LEGIT Offer Nation Review: Quick Payment for Surveys - Legit or Scam?


Jun 14, 2018
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These days, it seems you can make money out of doing almost anything. Staying online and performing stuff you would normally do for free - watching videos, answering surveys, searching for content, and playing games - have now become money-making activities that people with free time (and in need of pocket money) are signing up for.

Offer Nation is just one in hundreds, maybe thousands, of online rewards sites looking for people to sign up for their platform and start making money on the side. If you want to give it a try, read on to see if it’s a good fit for you, while I investigate what really makes it a legit GPT site.

First things first - what is it?

Offer Nation is the sister site of two other GPT websites that have become popular among users: SuperPay Me and Rewarding Ways . Basically, you sign up, do tasks, answer surveys, complete paid offers, etc., then you get paid for each accomplished task (sometimes within minutes!).

Their UK-based makers pretty much retained the template for all three online reward sites, including the straightforward website information and strict terms and conditions (they call those with fraudulent accounts “cheaters” and don’t hesitate terminating accounts and banning members for life). Membership is open worldwide, though some countries might not have as many paid surveys and offers on the menu as others’, given their geographic and demographic circumstances.

How long has it been around?

The site has been around for at least a couple of years (there’s no About Us page to verify but the cashout table indicates payments to members for about five years now). As of this writing, there are currently 106,045 Offer Nation members.

Does it pay well?

There’s a site stats box in their home page indicating $240,980.95 paid out to members so far. The latest cashouts are shown on a Payment Proof page so you can get an idea of how much members are earning by the day. Scrolling down the table of current date, members’ names, payment type, and cash value, I see that one of the highest cashouts of the day was done via Skrill for around $33.

As with their sister GPT sites, Offer Nation has an unbelievably low minimum cashout of $1, meaning you won’t need to wait to save up until you get at least $30 to withdraw (which is a vexing practice among other online rewards programs). You can opt to get paid via PayPal, Skrill, PerfectMoney, Payza, or with Amazon gift cards.

The members testimonies can tell you if the kind of money they are earning are worth your while. So far, I see lots of positive reviews in that regard.

Is registration free?

Registration is totally free, and will even give you bonus points upon signup. There are no maintenance fees, and only standard payment process fees apply with the different payment solutions they offer.

How do I start earning extra income from Offer Nation?

As mentioned, you will automatically get 25 cents in your account just by signing up to Offer Nation. In the members’ page, you can see menu tabs offering you to the options to watch videos, accomplish surveys, complete paid offers, and other daily tasks that are very doable.

You can pick out which tasks you want to take on, though members seem to like answering paid surveys because they look to have the highest payout among the tasks. There’s also an Offerwall, which lists many videos, surveys, and apps you can accomplish.

Being a member also qualifies you right away for the site’s regular contest. Members compete for a quarterly cash prize if they become top Offer Nation earners, so there’s a bit of hustling involved if you want that extra earning in your account!

What’s the best option of earning as an Offer Nation member?

I would recommend taking advantage of the site’s generous referral program - probably one of the best I’ve seen by far among the current batch of GPT sites. For every successful referral signup and task accomplishment, you are credited 25% of their earnings as long as they remain active members. Upon signing up, you get a unique URL link, which you can then use on your personal blog or social media platform as an affiliate.

The verdict?

Offer Nation has a members testimonials page filled to the rafters with 4 to 5-star reviews. The reviews typically mention ease of use and getting paid within minutes of requesting a payout. Aside from that, the site confidently lets members and non-members alike see how much people are making from their platform via their Payment Proof page.

The available tasks run along the same lines as that of other GPT sites’, but the major difference between those and Offer Nation is their low payout threshold, plus the high referral system. My bottom line is, this is a legit GPT site, and one that seems to take the entire need-money-ASAP job-seeking populace seriously.

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Your turn!

After sharing my personal take on Offer Nation, I would like to know your opinions about it. Please share your feedback, proofs of payment, and even screencaps of negative experiences!

Link: http://www.offernation.com

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Jun 22, 2018
I came across this site, Offernation.com while I was using Timebucks . It has the very same concept as of that of the website rewardingways.com . It also lets you earn through several platforms of paid surveys as well as of offers from the likes of Adscend, Offertoro, PeanutLabs, Trial Pay, Persona.ly and many other more. The referral system they have is simply nice wherein you can earn 25% of your referrals earning for the entirety of their account. Exactly like that of rewarding ways. I love the idea of how this site offers several ways to earn extra money. One good thing that the site has is a contest that anyone can join in to earn additional cash, it doesn't give you the assurance that you'll win but then again, it is a contest. Additionally, the cash out is relatively low so it is quick to cash out from this site. Another thing that got my attention was the fact that you can request payment 3 times a day. This earning site pays out 3 times a day and if you can earn $1 during a cash out period you can be paid instantly. Then if you earn again, there is the possibility for you to be paid twice on the same day. This is great and I totally love the way the site is handled and how it works as a whole. The rules are very simple, it is an international site so there is absolutely no need to cheat and use a Proxy or VPN on the site. I know it is tempting specially if you are not from one of these countries, US, UK and Canada. It certainly gives out more qualified survey to these countries compared to other. I know as I'm not from one of those I mentioned. You'll be automatically be banned, something which doesn't need to be done as this is a money earning site. The same thing with the rewards, it can either be points or in dollars. Points can also be converted to a dollar amount. So if you are already a member of rewardingways, might as well add his to your list for a few more extra income. You can use the link below to signup and earn now. Happy earning!

