PrizeRebel Review: Do Tasks for Cash and Rewards – Scam or Legit?


Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
Not all survey sites were created equal. Some are totally awesome. A few are scams. Many are just… mediocre. With all the survey sites out there in the wild, people ask me how to decide whether a survey site is worth trying.

There are a lot of things you need to check out first before you click that register button. A good, clean design and clearly-worded information are two of them. But one of the factors that can make a survey great are the rewards it provides. Cash payouts via PayPal is the bare minimum. You should also look at the gift cards and perks that the site gives out.


Take PrizeRebel, for example. The last time I checked, they have 41 pages of gift card rewards. Yes, pages. Not 41 rewards. 41 pages! That’s a crazy amount of rewards for popular shops and establishments, which include Amazon , Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Marks & Spencer, Best Buy, Dairy Queen, Walmart… the list literally goes on and on.

So off the bat, PrizeRebel looks worth checking out further. So I gave it a try, and here is my PrizeRebel review. If you’ve been wondering if PrizeRebel is legit, read my review to find out!

About Prizerebel / First Impressions

I couldn’t find any info on the company, either on the website itself or elsewhere. So let’s just assume for now that the company is being run by a bunch of upstanding and decent human beings… who just so happen to be hiding in an underground bunker somewhere.

While there isn’t a whole lot of info about the company itself, what we do get a lot of is info about their payouts. The site has a bunch of pop-ups that come out at regular intervals. The pop-ups show recent cash outs by their members. Thanks to those pop-ups, I learned that “madbird” claimed a $5 Amazon gift card 31 minutes and 39 seconds ago; “Allen G” claimed $5 via PayPal 25 minutes and 21 seconds ago; and that “Chris D” claimed $10 via Visa Prepaid Card 24 minutes and 7 seconds ago.

This is a pretty good technique to build interest in the site. Interested people will be reassured that yes, PrizeRebel does pay its members. It’s also a great way to show the different ways members can get their earnings, from cash to gift cards to bitcoin.

I would have still preferred knowing a bit more about the company itself. But props to them nonetheless for show us how much their members earn. So, a good overall impression.

Oh, and just as I finished this paragraph, a pop-up announced that “John W” claimed $10 via PayPal 6 minutes and 48 minutes ago. And just as I put down my cup of coffee, yet another pop-up came, telling me that “SydSnott” (cool name, btw) claimed $5 via PayPal 1 hour and 44 minutes ago.

The earnings never stop coming! But just how do you earn?

How Do You Earn On Prizerebel?

PrizeRebel is another survey site. These sites (also known as GPT, short for “get paid to…”) pay you to do a bunch of simple online tasks. On PrizeRebel, you earn points by taking surveys, watching videos, and taking offers. You can then trade these points for cash or gift cards (which PrizeRebel has tons of).


Taking Offers

Taking surveys and watching videos are pretty self-explanatory. But I get asked a lot about what “taking offers” means. This task involves just that: taking offers or signing up for memberships from partner companies.

These companies provide their offers through PrizeRebel. What these offers are may vary based on the company, but they can include free subscriptions to online magazines or free membership in streaming services… pretty much any premium online service, really.

You’re not required to maintain your membership beyond the trial period to earn your points. But do note that you might have to manually cancel your membership. Otherwise, the membership will auto-renew and charge your credit card. (A credit card is usually needed for signing up, even if the offer is initially free.)

So that’s what taking offers means. As for the other two methods, most of us will know what they’re about, but I’ll explain ‘em for the benefit of survey site newbies.

If you’re new to this, you’re probably wondering why survey sites pay you to complete surveys and watch videos. Companies hire survey sites to distribute surveys and videos to their members.

Completing Surveys

These surveys are part of the company’s market research efforts. Companies like to play it safe. Before making a big business decision, they’d like to get as much intel as possible. For example, if a company wants to introduce a new flavor of vitamin water, they’d like to know first which flavors their market wants. Since companies are busy doing company stuff, they hire survey sites to conduct market studies for them. The company pays the survey site, and the survey site, in turn, pays you via its catalog of rewards.


Watching Videos

As for videos, content companies sometimes want to pad their metrics. A high number of views will help them get sponsors or advertisers later on. For better or worse, a high view count matters to audiences and advertisers. How many times have you clicked on a particular YouTube video because it had more views than the one next to it?

So they hire the survey site to reward members for watching the videos. Win-win all around!


Earning Potential On Prizerebel

If you’ve been reading survey site reviews, you’ll know that there is really no definite potential earning. (Anyone who promises that you can earn big moolah on a particular site is either lying or reviewing a site that is a scam)

That’s because the actual earnings of one member will differ from the earnings of another. Earnings vary because they rely on the following factors:

Time Spent Completing Tasks

These tasks are pretty easy to do, but they do require a certain investment of time. As with everything in life, you get out of survey sites what you put into it. The more time you spend completing tasks, the more points you earn, which translates to more earnings and rewards. So if you want to earn (relatively) big, you’ll have to put the time in.

Qualifying For These Tasks

Not all tasks on a survey site will be made available to you. That’s because some of them, especially surveys, are geared towards a specific demographic. For example, I mentioned vitamin water a while ago. The company that commissions a survey for it would probably want to target people who are into health and exercise. The survey will be made available to members who fit that demographic.

I used to rant about not having surveys to take. At this point, I’ve come to accept that it is what it is. And I think availability and qualifying are ultimately the biggest factors that affect your earnings here.

Payout Options

You can request a cash out once you have a minimum of $2 in earrings. It shouldn’t be too hard to hit that minimum. So that gives a lot of people some degree of flexibility when it comes to withdrawing their earnings. Processing takes about 24 hours, which is pretty fast.

You can request cash earnings via PayPal or prepaid credit card, but where PrizeRebel really shines is in its catalog of gift cards. There are a lot of gift cards here. Think of an establishment, and there’s a big chance they have a gift card for it here. Okay, don’t quote me on that. But there’s is definitely a huge selection of gift cards for members to avail of.

So major credit goes to PrizeRebel for giving us all these options.


How To Join Prizerebel

Signing-up is free on PrizeRebel. This is a good sign – scam sites usually request some sort of upfront fee, and then disappear after they’ve gotten your money (only to reappear later on using a different name).

Registering is also super-easy. The registration form is built right into their home page. Once you’re done entering your info, you will get a validation link on your email. Check your email, click the link, and you’re done. You can now start doing tasks. It’s that simple!

The Verdict: Legit Or Scam?

PrizeRebel is legit! They’ve got a great site, great member experience, and most importantly, a great catalog of rewards. If you’re looking for a survey site to add to regular rotation, this is it. I highly recommend you use PrizeRebel regularly.

Oh… as I was writing this paragraph, the PrizeRebel website informed me that “bala2018chander” just earned $5, “Norma H” also earned $5, and “Soldier76” claimed $5 in Steam Wallet credits.

Your Turn

So that was my review of PrizeRebel. Now it’s your turn to sound off! Have you tried this site out? Got anything to share?

Let’s hear your stories!
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