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Jun 14, 2018

In our house, there’s never really been a choice season for cleaning. While other homes do spring cleaning, we have to do a bit of decluttering every other month. For not-so-strange reasons, having three kids, a couple of cats, and a work-from-home career has found us accumulating too many things at too quick a pace that we’re nearly drowning in clutter! This is why my husband and I have come to rely on several specific apps to sell stuff online, and I want to share them with you today along with all the reasons why they work for us.

Now, our clutter has to be categorized accordingly, because it’s infrequent that buyers will get our used stuff wholesale (we tried to accomplish that in the past via several yard and community sales, and I’m saddened to report that we’ve failed miserably).

So to make sure our items get picked up by interested buyers, we make it a point to classify them and pick the right apps where they are likely to reach the right kind of market - and hopefully, fetch a reasonable price while we’re at it.

For old gadgets, games, and textbooks

Our kids outgrow their textbooks every year, and games and tech gadgets at a seemingly quicker rate. These things remain the top priorities when it comes to decluttering, so they always make it to our urgent list of things to sell. We have to consider how quickly school curricula change, and if particular gadgets are deemed obsolete after a specified timeframe. For those reasons, we always rely on the following apps to sell them fast:
  • Cash4Books - I listed this app in my old trash-to-cash post on this forum, and would still like to recommend it as a great way to sell used textbooks.
  • Decluttr - Naomi already posted a thorough review of this app on ETB, and she did a bang-up job of it. I just want to chime in and say I love it because of its valuation engine that helps me price the stuff I want to sell without too much hassle.
  • PxSell - I like this particular app because it doesn’t require a listing fee, unlike other online selling apps. It’s also available for both Android and Apple users.
  • Varage Sale - This app simply requires verification by an admin to buy and sell stuff safely within your local community, enabling me to reassure my buyers that my goods are in excellent condition.
For collectibles, musical instruments, furniture, decor, and art

I read somewhere that millennials are choosing to do away with the kind of “heirlooms” their parents and grandparents are passing on to them as an inheritance. I’m not a millennial, but I confess to sharing the same sentiment and have flipped my fair share of inherited collectibles, furniture, art, and decor using the following apps (sorry, Mom!):
  • 5Miles - There are dedicated categories for art, collectibles, and even “free and donation” items to take away the hassle of cataloging! And since transactions are limited to within a five-mile radius, shipping or pick up agreements are a breeze.
  • Amazon Seller Marketplace (for Android and iOS) - Amazon has never failed me as an e-commerce platform, and its marketplace provides the right kind of exposure for my wares.
  • Carousell - What’s great about this app is - no listing fee! I also don’t have to pay them a fee for every item I sell.
  • Chairish - Though the commission the app gets from every sale is a bit on the steep side at 20%, I still like the way Chairish makes valuable furniture and decor consignment a pleasant experience.
  • OfferUp - It’s free to register and enlist your stuff here just like on Craigslist - if Craigslist were better organized and more trustworthy.
For women’s and kids’ clothing, makeup, personal care items, jewelry, and fashion accessories

When I was still part of the corporate world, I had to invest some of my income on makeup and accessories to look presentable to clients. Today, I’m more comfy in loungewear and a messy bun, but I still have some residual jewelry, fashion accessories, cosmetics (well within the expiry date, of course), and clothes that are in good condition and could sell on the following platforms:
  • LetGo - As its name implies, this is where you go to say bye-bye to the clutter in your life.
  • Mercari - Though I have to pay 10% to Mercari off my seller price, I still like this app for its broad categories, and because I’ve never failed to sell my stuff on it.
  • Poshmark - This app gets a commission for every successful transaction, but it’s worth it to buy and sell only authentic items at reasonable rates!
  • Vinted - Vinted allows me to get paid via PayPal, which makes it a shoo-in for me!
For electronics, computers, auto parts, household items, and appliances

My husband is mostly responsible for deciding which computer accessories, appliances, automobile parts, and other household stuff need upgrading or replacing, so the following apps are his contributions to this list of how to sell stuff online (he says “you’re welcome!):
  • OfferUp - I already listed this app a couple of paragraphs up, but it’s worth including in this list for the specific categories of appliances and auto parts.
  • SocialSell (Android and iOS) - I haven’t tried this personally, but since the hubby swears by its capacity to sell automotive parts, I’m adding SocialSell to the list.
For stuff nobody really wants to buy
  • Depop - This one is what I consider the app version of a flea market because you basically just head towards it, hoping to at least have a fun selling (or decluttering) experience.
  • LetGo - Another online selling platform that doesn’t require any listing fee, LetGo is perfect for the kind of stuff that I myself would deem “unsellable” or bargain pieces, at the very least.
Thank goodness there are many apps that allow me and my family to sell stuff online today. It affords me some peace of mind that we can keep our home relatively clutter-free without Mari Kondo-ing it to death (I am hemming and hawing about this particular method because I can get quite sentimental about my things and I don’t think I can say goodbye to them as readily as the process suggests).

How about you guys? Which apps for selling stuff online have worked for you so far? I’d love to hear all about your experiences!


May 28, 2019
Great list! Thanks for sharing it! My girlfriend is using Vinted so I know this works for sure
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Jun 14, 2018
This list is undoubtedly awesome. So, do I expect to get the valid price for my used Gadgets or I have to compromise with the amount? Just wondering about that only.
I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "valid" price :) but if it's a used gadget, it's only fair to price accordingly, like if it's barely handled or already has scratches and dents. You can knock off a bit of the original price if it's still sealed, boxed, has the original warrant, or is in mint condition. Otherwise, it's still a used item which people will likely buy because they expect it to be cheaper!