Seven Surveys That Pay Through PayPal


Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
I like cash. Who doesn’t? I like it especially as a reward for something I’ve done because I can choose to do what I want with it, such as pay bills, buy myself some beer, or spend it to pamper loved ones. So when it comes to getting paid to do online surveys, I really prefer those where I can cash out – via PayPal, preferably.

For me, surveys that pay instantly via PayPal make up the Holy Grail of online rewards sites. That’s not to say that those who do offer gift cards should be scoffed at. As I’ve discovered for myself, some of the best survey sites are where you can redeem Amazon gift cards, because sometimes GCs are as good (or even better) as cash.

However, the benefits of getting your hard-earned money via PayPal cannot be denied. For one, it’s a secure and trusted payment gateway that is used worldwide by many businesses and personal transactions. For another, it also offers one of the fastest ways for you to get your hands on your money. So today, I decided to make a list of seven of the best surveys for PayPal cash withdrawals. As a disclaimer, though, these sites on my list are ones I personally have tried and tested, though you may have some more to add (in which case, fire away your suggestions in the comments section!).


Opinion Outpost

Once again, Opinion Outpost makes it to the top of my list of preferred survey sites. It’s got a great pedigree (having been around since 2009) and has earned the reputation of being truly generous with offering surveys to complete (as opposed to waiting for weeks to get qualified for one).

My personal take? If you’re looking for surveys that pay through PayPal instantly, Opinion Outpost is it. The minimum payout amount is just $10 or the equivalent of 100 points. It’s by no means the lowest threshold I’ve seen, but it is definitely one of the speediest when it comes to processing my payout request.



SwagBucks’ reputation for being one of the most reliable surveys for PayPal cash payments is cemented by its generous menu of doable tasks, as well as other creative methods to earn.

My personal take? There were months when I earned around $50 from SwagBucks points and cashed them via PayPal – which really helps for small but important things like getting fuel for my car and paying smaller bills.


Ipsos I-Say

This is one of those sites that I keep as my “spare” online rewards site even if other people don’t rave about it. I like that it’s available to anyone in the world that wants to earn some extra cash in their free time. Also, even if you get disqualified for surveys, Ipsos I-Say still gives you five bonus points as consolation for your time and effort.

My personal take? Aside from being what I call a “PayPal surveys site”, I also like that I can get a PayPal cashout at just a $10 minimum payout! It gives me less trouble trying to work towards cashing out, unlike with other survey sites that require around $25-$30 minimum before you can even dream of getting your hands on your money. Btw I wrote a more detailed Ipsos I-Say review the other day. Make sure you check it out as well.



When I first signed up with SurveySpot, I noticed the uncanny similarities it has with Opinion Outpost. Turns out they are run by the same company! Not that I mind, because it means that I can reap the same benefits for getting paid via PayPal as I would with its sister site.

My personal take? Though I’m a pretty new user of SurveySpot, I like my rewards redeeming experience with it, so far. It takes only $10 to cash out via PayPal, which is great because sometimes I need some petty cash to get around.



PrizeRebel is another personal favorite in my long list of legit survey sites. Not only are there lots to do here to earn points, but the rewards are pretty awesome, as well. Aside from getting cashouts via PayPal, those who like gift cards will be pleasantly surprised at the variety offered here – there are hundreds to choose from!

My personal take? I can cash out my PrizeRebel earnings at a very low $5 trigger amount! Basically, this online rewards site doesn’t make it too hard for users to actually get their money by making them work too hard and wait too long for it.



Though relatively new to the GPT and paid survey sites game, GrabPoints has also become a preferred way for me to make some extra income. Not only do they give so many doable tasks to earn points with – they also have one of the lowest payout thresholds I’ve seen in my entire history of participating in online rewards sites!

My personal take? GrabPoints is so far earning the reputation of being one of the high paying surveys that pay through PayPal. With only $3 required to cash out via PayPal, this means more time to earn more points, and consequently, more cash to redeem! Also, users have reported getting their earnings processed in as little as 24 hours – now how does that “grab” you?


PineCone Research

It is extremely difficult to join PineCone Research, but once you do, you will be able to take part in one of the highest-paying survey sites in existence. The surveys pay decently – anywhere between $3 to $5, which is more than the usual payment other sites would offer.

My personal take? There was a time when I was confused about the availability of a PayPal option on PineCone Research . Turns out you have to specifically search for it on the rewards page. It’s a bit of a runaround to get your rewards in cash, but the security and efficiency that come with it can’t be beaten.


The verdict?

When it comes to surveys for money, PayPal is hands-down the best payment method for me. That doesn’t mean that I will turn my nose up at online rewards sites that don’t have it, though. However, if given the opportunity to work online and get paid through PayPal, I will definitely take it.

The benefits include security with cash transactions, faster processing (compared to checks and other means of cashing out), and signing up for a PayPal account is free! Plus, if you’re looking for payment proof from other members before signing up with a survey site, those that have PayPal instantly earn a legitimate standing – at least in my eyes!
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