Seated Review: the Reservation App that Rewards You for Dining out! Scam or Legit?


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Apr 16, 2018

Here’s a conversation that should be familiar to anyone who’s tried to deciding on a place to eat:

“Where do you want to eat?”

“I dunno, where do you want to eat?”

“I’m not sure. So where do you want to eat?”

“Someplace good, I guess. How about you?”

Rinse and repeat. Indecision can cost a lot of time. I’ve read a study somewhere that people can take up to two and a half hours trying to figure out where to eat. Now, I love eating, but that’s too much time; I’d rather spend my time, you know, actually eating.

Fortunately, I discovered the Seated app. The thing has been time-saver; both in terms of recommending places to eat, and letting my reserve tables. No time wasted deciding, no time wasted waiting for a table. It’s a modern life-saver.

Below is a thorough review of Seated. Check it out!

Seated: the app that lets you be seated

Released only last year, Seated is a brand-spanking new app that lets you find new restaurants, make reservations, and earn gift cards. It sounds simple, and it definitely is, but the real-world benefits of an app like this are pretty sweet.

Seated is a reconfigured version of the Vocolife app. I’ve never used Vocolife, but the Seated features are definitely awesome. If these features are new to Seated, then good job on the development team!

Seated has over two thousand partner restaurants in major US cities, including New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Seattle. The list of restaurants and cities continues to grow, so be sure to check the site often for an updated list.

One good thing about the restaurants found on Seated is that they were all pre-screened. No shady establishments here!

How to use the app

Does Seated look useful to you? If it does, time to register and activate your account. The process is super-simple.

1. Get the Seated app and install it on your smartphone

Follow the links below to download the app:


2. Register

Provide the requested details, such as your phone number. You can also log in using your Facebook account.

Reminder: Seated uses your location to pull restaurant recommendations. So make sure you give the app permission to use your location.

3. Discover new establishments

Once you’ve installed the app and registered, it’s time for the fun part! The app will immediately recommend nearby restaurants. But that said, you can still filter the recommendations or search results. Search options include:

Type of food served

When you’ve selected a restaurant you can view user reviews, and detailed info on the place, including its menu. You can also check out the approximate amount of reward points you could earn. (This changes depending on the number of people in your group)

4. Book your table!

Once you’ve found a restaurant you want to go to, time to reserve your table. Simply provide your preferred time, date, and size of group, then reserve.

If you suddenly want to cancel your reservation, you have fifteen minutes to do so. But don’t do it often. Deadbeat members can be charged a $5 penalty, so think before you reserve.

Pro Tip: After reserving your table, I would recommend giving your name and contact details to the restaurant manager just to be extra sure. This is also helpful in case you run late. At least you’ll know who to call.

And if your reservation does get lost, you can always manually reserve a table. You’ll still be entitled to rewards.

That’s all there is to it!


The rewards program is a big part of Seated. I mean, I’m already going out and eating in restaurants. Why not earn some rewards while I’m at it? You have the option of getting rewards for Amazon , Lyft, or Starbucks.

To get those rewards, you’ll have to pay with a credit card linked to your Seated account or send a picture of your receipt.

Boost your rewards using Seated promo codes

Here’s a pro-tip: promo codes can help you make the most of your rewards. You can add promo codes in the Settings in your app settings.

Here’s a list of codes. These codes also provide a sign-up bonus worth $10. Try them out, but remember that Seated frequently deactivates codes and adds new ones.


Need a Lyft?

Since earlier this year, Seated has partnered exclusively with Lyft. Whenever you recommend Seated to a friend, you get $10 in Lyft credit! Note that this is subject to terms and conditions, so read the fine print first.

You can redeem your Lyft credits, or invite friends in the Me section of the app. The app will give you a unique code to share, and there are also option to share on Facebook or via text. If a friend signs up on Seated using the code you gave, that’s $5 on top of the ten dollar reward you already have!

It may take up to three days to get your rewards, but there were times when I got mine in as little as one day.

More Pro Tips

I’ve shown you how to maximize your rewards using promo codes, but I have two more secrets to share with you:

1. If you’re part of a group, pay using your card, and have everyone pay you in cash. That way you get the maximize the rewards your entitled to.

2. As much as I love going back to a single restaurant over and over, that isn’t the best way to earn rewards. Seated likes to spread those rewards around to encourage you to try new places. That’s actually a plus for me, since it encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone!

3. If you think you’re missing any rewards you’ve earned, don’t worry. Simply send a picture of your receipt(s) to [email protected].

4. Help spread the love! Every time you make a reservation, Seated donates a meal via the United Nations World Food Programme’s app ShareTheMeal. Seated hopes to one day share over a million meals. Let’s help them make this a reality!

A real-world example

Seated is pretty awesome on paper, but does it translate in the real world? I think so! Recently, I’ve been wanting to try out Daniel Boulud’s eponymous New York restaurant. I’m a big fan of French cuisine, and of Daniel himself. (I was introduced to his cooking at the now-closed Boulud Brasserie at the Wynn Las Vegas) Thing is I could never get a table at his restaurant.

