Real Earnings From GrabPoints - Success Story


May 8, 2018
I have been with GrabPoints for a couple of months and have earned and already redeemed five times of US$3 cash each to my Paypal. My highest earnings are mainly surveys - with PeanutLabs and TapResearch coming in at the top. It's amazing that these two providers give you points, even if you are disqualified. Of course, everyone's profile is different, so survey earnings might vary. And just to clarify that I do this at my leisure time aside from work, so with more time, you might be able to earn more.

Currently my country is not enabled for Videos. But that would be a possible high earner. I hope Grabpoints brings it to my country soon.

Crowdflower is another potential big earner, but the tasks are not so easy, and they disqualify from earning if you go under a certain percentage of accuracy in your tasks. It's fair, but kinda discouraging for me sometimes.

Downloading apps sometimes do not work, so I've decided to stick to trusty surveys, and the free promo codes that comes every now and then.

I recommend GrabPoints , so do sign up and give it a try.



Apr 19, 2018
I don't think GrabPoints is in charge of where the video inventory is available, rather it comes from the providers. Also keep in mind that most of it is targeted towards the US market, so if you're not in the US it makes no sense for the advertisers to have people watch it. Having said that I have noticed there is less and less video inventory in 2018 versus 2017 and it's harder to get credit or requires more views. Seems to be a general thing regardless of what site you're on.


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May 4, 2018
Northern Virginia
I love GrabPoints now. I downloaded it to my smartphone last year but abandoned it because I didn't like most of the offers or survey selection. I decided to give it a try again a couple months ago except this time I work on my laptop. I have already cashed out $9 in PayPal. Not very big earnings, so it's more of a filler site for me. I agree that Peanut Labs and TapResearch bring in the biggest amount of points. I also like to do the daily trivia, promo codes, clip coupons on Offer Toro, play games (which aren't available on the app), and watch videos occasionally. I love how fast they pay. Every time I have received funds in my PayPal account within 24 hours.(y)
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Jul 3, 2018
Wow I am glad to hear that grabpoints is really paying. I joined recently and I am working towards my first payout.