LEGIT Payskip.org - Scam or Legit?


Jan 20, 2019

Payskip.org - Shorten URLs & Earn money online.
We offer higher rates, daily payments minimum $3.
Payment methods: Paypal, Bank Transfer, Skrill, Bitcoin, Payeer.
$0.50 free registration bonus available for withdrawn!

:Thumbsup: 20% reff rev. Lifetime.
:Thumbsup: Fixed Rates / 1000 views, up to $23

Full list: https://payskip.org/payout-rates
PAYMENT PROOFS: https://payskip.org/pages/payment-proofs

Tools: Quick Link, Mass Shrinker, Full page script, Devolopers API, Bookmarklet, Banner ADS [new]

:Thumbsup: High bonuses & a lot of offers:

Offer #1:
Do you have a website? put any Payskip AD for minimum 5 days & get:
$10 bonus available for withdraw;
Requests: Your site must have at least 500 visits/day and of course, the site must respect our rules! =>Ticket: username, website.
At every end of the month, the member who earns the most visits will receive a $100 bonus!
2nd & 3rd places (if earns 100k views) will receive $25 each one, every month!
Next bonus: 1 February 2018!
All offers here: https://payskip.org/blog/2-offers-bonuses

:Thumbsup: 20% revenue from referals + $10 bonus from the first referal who earns $10 from visits; $5 on the second, $2 all the next

:Thumbsup: We pay 2 times / ip / day

:Thumbsup: We use only banner ads

:Thumbsup: Fast page loading

:Thumbsup: Live support chat

You got paid by us? post your payment proof anywhere & get $2 bonus!

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