HOW-TO Sell Your Old and Used Furniture! 13 Websites and Methods to Try


Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
There weren’t any used furniture stores near me when I was living on my own. That was the problem I faced when I decided to sell the old furniture in my apartment. I upgraded to more “grown-up” furniture, but my old pieces were still perfectly serviceable. So much so that I felt I could still get a good price if I sold them. But there weren’t places to do so.

Faced with that challenge, I decided to go online and look for ways to sell my furniture. I discovered lots of good places to sell old furniture. If you’re also looking to sell some of your old furniture, I’m sharing the list of good websites and selling methods I’ve discovered. Hope you get inspired by it and helps you unload stuff!


Facebook has become my favorite selling platform – for anything, really, not just furniture. The great thing about selling on Facebook is that chances are, you already use Facebook. So it’s integrated into your online routine.

I like the fact that I can choose to post on the general Marketplace, and in specific selling groups. Selling on Facebook is pretty much idiot-proof. I can also set who sees my post, so it’s easy to find a person who buys used furniture near me. Plus, there’s the opportunity to boost my post or create an ad for it. Simply put, no other site can compare with the reach of Facebook.


Apartment Therapy Marketplace

Oddly enough, I learned about Apartment Therapy Marketplace while using Facebook. I follow the Apartment therapy page (it’s one of my favorite pages), and discovered that they have their own marketplace.

Apartment Therapy Marketplace reminds me of Facebook in a lot of ways. You can create your own profile and you can even cross-promote your posts on Facebook and Twitter. Apartment Therapy Marketplace also works well with Etsy (which I’ll be covering in a bit). If you have any Etsy selling posts, you can easily import those listings to Apartment Therapy Marketplace.

Apartment Therapy Marketplace has a global scope. If you’re okay with shipping overseas, you can do that here. The buyers in Apartment Therapy Marketplace are pretty diverse. You can sell anything from older, vintage pieces to contemporary furniture.

And here’s another good thing about Apartment Therapy Marketplace – selling is free! But you can boost your listing for $1, which I strongly suggest you do.



If you’ve got luxury Italian furniture or notable designer pieces you’re looking to sell, try Chairish. The company is a high-end selling platform that specializes in vintage items. Their cut is pretty steep – they get to keep 20% if the item’s final selling price. The good thing here is that since what you’re selling is most probably super-expensive anyways, you’re still making a lot of money.

You can also sell other collectibles here, including art, pottery, fine china, rugs, and other high-end decors.



Here’s another luxury selling platform. Viyet is a consignment shop. They do the advertising and promotion and get a 40% cut of the selling price (if the item sells). And they’re extremely picky about the things they sell – there’s a $1,000 minimum for furniture, $500 for lighting, and $100 accessories. Also, items need to be in mint condition and come from notable designers.

I honestly had nothing I could sell through Viyet, but if you do, give their site a visit.


Arizona Office Liquidators & Designs

Don’t worry if you’re not from Arizona. There are no used office furniture stores near me, but Arizona Office Liquidators & Designs buy furniture anywhere in the United States (within certain limitations) and in large quantities.

As the name implies, this is the best place to sell bulk items – old furniture from offices is at the top of their buy list. If you own a business and are looking to upgrade your office furniture, they accept trade-ins. If unfortunately, you’ve had to shut down your business, at least you can recoup a small percentage of your investment by selling it here.

Arizona Office Liquidators & Designs has been around since 1986, and are a trusted name in the selling industry. They even offer premium prices for high-end or designer furniture (heads-up if you’ve got an Eames Chair!)


Furniture Finders

If you’re looking for another place to sell office furniture, check out Furniture Finders. They require at least 10 or more matching items before they would even consider buying it. To find out, simply send them a selling list (make sure you also send photos – they will outright refuse lists without pictures), and they’ll get back to you with a quotation. There’s no obligation to sell. If you don’t like the quote, you can always try selling elsewhere.



Never overlook good old eBay! This is a great place to sell if you’ve got unique items. Since there are so many sellers here, you really need to be selling something unique to stand out. The upside here is that there a lot of members on eBay , all looking for cool things to spend their money on.

Even with all the other selling options on this list, eBay is still one of the most reliable places to try and sell stuff… and get stuff sold.



This is an option if you own unique or customized furniture. It’ll help if you’ve personally customized those pieces. Etsy buyers are always on the lookout for handcrafted pieces. If you’ve got any of those, you should look into selling here.

Competition here will be stiff since there are so many people creating some notable pieces. But I still think selling here is worth it since Etsy customers tend to know the value of unique or one-off pieces.


Local Classifieds

I’ve known a few people who prefer to sell locally. I’m an equal opportunity type of guy, but I can understand why people prefer to sell to locals – there’s less hassle trying to figure how the selling rules of a particular site, it’s easier to deal with people face to face, plus you get fewer people complaining over how you supposedly misrepresented your items online.

Putting an ad on your local classifieds is a great middle ground. You get to widen your scope of potential sellers while keeping things more or less local. It’s one of the best ways to find used furniture buyers near me.


Local Thrift Shops

Thrift shops are always looking for new items to add to their inventory. If you’d like to sell to those places, I suggest inquiring first what their buying process is like. Sometimes, you’ll have to bring the items to them, but occasionally, they’ll be willing to go to your place if there’s potential to find good items. Also, I’ve met a few owners who will haul the stuff from your place! Communication is key when figuring out whether selling to your local thrift shop is worth it.


Local Swap Meets

Don’t overlook the potential of your local community. Most cities have regular antique swap meets that draw sizeable crowds. The advantage here is that you’ll be dealing with people face to face (always my preferred selling method, over interacting online).

The downside is you’ll be hauling stuff to the swap meet and hauling unsold stuff back. A few sellers even give steep discounts towards the end of the event, since bringing stuff back would be costlier. I leave it to you to decide whether this is worth it – but it’s still something definitely worth considering.


Your Own Garage!

Who says you need to sell online? Okay, I did. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sell stuff the old-fashioned way. Having a good old garage sale is actually quite fun because you’ll get to interact with your neighbors. Alternately, don’t feel disheartened if you end up spending the day sitting around without selling anything.

To make it worth your while, I suggest a “hybrid” approach. Post stuff for sale online, but also mention that they’ll be available for viewing at your place. Anyone in the vicinity can simply come over to see the items first-hand. You can even make an event page on Facebook and make it an excuse to hang out with friends!


Start Your Own Online Shop

Now, this option probably isn’t relevant if you only want to get rid of the old furniture that was passed down to you when you got your first apartment. But if have a reliable source of sellable furniture, you should definitely look into starting your own online furniture shop!

There’s a lot to cover when it comes to starting your own store (more than we have space for in this post!) but you can start a site using either Shopify or Magento. Those are e-commerce platforms that let you set up shops quickly… and for free! They got free templates you can try, which is perfect if you’re still trying to gauge the profitability of your furniture selling business.


You also need to invest in photography equipment, ad space on social media and figure out your shipping logistics (which is really important, when you’re shipping large and bulky items).

That’s all for now. Good luck with your used furniture selling mission!
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Jun 14, 2018
Pretty good and diverse list you got here! I couldn't have stumbled upon it at a more opportune time since I need to let go of some of my stuff for health reasons. I will try both Facebook Marketplace and Apartment Therapy Marketplace because I don't have the time nor the inclination to haul stuff over to flea markets and even set up in my garage. So thanks for the heads up - huge help here!