LEGIT Rakuten Insight Review: Answer Surveys for Cash and E-Vouchers - Legit or Scam?


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Jun 13, 2018
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What’s up peeps? Are you ready for another survey site review? I hope you are, since there are so many scam sites out there. I’ve been writing these survey site reviews to help you separate the scam sites from the legit ones.

Up next, I’ll be reviewing Rakuten Insight. Ever wondered if Rakuten Insight is legit? Read my review to find out. Let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

Rakuten Insight: First Impressions

The website of Rakuten looks pretty professional. Clean design, sensible layout, and extensive information. The latter is particularly important to me, because before I actually register on a survey site, I’d like to know first how it operates.

The company is owned and run by Rakuten Insight Global, a major market research company, which operates in Europe, US, and Asia. It’s good to know that the survey site has a large company behind it.

My Hot Take: Overall, a pretty good first impression. There’s nothing shady about this site - quite the opposite. It looks respectable, dependable, and professional.

How to Earn on Rakuten Insight

You earn points (called “EPoints” by the site) for completing surveys. You can then redeem these points as cash or e-vouchers for various online stores.

After registering (which I’ll be tackling in a bit), you will receive email notifications whenever a survey becomes available. The site will send you surveys that are appropriate to your profile. For example, if you’re a construction guy like me, chances are the site won’t send you surveys about cosmetics.

You will have the opportunity to provide demographic information (such as your age, location, job, number of people in your household). Since surveys are matched to your demographic, I suggest you provide as much info as you can. That way, you can ensure you get assigned more surveys.

The surveys are pretty easy to complete. In my experience, they can take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

My Hot Take: The surveys are pretty decent, but there aren’t any other methods for earning. No referral program, no micro tasks, nothing. That is pretty disappointing, since the more methods a site has, the more opportunities you will have to earn.

Earning Potential on Rakuten Insight

Every 100 EPoints you earn on the site is equivalent to $1 in real-world money. Earning for surveys range from a few cents to a few dollars, depending on the length and complexity of the survey.

I think earnings will vary from member to member, which is why I highly recommend you complete your demographic information. That way you can get more surveys (and, as a result, get more opportunities to earn)

My Hot Take: Earning potential on Rakuten Insight is okay. Nothing to get overly excited about, but not as bad or good as some other sites.

Payout Options on Rakuten Insight

Once you’ve accumulated a minimum of 500 points (equivalent to $10), you can request a payout, either as cash (sent via PayPal) or e-voucher for various online retailers.

My Hot Take: I’ve always been partial to cash, but I like the fact that the site offers vouchers for those who need it.

How to Join Rakuten Insight.

Memberships are only open to US residents ages 16 and above. Bit of a bummer, but it is what it is. If you’d like to join the site, I’ll be providing a link to their sign-up page below. Ka-chow:

Registration Page: https://us.m.aipsurveys.com/agreement

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

Rakuten Insight is legit! I wish the site had more earning methods (especially a referral program) but I think the site is pretty solid. This won’t be my first choice when using survey sites, but I can see myself using this as a backup site.

Rakuten Insight Screenshots

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Your Turn

So that’s my Rakuten Insight review. Now it’s your turn to share! Have you used this site? What were your experiences like?

Let’s hear your stories!

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Sep 28, 2018
They are legit but they're not one of my top providers out here. Here is my personal short review for Rakuten Insight. This company is around for about 20 years and you shouldn't ever have any issues getting paid. They main company is actually Rakuten ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rakuten) which is huge so I would be quite surprised if they ever have to screw their users.

I use them as one of my backup providers when I run out of surveys on my main providers ( GrabPoints & Prizerebels ). The site is nicely designed and I never had an issue finding some surveys. Payouts are alright and I got paid a bunch of times already.

I just wish they would have more surveys so I could add them to my main ones. Furthermore they mostly have surveys for american users so I think when you're not from the US you won't find much to do there. I'd assume they would have some offers for asian countries but I am not so sure about that. All in all you never have to worry about getting paid by them so give them a try when you are looking for a new provider. They're a good alternative to some of the better known once or as the original review mentioned : a good backup provider
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Jun 13, 2018
The lack of a referral program is usually a deal-breaker for me. But I decided to try Rakuten Insight because of how respectable, as Amos mentioned, it looked… okay, by “legit” I mean “boring.” But in this regard boring is good. The site tells you how it operates and all the info you need about the site and it’s earning methods are easy to find. They don’t make these outlandish claims about striking it rich while answering surveys. So yeah, boring is good. Give me boring over “fun” rewards sites that end up being scams after all.

My overall experience was also similarly lukewarm. They paid okay, and I never had any problems using the site (fingers crossed that it stays that way), like FloydMCD, this isn’t my first go-to survey site. But it’s a perfectly legit back-up plan. If I’m not getting any surveys on the other rewards sites I frequent, I have no problem logging into Rakuten Insight to see what’s happening.

The reason why Rakuten Insight is just okay for me is that answering surveys is the only earning method here. I like a variety of earning methods. It makes things more exciting and dynamic. Rakuten Insight is the equivalent of a cardboard box. Dull, boring, but useful.


Jun 14, 2018
Great Rakuten Insight review, Amos! I’d like to add my two cents based on my experience with this survey site, if you don’t mind. Here they are in bullet points:
  • The other comments made before mine are spot-on. It’s all about surveys here and little else.
  • They do have a referral program so that’s an additional way to make some commission. Never had the chance to refer anyone yet, though.
  • It should be relatively easy to work towards cashing out via PayPal because it only takes 500 Epoints to do so. The sad thing is, I have yet to achieve this.
  • There weren’t as many surveys as I expected. I averaged about 4 in a month.
  • I’ve put this survey site in the back burner for now because I’ve found it a bit slow in the earning department. I might get back to it just to give it another try - who knows?


Rookie Wordsmith
May 16, 2018
Well, for the first time it looks like I share the same opinion about a rewards site with the other commenters here. :) Rakuten is a good rewards site to use if you like to earn money or gift cards. Note that I said “good” not “great.” While Rakuten is a legit site (I won’t even try it if it were a scam), the experience is a bit bland overall. For starters, there aren’t any earning methods apart from answering surveys. While answering surveys is usually the “main” earning method for rewards sites, it’s always nice to have alternative earning methods. And that’s because there will be times when you don’t qualify for any surveys. When that happens on other sites, you can always check if you can pass the time by watching videos or completing offers or downloading apps and games. With Rakuten, you’re pretty much stuck with just answering surveys (not sure if they’ve added new methods, though… it’s been a while since I last used them). But overall, I don’t have anything really bad to say about this site, it’s just that I would prefer to use a rewards site that is more fun and exciting. But if you’re content with just answering surveys, give this site a try!