LEGIT SendEarnings Review: Take Surveys and Do Tasks for Cash - Legit or Scam?


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Jun 13, 2018
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What’s happening, guys? The weekend’s coming up, and it’s gonna be a great time to try out a few survey sites. If you’re looking for a new one to test, check out my review for SendEarnings. I’ll be discussing whether they’re worth your time or not.

About SendEarnings

While I’m new to survey sites, I get the impression SendEarnings is one of the 500-pound gorillas in the scene. I mean, just look at their total payout through the years: over $50 million dollars. SendEarnings is also a bit of a media darling - they’ve been covered by major network shows such as ABC News, Good Morning America, and Today. As if that weren’t enough to show how huge SendEarnings is, they are owned and operated by InboxDollars, another major player in the industry.

Everything about this site exudes bigness and professionalism. At first glance, SendEarnings looks like the survey site equivalent of a shiny Cadillac Escalade. But does this boss-level image apply to the overall experience of using (and earning through) the site?

Let’s have a look under the hood of this behemoth of a survey site.

How Do You Earn on SendEarnings?

There are a whopping eight ways for you to earn on SendEarnings. They are:

Complete Surveys - SendEarnings partners with pretty major research organizations who need information on various topics. SendEarnings provides those surveys to members and pays in cash.

Play Games - Play games and earn - it’s that simple. You can also earn by competing with other members.

Use Coupons - Print and use coupons for major household brands - and earn cash just by using them!

Watch Videos - Earn cash just for watching videos on a wide range of topics!

Use Cashback Offers - Earn your cash back whenever you shop in specific shops. To make things more awesome, you can even get discounts and free samples.

Read Emails - “PaidEmails” (Yep, that’s what they’re called) are sent to your inbox. These emails contain info on various offers, but you also get paid just for opening these emails.

Get a Bonus for Signing Up - You can also earn a $5 bonus just by signing up!

Refer New Members - You will make $5 from each of your referrals after they get their first payout. After that you will make 10% of their regular earnings.

That’s a large number of ways to earn. What’s special about SendEarnings is the number of methods it has. You can take surveys one minute, then watch videos later, and then start playing games afterwards. It’s a great, dynamic online experience.

Earning Potential

Earnings, as always, depends on the actual amount of time you spend doing these tasks. The more tasks you do and the more time you put in, the more you’ll earn, of course. But here’s a basic breakdown of some of their two most popular earning methods:

Surveys - Most surveys pay on average $.050 to $1 depending on the length of the survey. The site will tell you how much each survey will pay, so you have the option to take it or move on to a higher-paying one. After you complete the survey, the corresponding cash reward will be immediately credited to your account.

Emails - You will get up to three “PaidEmails” per day. Each one has a “Confirm Paid Email” button that you will have to click. When you do, you earn two cents. Most emails will contain info on discounts and offers you could also earn from. So make sure you actually read through them.

Payout Options

SendEarning has a $30 minimum withdrawal amount, which is crazy high. It’ll honestly take you a while before you hit that amount. They pay via cheque, prepaid VISA card, or through the proprietary SendEarnings gift card.

What I Don’t Like About SendEarnings

Okay, in this part of the review, I usually list down The Good and The Bad. But this time I’ll just jump straight the the bad. That isn’t because SendEarnings is a sucky company. I’m doing this because most of what I’ve written above are already pretty positive. So I’ll try to balance things out by writing what I didn’t like about SendEarnings. And they are:

Getting Screened Out of Surveys - Hello, my old enemy. It seems like getting screened out while you take a survey also happens on big sites such as SendEarnings. At this point, I’ve accepted that this is pretty much industry practice. But I will never stop ranting against this practice.

Crazy High Minimum Withdrawal - The tasks on this site pay only a couple of cents each - some even less. It’ll take you a long, long time for you to hit the $30 minimum cashout.

Not Enough Surveys - If all you want to do is take surveys, get ready for some idle time. It can get frustrating having to wait for surveys to take. Oh, well. At least there are many more methods for us to earn on SeanEarnings.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

SendEarnings is legit! But with that said, they’re not the best. SendEarnings is less King Kong and more sleepy puppy. They don’t always have surveys to take, and that high minimum can be a major hindrance. I suggest adding this site to your list of backup sites; it’s not quite ready for main rotation.

SendEarnings Screenshots

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Your Turn

This review is based on my own experiences using SendEarnings. Now it’s your turn to share! Have you tried this site? Did you get monster earnings?

Let’s hear your stories!



May 18, 2018
I've never actually heard of SendEarnings and didn't know they were owned by InboxDollars but I visited your link above and the sites literally look identical minus the purple logo. From your review it seems as if SendEarnings is just a global accessible InboxDollars as all of the features etc are the same, even the insane minimum payout. Still I'd love to see some SendEarnings payment proofs to proof they are legit, I mean I know InboxDollars is legit but still.


