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Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
I know I don’t strike people as a couponing fan, but I totally am. It all started when I was a kid and I was helping my grandma buy some groceries at your local big-box store. I don’t remember what we bought, but I remember how much it cost ($24.99 – yeah, back in the day you could fill a grocery cart with that money!), and I also remember my grandma used a coupon to bring that price even lower.

It all seemed pretty magical to me. A little piece of paper could instantly reduce the amount we had to pay for? I was hooked ever since.

So that was the start of my coupon fandom. But my love for coupons doesn’t stop with paper coupons – in fact, I hardly ever use paper coupons these days. Most of the coupons I use are now digital, and there’s no going back for me. I never thought I could love coupons more, but digital coupons proved me wrong!

At the top of my preference is Meijer’s mPerks. Maybe it’s the midwesterner in me, but I have a soft spot for Meijer and their super-awesome digital coupon program. In this article, I’ll be talking about why I think Meijer’s mPerks program is a game-changer for me… and why it would be for you, too!


First Up: What Is Meijer?

For most people living in the American midwest, Meijer is practically an institution. Meijer. For those that live elsewhere, Meijer is a retail shop. But it isn’t just any retail shop – like I said, Meijer is an institution for anyone living in this area. Meijer has been around for over 80 years (that’s way longer than Wal-Mart!)

Meijer pioneered the so-called superstore or big-box store concept. If there’s something you need, chances are it’s in here. Think of it as a physical version of Amazon .

What Is The Mperks System?

Meijer has been around for over 80 years, but they’ve still been keeping up with the times. The mPerks system is its digital discount and coupon program.

During checkout, you can use your mPerks coupons by picking the “mPerks” option at the credit card reader and entering both your unique mPerks number and PIN. Any discounts will be applied at the end of your transaction!

No More Paper Cuts!

There are lots of advantages of using a digital coupon system. Overall, it’s more convenient, and lets you track your discounts better. Here’s a list of the perks of using mPerks coupons:

1. It’s Kinder On The Environment

Imagine the hundreds of thousands of paper coupons being used daily. After being used, these coupons are basically garbage. I don’t know about you, but I personally think it’s a waste to have to print all those coupons only to throw them away later.

With digital coupons, such as Meijer’s mPerks program, there is no need to print hundreds of thousands of coupons. Imagine all the paper we end up saving this way!

2. It’s Easier To Track Your Rewards And Discounts

I have a few relatives who actually use plastic booklets to store their coupons. It looks pretty organized, but it doesn’t make finding the right coupon any easier. Meijer’s mPerks program does all the organizing for you… mainly because you don’t need to do any.

With digital coupons, all your coupons are stored digitally, making it easy to access and find what you have. When it’s time to use it, simply select the appropriate discount on the menu. No hassle, no problem!

Okay, now that I gave you a backgrounder about the program, let’s discuss it in greater detail!


How To Use Meijer’s Mperks Program

You only have to follow three steps:

Step 1: Register

Gotta start at the beginning, right? Signing up for the mPerks program is super-easy, but make sure you provide the correct info. You’ll have to provide your name, a valid email address, a password, and your zip code.

Register here. After registering, you can sign-up for their e-mail newsletter. I highly recommend you do, because these newsletters contain all sorts of great money-saving bargains. So don’t miss out! There’s also a Meijer/mPerks app for iOS and Android, and you should definitely download and install it on your device.

You will also have to create a unique PIN and give your phone number, but that is done in-store.

Step 2: Customize Your Discounts And Rewards

Another great thing about mPerks is that you can personalize your experience. That means you can sign-up for rewards that are relevant to your shopping habits.

For example, if you like buying free produce, you can sign up for the Fresh Fruit reward. With this reward, you earn $3 when you spend $25 on produce within two weeks. Since I definitely spend that much on fruit and veggies, it’s like getting free money!

It’s basically a cash-back reward for physical stores, and it’s one of the closest things to getting free money!

Step 3: “Clip” Your Coupons

As much as I love digital coupons, especially Meijer’s mPerks, you can’t deny that actually cutting out paper coupons is a pretty fun activity. I dunno, something about the snipping sound the scissors makes relaxes me.

Meijer’s mPerks is completely digital, but it has the next best thing – you digitally “cut” out coupons that you’re interested in, and it gets stored in your account. The system automatically presents you with coupon options based on your preferences and shopping history, but you can still pick coupons by searching for them by name. You can always decline a particular coupon by selecting the “No Thanks” option.

Once you’ve built up your coupons, you can now go shopping! Like I mentioned earlier, using your mPerks digital coupons is super easy. All you have to do is key in your PIN at check-out, pick the coupon you’d like to use, then pay the discounted amount. Wham, bam, no problem at all, ma’am.


Some Tips For Using Meijer’s Mperks Coupons

Using mPerks coupons is really easy. Even my grandma, who first introduced me to couponing years ago, has gotten quite adept at using digital coupons. Like I mentioned a while ago, all you need to do is key in your PIN and pick the digital coupon you’d like to use.

But of course, there are ways to maximize your discounts and coupons. Here’s how:

Stack Them Savings!

Wanna know one of the game-changing features of mPerks? You can also get an mCard, which accumulates points whenever you buy stuff at Meijer. You’ll be able to unlock perks, like 15% off general merchandise, and 5% off your groceries. You can even get other rewards too, which is a great way to build customer loyalty.

And get this – you’ll get 10% off on your first mCard purchase! The first time I got my card, I saved up for weeks for a huge initial purchase, maximizing my 10% savings!

Don’t Forget Your Medicine

Most people think about groceries when I bring up coupons, particularly Meijer’s mPerks coupons. But the program also has digital “prescriptions.” Now the term isn’t completely accurate, because these aren’t legit prescriptions. What they are are digital coupons for medicines. You can find available “prescriptions” in the Pharmacy tab of your account. It’s super-helpful to have the option to get discounts for important medicines. And what’s more, if you use five prescriptions, you can even earn credit!

And That’s It

Thanks for reading this guide to Meijer’s mPerks. I’m not exaggerating when I say this totally changed how I shop and use all the other money I’ve earned. As a committed couponer, the digital coupon program was a total game-changer. I can safely say I’m hooked.

But don’t take my word for it – give it a try. Meijer is a great place to shop. It’s not as well-known as other stores like Walmart, but Meijer is still pretty expansive. I have yet to go there and not find what I’m looking for.

So give it a try, and have fun! But please let me know what your experience is like!
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