LEGIT Poshmark Review: Sell Pre-Owned Clothes - Scam or Legit?


Jun 13, 2018
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Here at home, we have a strict rule when it comes to unused clothing: anything we haven’t worn in two years has to be sold. We used to take the clothes to the local thrift store, but after a few years of hauling stuff, the process started to get tiring. To make matters worse, some of the shops in our area reject certain clothes or brands. Meaning I’d have to bring all the unsold stuff back home. What a drag (literally).

One of my girl friends recommended I try Poshmark. It’s an online marketplace for used clothes. But unlike other selling platforms like eBay , Poshmark has a bit more swag. It calls itself a social commerce marketplace which connects like-minded people together. Sellers curate their items in a “Closet” which people can browse.

Sounds like the perfect site for me! So I’ve been selling my pre-owned clothes on Poshmark for a while now. If you’re looking to unload some clothes, read on for my review!

Poshmark vs. eBay

Before we go on, I need to discuss a pressing question: Poshmark or eBay? I know eBay is still one of the more popular selling platforms online. But I think Poshmark has one advantage over eBay: fewer fees. On eBay, just about everything you do has a corresponding fee. Poshmark still has its fees (which I will discuss in a bit), but it costs less to sell on their site.

For me, that answer is easy: Poshmark!

Where to Register

Poshmark has both a desktop version and mobile app. You can use either when listing items. To get started, visit their site or download the app on your mobile phone:

Website: https://poshmark.com
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/poshmark/id470412147?mt=8
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.poshmark.app

Fees and Earning Potential

Listing items on Poshmark is free! Isn’t that great? You can list as many items as you want - there’s no risk involved.

When the item does sell, that’s when Poshmark gets its fee. Poshmark gets a commission of $2.95 for sales below $15. For sales over $15, the site gets a 20% commission. The fee is a bit high, but you’re paying for a solid selling platform with a large user base.

Poshmark acts as the middleman between you and the buyer. When the buyer confirms receipt of the items, Poshmark releases funds to your account.

Once payment is credited to your account, you can either withdraw it as cash or use it to buy stuff on the site. I know I sell clothes to declutter, but sometimes I can’t help but get more clothes through the site - it’s so convenient!

Tip for Selling

Countless blog posts have been written about how to effectively sell on online marketplaces. I think that wealth of advice can be condensed to these three tips:

Take great photos

Buying clothes online is a visual experience. Items make a visual impression on potential buyers even before they click the listing. In fact, a great picture would probably encourage them to take a closer look.

You don’t have to invest too much to take decent pictures - our smartphones are good enough, in my opinion. Just take your photos in a room with ample lighting and a plain background.

Be upfront about the condition of the clothes

I’ve seen items described as “what you see is what you get.” I think that’s a terrible way to describe an item. You’re pretty much telling the person looking that you’re too lazy to describe the condition the clothing is in.

So write down everything that’s good (and wrong) about the piece. Buyers will appreciate the info. And worn-out or damaged items do sell; just describe and price them accordingly.

Price your items to sell

Study the prices of similar items and either match or price your own item lower. The latter is recommended. It’s better to sell more items quickly and at a low price than it is to sell few items rarely and at a premium price point.

Maintain great communication with your buyer

Answer messages promptly, and be patient when answering questions. It can sometimes get tiring having to answer repetitive questions, but that’s part of selling.

Also, communication shouldn’t end when you’ve received payment. Update the buyer when you’ve sent the package. And if you’ve built a good rapport with the buyer, you could even give them a heads-up on your upcoming items. I’m also a buyer, and I love it when sellers take time to tell me about new stuff they think I would like.

Selling Professionally on Poshmark

Some of my friends have taken selling on Poshmark to a whole new level. Instead of selling to declutter, they sell for profit. They would scour the racks at estate sales and thrift shops looking for vintage signature pieces. Vintage fashion is pretty big these days, and they’re pretty easy to sell online. Reselling has become so lucrative that one of them is considering becoming a professional seller!

If there are a lot of thrift stores in your area, it may be a good idea to check their racks for any clothes you could resell.

Poshmark: the Good and the Bad

I’ve benefited greatly from using Poshmark - I’ve freed up a lot of space, and the money I made ain’t so bad either.

The Good

Huge user base and community

I think the most important thing about an online marketplace is the size of its community. A site can have all the bells and whistles, but if its platform doesn’t resonate with the people, what’s the point in selling?

Poshmark has both: great features, and a wide user base. Whenever you post something for sale, there’s a big that chance there’s a buyer looking for that very item.
Great interface and search functionality

When there are tens of thousands of items in a marketplace, a great search function becomes a must. Otherwise, it would be near-impossible for buyers to find what they want (and us sellers to sell stuff to them).

I’m pretty confident with Poshmark’s overall usability. I never felt like my listings were getting lost in a literal sea of clothes. I’ve spoken to some of my buyers, and they usually search for specific items (instead of just browsing). Good thing, then, that the site’s search function is pretty solid.

It’s easy to list items

Er, I have a lot of clothes. If I had used a different selling platform, it would have taken me ages to complete my listings. But on Poshmark, the process is super-easy. Large batches of clothes only took minutes to list (not counting taking pictures, of course).

It facilitates better communication with buyers and sellers

Great communication makes buying and selling go more smoothly. I really appreciated the Poshmark’s messaging and chat functions. These features allowed me to strike up deals with potential buyers more quickly. And once the deal is final, I could send regular updates on the packing and shipment.

The Bad

Buyers need to pay shipping

Free shipping doesn’t carry over to buyers. Shipping fees are pretty high, too - it ranges from $4.99 and up.

All that awesomeness comes at a cost

Poshmark’s fees are little on the high side. While this wasn’t a deal-breaker for me, it did make a significant dent on the money I made sales. I kept reminding myself that selling on a great, easy-to-use website doesn’t come cheap.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

Poshmark is totally legit! It’s a great selling platform for clothes, and provides a great experience for both sellers and buyers.

Poshmark Screenshots

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Your Turn

This review is based on my own experiences selling clothes on Poshmark. Now it’s your turn to share! Have you used the site, either as a buyer or as a seller? How did you find it?

Let’s hear your stories!

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