So I tried booking a table via Seated, and voila. It worked!

I also learned that diners usually get $20 in rewards, which was pretty sweet. I noticed the amount of rewards changed depending on the time, date, and number of people in my party. Basically, the more people, the higher the reward. A group of eight people will earn $40 in rewards. I was dining solo (it’s easier to focus on the food that way) and earned $10. Still pretty awesome.

The amount of rewards increased past mid-afternoon. Kind of strange, since I expected the app to incentivize off-peak dining, but hey, more rewards for me.

Seated for Restaurants

The app benefits not just diners, but restaurant owners as well. It provides them a way to boost revenue, attract more customers, and raise awareness about its menu and services. Seated also functions as a reservation-management system, which is handy for establishments that can’t afford high-tech, custom solutions.

There are no upfront costs (for restos and diners). Seated gets paid when a restaurant gets customers via the app. Seated claims that restaurants can substantially increase profits using the app. So it’s all win-win.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

Legit! Seated has pretty high ratings: iOS rate it 4.8 / 5 stars, while Android users rate it 4.3/5 stars.

I love Seated because it helped me discover new places… all while giving me rewards! That’s a pretty sweet deal, no matter how you look at it.

The one thing that keeps Seated from becoming a perfect, 5-star app in my book is that rewards are sometimes a bit low for the purchase minimums. I hope Seated calibrates that, but for now, I’m a satisfied (and full) customer.

Seated Screenshots

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Your Turn

This is my review based on my own experiences. If you’ve tried Seated, and discovered some great new places using it, I wanna hear it! Do you have any other systems or secrets for maximizing rewards? If you're new to Seated, use code VIKAS6 to get an extra $5 reward.

Let’s hear your stories!

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Jun 14, 2018
Glad I stumbled upon this Seated app review in the forum. I’m currently in pursuit of a nice lady and want to impress her suitably, so that entails elegant dinner dates to fancy restaurants :)

I’ve tried OpenTable before but was not satisfied with the results despite the app boasting of partnering with tens of thousands of restaurants. I needed an app that could really get me and my date seated at our first-choice establishment - not at a fall-back one which we have to make do with just because of some glitch in the reservation system.

So anyway, onto my Seated app feedback. I had initial misgivings because the app was asking me to sign up via my Facebook account and I don’t really like doing that (but I went ahead and did it anyway). I chose Amazon as my reward for signing up, then proceeded to make my first reservation via my credit card company. First impression of the interface? I LOVE IT. They categorized by cuisine, so it was not hard to choose between our preferences (she loves Italian, I like Mediterranean) and we were able to narrow down our choices to a couple of restaurants we wanted to try out. The app allows you to input how many people are going to be dining, as well as the date and time of reservation. You can right away see how much you need to spend on tips and taxes to be able to get your rewards prior to reservation. And I like that there are reviews by other app users so you can see if it’s worth your while to dine there.

There is a restriction on booking the same restaurant more than twice within a month, though. It’s pretty vexing because what if we really like the menu and ambiance of a restaurant and want to keep going back there? But from what I understand, this is because Seated wants to encourage adventurous gastronomic discoveries among its users (and also give equal opportunity booking to other establishments). Overall, this is a highly recommended app for adventurous foodies!


Jun 13, 2018
I love this review – and I also love Seated, fo sho! Seated is the perfect answer to the scenario the OP presented. Personally, with me and my partner, the real benefit with the Seated app is that it makes it easier to decide on where and what to eat at any given occasion!

Seated has definitely opened up a whole new world of gustatory treats and delights (heh) for us! We love switching on the app because the offers are the main factor that helps us decide. And it’s exciting, since we never know where we’ll eat next.

But for sure, the perks and gift cards are awesome, no doubt about that. My partner and I just love to eat out. We aren’t exactly “foodies” because we don’t have to go to a unique or fancy place, but we do love trying out new food establishments for the sake of our appetites, lol. And as anyone who loves to eat out will attest to, eating out can get expensive. So knowing that there’s an app like Seated that will reward us for doing what we do anyways – eating out – well, that’s just awesome, isn’t it? And that’s why I highly recommend the Seated app!


Mar 31, 2019
I tried the seated app a year ago on a lark to impress someone. I found this reservation app just okay at first because i thought it was a bit fussy to be honest. There weren’t many restos to try out when i first signed up on it and i had to link my credit card for cashbacks which was too much work for me. Then it had an update and everything just seemed easier and more convenient somehow. I just take a pic of my receipt for verification purposes and i get rewarded almost instantly! There are now more choices for reservation seating and even more restos and establishments to select. I also noticed more recommendations based on the kind of food i like plus the restaurant’s ambiance etc. this is pretty neat how they actually listen to customer feedback, so all in all i am a happy Seated user!


Apr 16, 2018
United States
Seated use to be great, but it has taken a dive lately. Not only have they tapered their rewards program (probably get 1/3 of what you previously received), but their Android app is riddled with bugs. Hopefully, they clean up their act.