Sep 28, 2018
Long story short I would stay away and here is why :

The main concern that I have with them is that it is too hard to make money. That didn't just happen to me but a lot of other people complained that it's hard to reach the payout because they simply don't have enough tasks. There are some rumours that they make it harder to earn money when you get closer to your payout. I guess they don't want to pay their users?! Not meaning to accuse anyone but that definitely doesn't sound legit. You can google SendEarnings scam and then you find some articles and comments from users that experienced something similar. For me this always a huge red flag when the survey provider has too many one star reviews.

One of the good things is that they have the sendearnings app. You just download it and then you can do your tasks ( if available ) on your phone. I used to do some during a quick toilet break. Whats better than earning some cash while doing something you'd do anyways.

To me it's one of the providers I would stay away from. Not saying its a scam but there are simply too many red flags for me to continue trying to make some cash with their offers when there is a chance that I simply wouldn't get paid at all. You're better off with doing your surveys etc with other providers such as swagbucks . It's simply too hard to make money with sendearnings.com.


Bronze Wordsmith
Jun 10, 2018
I have with them is that it is too hard to make money.
I agree, I was a member of both SendEarnings and their sister site InboxDollars. This was about 5 years ago, but it took me over a year to get to payout on each site. I have read that many things have changed on the site since then, and they have been around forever. To me its just not worth it to earn that slowly, and always worrying that when you finally get to that cashout, will the site still be there.
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Nov 28, 2018
I am a member of this site for two months now. SendEarnings is a cash-based online rewards club that shares the revenue it generates from advertisers with its members.

Members can participate in activities such as reading e-mails, answering surveys, and shopping, and will receive cashback on the tasks they complete. And yes, SendEarnings is very similar to InboxDollars, as they are run by the same company.

What makes SendEarnings different is that instead of points, members earn cash instead for every completed activity successfully completed.

SendEarnings pays $5 just to sign up to their website, and another $1 for completing General Profile survey, a Household survey, and an Interests Survey. Each of these surveys will take several minutes to complete.

Making money from this website is quick. However, some of the offers can also be a bit risky. All in all, they are legit, you just need to be extra careful.

Burt Maklin

Sep 24, 2018
Sorry Amos, I usually like your reviews. But I think you were a bit too easy on this site. Like Floyd said, the site is best avoided. And while there’s technically nothing wrong with your SendEarnings review – you did call SendEarnings a sleepy puppy, lol – people are better off using a different rewards site. The reason I’m not really into this site are the following:

30 dollars for the minimum payout? That’s a crazy-high amount. And I can honestly say that payouts on SendEarnings aren’t as good as on other rewards sites. Meaning it could take a long, long time for a user to earn, much less actually reach that minimum withdrawal amount.

There were times when I had little to do… no surveys to answer, no videos to watch, nothing. I thought they were supposed to be this huge player in the rewards industry? You’d expect a site as big as them to have more partner companies and stuff. I dunno if I’m being a tinfoil hat-wearing, paranoid person, but surveys and tasks become more scarce the closer I get to the minimum withdrawal amount. I actually considered starting a new account just to see of that fresh account would get surveys, but why bother?

I’m not saying they’re a scam. For all we know, they could be totally legit. But there are better options out there.


Oct 15, 2018
I made no secret out of the poor initial impression this site has given me. At first, the website looked fishy, and the idea that I could make even a dollar out of it was hard to believe. Time has passed, and with more experience of the site, I have to admit that my opinion has changed somewhat.
I have stayed for seven months with this site and received a couple of gift cards from them. I admit that they're not the highest paying one and earning points is a little bit slow, but they never fail to pay me for my time and efforts. SendEarnings offers a lot of ways to earn points, and they have awesome customer service. They are totally legit.


Oct 24, 2018
SendEarnings is a legit GPT site, but based on my experience with this site, it’s not worth the time. I got paid once, did complete the offers just to know if this site is legit, and they really are.

Earning is slow that it took me about two months to reach $30, even if I use SendEarnings on a regular basis. The pay is way below minimum wage.

There are a lot of better survey sites nowadays that are really worth the time and effort such as GrabPoints , InstaGC , etc., it totally depends on which country you are from.


Mar 6, 2019
Send Earnings is a site where you can test your luck along with your patience and if you have the time to do all kinds of small tasks online.

Making $30 is quite hard, but far from impossible, and every day moves you closer to the goal. Despite the fact that many users complained about losing time trying to take surveys they weren’t qualified for, I learned my lesson early on: it pays to focus on other tasks that are simpler, less time-consuming, and with fewer chances to get you disqualified.

It’s hard to recommend this site wholeheartedly because of their unusual payment policy. But one thing I can assure you is they are legit. You just have to stick with it to actually earn.