Online Jobs That Pay in Bitcoin – I Show You the Legit Ones


Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, are all the rage nowadays! They offer a fast-appreciating and discrete alternative to traditional money. A lot of people have been asking for ways to earn Bitcoin, preferably Bitcoin work at home. Wait no longer! This post will be showing you jobs that pay in bitcoin. All of the options here involve Bitcoin survey sites, because those sites let you earn while doing other side hustles or even full-time jobs.


Without further ado, here’s my list:


First up, let’s check out OfferNation. Although relatively new, the site is already one of the most popular rewards sites around (although to be fair, all the rewards sites in this article are industry leaders). They’ve got over 120,000 members, and have distributed over $300,000 in earnings.

OfferNation is just one site in a larger network of rewards sites. You might have heard of the other sites in the network: they include Super Pay and Rewarding Ways . Members can earn by answering surveys, referring friends and… well, that’s just about it. OfferNation doesn’t really have a whole lot of earning methods. If you like answering surveys over other methods, that’s cool. But if not, you might prefer to use a different rewards site.

You can request cash payouts (sent via PayPal Payza, and Skrill) and, of course, Bitcoin!

One of the things OfferNation has going for it is super-fast payout times. When you request a payout, you can expect to get your earnings within 24 hours! And some members have even reported payout times of only four hours! Given the way Bitcoin can sometimes fluctuate, fast payment processing times is one of the best things about OfferNation.

But take note – there’s a payment processing fee here. So you need to consider that when cashing out with OfferNation.

To sign up with OfferNation, click here.



GrindaBuck is a rewards site that lets you earn a variety of rewards including, you guessed it, Bitcoin. GrindaBuck, to be honest, isn’t the most exciting rewards site out there. Other sites will try to wow you with fancy graphics and slick, aspirational photos. But GrindaBuck doesn’t look too enticing. Don’t let that fool you – GrindaBuck is totally legit, and you should give them a try if you’re looking to earn Bitcoins!

On Grindabuck, you earn by doing simple online tasks, like answering surveys, watching videos, and completing offers. Answering surveys and watching videos are pretty self-explanatory. As for completing offers, these cover a broad range of tasks, but they usually include signing-up for offers or trial memberships. Note that you might have to make a purchase first before you can earn by completing offers – but the earnings with these tasks are usually higher than just answering surveys and watching videos.

The minimum withdrawal on GrindaBuck is really low – only $1. And you can withdraw your earnings as cash, Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The slight downside here is that it takes up to 14 days for your payout requests to get processed. But if you intend to save all your earnings, the processing time isn’t such a big deal.

Click here to join GrindaBuck.



GrabPoints claims to be the highest-paying rewards site on the planet. That’s a pretty big claim, especially when you consider the fact that there must be dozens, if not hundreds, of competing rewards sites out there. But from the looks of it, that claim is pretty legit. Check out this comparison of earnings on GrabPoints vs. other rewards sites. The chart shows how much you’ll earn doing the most common tasks – answering surveys, watching videos, completing tasks – on GrabPoints, and how much you’ll earn doing those tasks on some of their main competitors. GrabPoints consistently offers the highest payouts.

You earn on GrabPoints by doing the usual rewards site tasks, which I’ve listed in the paragraph above. But in addition to those, you can also earn by downloading and installing apps on your mobile device. You might have to keep the apps on your device for a certain period of time or reach a certain level if the app is a game before you earn your rewards.

On GrabPoints, you earn points whenever you complete any one of those tasks. Your overall earnings will depend on how many tasks you complete, but the longer the task is, the more points it’ll earn you. Once you’ve accumulated a minimum of $3, you can request a payout. The include Bitcoin rewards options, but you can also payouts as cash or gift cards (they’ve got tons of great gift cards!) Another great thing about GrabPoints, aside from their high payouts, is the fact that payment processing only takes 48 hours.

To sign-up with GrabPoints and start earning your Bitcoin, click here.



The site was founded in 2011. Seven years may not seem like too long, but that’s pretty much forever in internet years. In those seven years, instaGC has distributed over 1.1 million gift cards to its (I assume very happy) members.

The earning methods on this site are fairly identical to the previous rewards sites listed in this blog post. You can earn by completing surveys, downloading apps, and taking offers. But in addition to all those, you can also earn by using their proprietary search engine.

You can use the site to start earning your Bitcoin, but they also offer gift card options. Check this out – they’ve got over 300 sweet gift card options! If you can’t find something there that you like, I don’t know what to say. And gift card payouts are actually instaGC’s forte (as you could probably tell from their name). The minimum withdrawals for cash are pretty high at $50, which encourages people to redeem gift cards instead. The upside here is that instaGC also has super-fast and reliable payment processing. If you need to get your cash (or Bitcoin, or gift cards) sooner instead of later, instaGC is the rewards site for you.

To join instaGC, click here.



Earnably has been around since 2015, so you know they’re legit. The site doesn’t say how many members it has, but they’re pretty big on referrals. Members can earn 10% of the earnings of their referrals for life, and that tells me Earnably has been actively growing its user base. So if I had to take a guess, I’d say their member base is at least as big as some of the more popular and established rewards sites out there. So I would say well into the millions.

Earnably has some of the basic earning methods common with rewards sites, such as answering surveys, watching videos, completing offers, and downloading apps. They’ve got a pretty low minimum payout threshold at only $2, meaning it’ll be easy for you to get your Bitcoin without having to grind away doing loads of tasks. (Although I still recommend you save up your earnings for a bigger payout). Payout options include gift cards (sent via PayPal) Bitcoin, and gift cards.

To sign up with Earnably, click here.

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