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SCAM PrimePrizes - Scam or Legit?

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New member
I recently came across PrimePrizes and I wanted to share my experience with this online reward system. I have been around in this scene for a while now and what I used to see is that there are many reward systems that have limits. Sometimes I feel like they don't want you to earn a single buck. However, when I first joined PrimePrizes everything just seemed so simple. For this reason, I would like to provide you with a heads up that you should give it a try. First of all, when you create an account your account is secured by a password. This isn't the case with all systems which would ring serious alarm bells. Obviously, you don't want someone to run off with your hard earned free gift cards. Talking about hard earned. Mostly I struggled with systems like PointsPrizes in the past where I was restricted to earn more points at certain points. It frustrated my kinda, that it wasn't completely clear to me why such things happened.

Personally, I am a big fan of completing simple surveys for money. I do this in my spare time and when I am withheld of proceeding I instantly quit. I thought about stopping with surveys for money as I completed many of them and the restrictions just tired me out. My friend mentioned that he found a new reward system I had to check out. Well, you can guess it right. It is PrimePrizes. I created an account, which didn't take to long. And I started with the section where you can complete surveys for free gift cards but also free cash codes. First, I had to complete a few small questions about myself. This showed me that they want to show me offers that suit my interest, which is a good start. I even received my first points for providing that tiny bit of information. Just to be clear, they only asked for general information and no real personal information.

So when I started out with the surveys there were some that were really funny. After I completed about 10 different surveys I already had around 1400 PrimePoints. I shared their stuff on social media which got me another 500 PrimePoints. Then I realized that I only needed 2000 to claim the first prize. So I completed another survey and I was done I had the desired amount. To be honest, this has been one of my quickest experiences so far. Even though I have only claimed one $10 free psn code for the PlayStation of my sun. The great benefits were that instead of leaving me waiting for a while, which I am used to. They responded within 30 minutes and 30 minutes later the free gift card code was received on my email I registered with.

To set a small setback, I would like to report that it wasn't completely clear to me where I was going to receive my free gift card. I started searching on the website and I kinda doubted whether it would work for a while. However, once the code was received on my email I was certain. After double checking, they show it pretty clear on their website. However, I haven't spent enough time reading the text on the home page. Thus, what I am trying to say is that you should give it a try. They offer 36 different brands at the moment ( I counted them for you ). They have some of the highest payouts I've seen so far. They also describe themselves as a company that is saving up the money for you, so you earn by completing each offer. They simply stack and store it as long as it reached the threshold of 2000 PrimePoints. Therefore, they work as an intermediate between you and the providers of the offers. Only a small fee is taken to improve the system. But most of the money is actually going to you!

Therefore, if you want to earn a free gift card code within a matter of hours without suffering from restrictions. I'd recommend you to join PrimePrizes. For what I have seen so far they play the game fair. Moreover, they respond pretty quickly when you email them.


A website very similar to Pointsprizes, only in my opinion it has fewer offers to perform so you have to collect points on it longer to receive the prize.
Ye but this one is FAKE FAKE FAKE, I earned enough points to claim a Fortnite Card, but it's over 2 months now I mailed them over 20 times and still do not have my card. They just have no support and scam people just like those generator sites.



Staff member
Based on Michael's post the verdict has been changed to SCAM as no one has yet to upload a payment proof for PrimePrizes. Be aware people!
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