen online surveys for teens so that the moody apple of my eye won’t get too bored with trying out just a couple.

So here you are – a list of the six best teens surveys (and even pre-teens) that meet my standards as both a parent and a survey-taker. Hope it helps you and your kids, as well!


Obviously, from its name alone, this site is all about surveys for kids. A quick glance at their home page confirms it for me – it’s all primary colors of yellow, blue, and fuchsia and with the kind of graphics that younger eyes would appreciate. KidzEyes describes itself as an online research panel geared towards kids who are six to 12 years old and currently living in the United States.

The site has partnered up with clients who are interested in the opinion of kids falling under the required age bracket (so, sorry for my teenager but she no longer qualifies). These opinions help shape the future of these partners’ products and services. Registration needs parental consent, and kids can expect a couple of surveys a month to answer. Rewards come in the form of checks.


Teens Eyes

My teenager would be happy to know that KidzEyes has a teenage version in the form of Teens Eyes. This survey panel has a more sedate layout, with complementary colors of purple and yellow that makes it pleasing to the eye. There are swirly patterns and some headshots of teenagers, and the rest of the site is uncluttered and seems to be easy enough to navigate.

Teens Eyes is for teenage survey-takers age 13 to 18 who can lend their POV to the site’s partner clients about a host of things. The surveys could be about television shows, websites, movies, video games, clothing, sports, new products, and other stuff that teenagers are into. The site only offers surveys as part of a panel membership (US-based only), so teenagers get invited to participate, then get compensated for it in either cash or with a check as soon as they have 1000 points to redeem.


Though it isn’t really exclusively geared towards young people, GrabPoints makes it to this list because there are so many tasks to do here – ranging from answering surveys to watching videos, through to downloading apps and referring friends – that teenage boredom won’t stand a fighting chance with them.

Members must be 13 years or older to sign up with the site, so my daughter is a shoo-in. I also like that it is mobile responsive since she’s always on her phone, anyway. Plus, the rewards are right up her alley – from shopping gift cards to games that she actually plays and invests in! Also, she can easily meet the low minimum cashout amount at just $3 if she wants extra pocket money to hang out with her friends.


Panel Polls

Calling itself “the cool opinion site for families” (including parents and their kids who may be teens or young adults), Panel Polls basically offers beta testing tasks for mobile apps, websites, online games, and others – which totally appeals to my teenager. There are also polls asking for feedback and opinion on different products and services, which appeals to me as a grown-up.

The site has been around since 1999, providing valuable consumer feedback for notable partners like MTV, Wendy’s, Hotwheels, and Nick. I like that you can earn points here even if you aren’t eligible for an activity because I don’t like my time being wasted and not getting compensated for it. Invitations to participate in activities or studies are emailed to you, and once the task is completed, you can redeem points for the kind of rewards you like (in cash or in gift cards).



E-Poll is open for registration to users who are 13 years and older. Almost all of their surveys are entertainment-related, which is understandably attractive to teenagers and adults alike. Its founder is a television mogul who has enjoyed decades of being an active influencer in the entertainment industry. This means that most of the surveys have something to do with movies, television, and celebrities. You should have seen my teenage girl’s face light up when she learned about that!

The minimum redemption amount is just $5 so it means cashing out via PayPal or choosing gift cards won’t be an exercise in frustration…hopefully. As for my daughter, she simply loves the idea of sharing her opinions on the latest celebrity gossip, or what she found gross or awesome with the latest movie or television show she’s currently hooked on.


Paid Viewpoint

I’m throwing another survey site I actually use in this list because of its emphasis on “non-boring” surveys. Boredom is what I want to eliminate from my kid’s life as far as earning her own money is involved. I want her to at least enjoy answering surveys, which you and I know can get mind-numbingly dull most times.

At any rate, PaidViewpoint also promises not to screen you out once you’re in the middle of a survey. If you’ve never lived with a teenager, bless you. It’s a truly awe-inspiring phenomenon to see one in the throes of a temper tantrum because he or she made a mistake and didn’t pass a game level, or her computer froze in the middle of a juicy chat. Imagine getting screened out while answering a survey?! I can just see my teenager hulking out and hopefully not smashing her computer or phone to bits.

But seriously, PaidViewpoint, which is free to join by anyone 13 years or older, also pays in cash which anyone – young or old – can always do with more of. They process payment via PayPal within 72 hours (once you’ve reached the $15 minimum threshold amount), which is always welcome.


The verdict?

Yes, there are safe and suitable online surveys for teens and kids, if you just know where to look. I like that my daughter has become curious about what I do online to earn some extra income and that her curiosity has translated into serious interest to the point that she wants to try survey and GPT sites herself.

As a parent, though, I advise you to be with your kid every step of the way when it comes to participating in sites like these. Be especially wary of sites that demand credit card usage, carry controversial topics, or have dubious links they could accidentally click on. Most kid-friendly survey sites, especially those requiring an age bracket below thirteen years old, will require parental confirmation prior to registration. Also, it would be a really great idea to join “family” type sites, as those usually encourage the participation of both a parent and a child in their activities and polls.
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