LEGIT Rewarding Ways Review: Fast Payouts - Scam or Legit?


Bronze Wordsmith
Apr 16, 2018

How many of us really think that those online rewards sites are truly rewarding? There are so many to choose from, but most of the time, the complaints about them remain the same - not a lot of money for tasks that prove to be vexing to complete, and the overall frustration of waiting for money to come in because of so many restrictions.

Rewarding Ways has a short and succinct tagline: “Get paid to work online.” Well, since that’s what you’re here for, it’s good that they aren’t making any lofty claims about making your life more exciting while you’re at it. Now the only thing left to do is see if they’re a legit GPT site, or if it’s one that’s out to scam you.

First things first - what is it?

It’s a GPT site that partners with companies looking for valuable feedback on their products and services. One of the more popular ways to get feedback is through paid surveys. Rewarding Ways uploads hundreds of these paid surveys and offers daily on their site, giving you the chance to immediately earn money on your free time.

The site also provides other ways to earn money aside from completing surveys. They have a feature called Minutestaff that pays you to do a selection of quick tasks, as well as paid to complete offers, and a list of paid videos you can watch in full.

How long has it been around?

Based in the UK, Rewarding Ways seems to have been in existence since 2011. It’s available for users worldwide, with no restrictions. There are currently 318,705 members as of this writing.

Does it pay well?

For this particular review, I want to focus not on the amount but on how the payments are made as a way to define “paying well”. Rewarding Ways claims to have three payment runs every day, giving members the chance to get their hands on their payments in just a couple of hours (typically 8 hours, as their FAQ states). Some members even claim to have gotten paid within fifteen minutes! That’s a pretty good service for people who need money ASAP and can’t wait around for 4-5 business days in order to withdraw what’s theirs in the first place.

Another excellent feature of the site would be the different options offered for member payment: PayPal, PayPal Instant, Skrill, Amazon Gift Cards, AlertPay, Payza, and even Bitcoin! Whatever floats your financial boat, Rewarding Ways seems bent on giving you the best one that you prefer.

As of this writing, Rewarding Ways has paid out $724,763.12 in cash to worldwide members for completing paid surveys and offers. For proof, there’s a chart of the latest Cashouts in their home page, complete with member names, dates of payment, payment type, and amount paid.

Is registration free?

As their site video says, “it’s completely free to use.” There seem to be no maintenance fees as well.

How do I start earning extra income from Rewarding Ways?

Once you sign up with them, you automatically get a 20 cent signup bonus. It’s not much, but a really great thing about Rewarding Ways is their minimum payout - $1! Compared to others who require at least $25 before withdrawal, this is a sweet deal for those who really need cash.

There are also contests in the site which you can join to earn some extra points, which you can then choose to cash out or redeem for Amazon gift cards.

What’s the best option to earn from Rewarding Ways?

Based on member feedback, the daily surveys are a good way to start earning points, since there are hundreds of new ones uploaded everyday. Small tasks and video-viewing are also doable options, but I find that with GPT sites, the referral system is always the best option as far as earning fast without too much effort is concerned.

Even the how-to video from Rewarding Ways’ website agrees with me on this one - referring friends is one of the best ways to earn money from them. You simply ask people to sign up using your referral URL, and once they complete their first offer, you instantly get 15 cents credited to your account...along with 25% of everything they earn from that point on! So aside from being a suave persuader of people signing up on your behalf, it’s also your job to make sure they remain active members who keep earning so you can get a percentage from them.

The verdict?

Rewarding Ways is very big on payment proofs, giving current and potential members upfront evidence that they pay on time. As with most (if not all) platforms with a similar nature, each point earned is equivalent to just one cent, so you’re really going to have to work at it to earn your dollars - which shouldn’t be that hard given that the tasks are very doable. However, given the low cashout amount of just a dollar, plus the signup bonus points, earning money using this site has gotten a lot easier and less frustrating.

The big difference I see is that this GPT small-task site seems to really want to reward their members by not giving them a hard time when it comes to getting their payment. With that, I highly recommend Rewarding Ways for people looking to make extra cash fast, but who aren’t willing to wait a full week to get their hands on it!

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Your turn!

After sharing with you my thoughts on Rewarding Ways, I think it’s time to hear yours. Is it a GPT site you would want to try out and give referrals for? I’d love to hear your feedback.

Link: https://www.rewardingways.com



Jun 11, 2018
Don't really have much to add to this review of RewardingWays other than vouching for it. The site is owned and operated by 99Ventures which also runs SuperPay.Me and OfferNation.com and they all pretty much are identical to each other and all pay on time. Sadly don't have a payment proof from them as I use SuperPay.me instead but as I said, same company. Legit vote from me.


Oct 18, 2018
Very informative review. RewardingWays is a legit GTP website that actually pays and has unlimited offers to complete every day.

