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LEGIT PicturePunches - Legit or Scam?

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PicturePunches is a site where you get paid by uploading memes.

Then advertisers place ads underneath the meme that you upload.

To upload memes you need points, and you earn these points by viewing the memes of other members. You get 20 points for every meme you view, your then charged points to post each meme. There are many rooms to post your memes in, but each room charges different points.

Minimum withdrawal is $1 Paypal
This is open to all countries

There are no Referral Links.
You can check out my profile on this link, https://www.picturepunches.com/user/zingers , This is NOT a referral link!

I’ve included proof of payment, so go sign up! More users will mean more money for all of us. Aka more photos to look at


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