This website offers several opportunities to earn. The most rewarding way is by taking surveys which are available from their site or those offered by the various offers walls that provide substantial rewards ranging from $0.25 - $0.6 per completed survey.

The minimum payout in RewardingWays is only $1 (via PayPal, Payza, & Skrill). Awesome ain't it? Payment will be sent within 24 hours only unlike most of the GTP websites that take up to 2 weeks to receive the reward.

Their support staffs are amazing. They're very helpful and responsive.

I am glad that I have found this website and I am happy to be a part of it. Totally a legit way to earn some money in your spare time. I would recommend this to anyone 100%


Oct 24, 2018
I can also recommend working with Rewardingways. I use them to make some extra income and I mostly do the surveys on their sites. What I like is that they have a good amount of daily surveys ( I am from New Orleans so am sure that helps ) and they pay a lot. I did some surveys on other sites such as swagbucks before but noticed that Rewardingways pays a lot more for the same surveys ( see it helps to do your research and find the best ones ). Another huge plus is that they have over 300000 Members and nobody ever said anything bad about them ( I couldn't find anything online when I did my research at least).

As i mentioned in another review I always check the comments about a provider online and RewardingWays has fantastic ratings on a site like trust pilot ( https://www.trustpilot.com/review/rewardingways.com ). Just at a glance you can see that they have an excellent rating. You won't have to worry getting paid.

So if you're looking for a high paying Get Paid To site then head over to rewardingways.com . You'll be happy you did ( and you will probably stop doing surveys on a few lower paying sites such as Swagbucks ( no hate but I just find their payouts way too low. Especially when you start comparing them to others). Hope you enjoyed my review and happy friday! :)

Amy Es

Sep 24, 2018
I love Rewarding Ways. It’s a great rewards site, and I’m pretty glad to hear (er, read) that other people have the same good experiences. It tells me that Rewarding Ways is consistent. I can have an overall good experience, but if everyone else has a crappy experience, it’ll only be a matter of time before I also get a bad experience. So big ups to Rewarding Ways for keeping up the awesome.

As mentioned a while ago, Rewarding Ways is part of a bigger network of rewards site. I can’t vouch for those other sites, since I never tried them (but I just might). But it’s a good sign that the site’s mother company is fulling investing in the rewards site scene. I always worry about rewards sites that look like they were being run by a bunch of kids out of their parent’s garage.

My favorite part of Rewarding Ways is the super-low minimum payout and super-fast payment processing. You can’t get better than $1. And 24 hour processing is nothing to sneeze at. This is good for me, because a low minimum payout means I can withdraw my earnings sooner. And fast processing means I can rely on getting my money in time for grocery day or an afternoon out with the family.


Sep 28, 2018
Hope you guys all had a great weekend. Long story short RewardingWays.com is 100% legit. I got paid several times and they have a good amount of available offers. I am from the USA so I am sure that helps since I know that most survey sites like to get access to market research data from american citizen. All in all I don't have anything bad to say about them at all. If you ask me they're 100% legit and you can sign up and make some decent money with them. I check their offers every other day (as you guys know I rotate between a lot of survey sites) and all in all they're great.

my favorite feature is the rewardingways instant paypal payout. Just one click and you're paid. And your minimim Payout is super low. I can reach it almost daily after doing a handful of surveys and then get paid pretty much instantly. I usually just do Paypal or Amazon gift cards since I use those for almost all my online shopping. I forgot the name but I know rewardingways has a big company behind them so you shouldn't have to worry about them going anywhere or not pay you.


Nov 13, 2018
They are legit. I've been using them for about 2 years and they never missed a single payment. They're in my personal top 10 of survey providers and I fill out their stuff 3-4 times a week I'd say. Occasionally you get disqualified from a survey but thats normal and no problem at all.

They have a low minimum Payout and they offer all kinds of gift cards that you could use. All in all I can not say anything bad about rewardingways and I would recommend everybody to use them. You shouldn't have an issue about getting paid at all. Furthermore every time I have a question their support is more than willing to help and I never had to wait longer than a day to get a response. Usually even faster. Highly recommended and if anybody from RewardingWays reads this : Keep up the good work! Thanks


Oct 24, 2018
This platform provides an excellent opportunity to earn reward fast and hassle-free payment. They have clear instructions and easy to understand the content, an excellent site to work with.

I am delighted & happy to work with this site.
After a long search on how to make money online, and trying a bunch of similar sites, I found this site and I chose to stick with it. I love to recommend this website to everyone.

Before I go, I just want to share another experience I had with them. I was banned weeks after I started using their site. They told me that I had suspicious activity, and they are asking for proof of identity so what I did is sent them what they asked, and they let me continue using their site. It's the only major issue I encounter with their website, aside from it, it's all good.

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