Link: https://www.offernation.com/members/withdraw/list.php?refid=126949


May 29, 2018
I previously did a small review of SuperPay.me which is OfferNation's sister site and my conclusion is the same for OfferNation, since it's a sister site and the site uses the same script everything is pretty much the same. I can't attest to one of the sites paying higher than the other, but more importantly I can say that they pay and pay on time, their payouts are decent but they are not industry leading. Overall I have no qualms about recommending OfferNation.


Oct 26, 2018
I really appreciate this site for making a way to earn some money for people like me. Offer Nation was introduced to me by my best friend. He was a member of this website for 4 months now, he showed me his earnings, so I didn't hesitate to try this.

Earning from this site is easy. I already made more than $100 in just 2 months, just by doing surveys, clicking ads, watching videos, and other tasks.

The payout is fast. I often get my rewards within 24 hours only (sometimes it only takes 2 hours). I also love the fact that the minimum payout from this website is only $1.

Another way to make money from this website is through referral because you can get 25% of your referral earnings.

If you're looking for a website to make some decent money, then this website is the one you should try. Your efforts won't be wasted, I guarantee you that :)


Nov 11, 2018
This is definitely one of the few legit sites for making money online. I started using Offernation one year ago. I honestly didn't have any idea if it's legit, but I still gave it a try.

As soon as I received my first payout, I started referring it to my friends. I even showed them the proof of payment.

Earning from this website is easy, and the effort you give really pays off. I'm still using this site until now, and the primary source of my points are from surveys.

What I like the most from this website is their minimum payout which is $1 and fast payment that only takes hours

This site is legit cause they pay. However, sometimes, they run out of surveys. What I could suggest is to use other survey sites if there's no survey available here so that you can maximize your income. e.g., GrabPoints , Swagbucks .

By the way, I earned almost $250 from this website alone since I became a member. :) Cheers!


Dec 9, 2018
Offernation is a great site to make some decent money. I've earned around $40 so far, and they really pay. Unlike some other websites, all I had to do was verify my phone number.
As with most of the survey sites, it can be hard to qualify for a survey. However, the good thing about this site is that they still pay points (11-16 points) even if I don't qualify on some of the survey routers, and I find this amazing.
I've been using my points to cash out through Paypal. Only once per day is allowed. Some sites have a high minimum payout requirement. Here in Offernation, only the minimum cashout is only 1 dollar.
I just love being part of this website. I would highly recommend this!


Dec 17, 2018
This is a great website. I've earned around $45 so far, and they really pay, unlike some other sites. All that I needed to do was create an account, verify my email, and provide my phone number for verification, that easy!

As with many survey sites, sometimes it's quite hard to get qualify for a survey. However, this site pays points even if you don't qualify on some of the survey routers. This can be up to 11-16 points alone, without even qualifying for a survey, which is amazing.

Points can be instantly converted into cash. However, only 1 Paypal cashout is allowed per day. It is possible to make a dollar in around 20-30 minutes or even less without even qualifying for surveys.

Some other sites want $3, $5, or even more for Paypal cashouts, but in Offer Nation, you only need $1 to cash out.


Jun 13, 2018
So far I’ve earned $40, give or take, using Offer Nation. It took me about 2 months to reach that amount, but that’s not a knock at Offer Nation. It’s simply because I’ve been busy with other online earning methods

I’ve tried all the earning methods on Offer Nation, but answering surveys is always my go-to earning method. I’m generally an opinionated person, and answering methods scratches my itch for sounding off on a variety of topics. And I get paid for sharing my opinions? Sign me up for that, please.

I haven’t tried Offer Nation’s partner rewards sites, so I can’t really comment on those sites. But Offer Nation, if you couldn’t tell by the comments on this thread, is pretty legit. In fact, I’m kind of kicking myself for not devoting more time and effort to the site. Maybe I should add Offer Nation to my list of rewards sites I keep in regular rotation?

One of the best things about Offer Nation is the fact that it gives you points even if you don’t qualify, or get disqualified, for a survey. Most of my friends know that getting dq’d in the middle of answering a survey is one of my biggest pet peeves. At least with Offer Nation, I can still earn even if I get bumped out of a survey. Highly recommended!


Mar 6, 2019
Offer Nation is an awesome site to make some extra money. Especially to those who live in the US like me because they offer more surveys if you're from the US compared to other countries.
I am earning more than $100 every month which I use to pay my cellular phone bill every month. There are lots of tasks available as well, so it's easy to earn points. I work for only 2-4 hours a day only excluding weekends.
Some people say that this site is a scam because their rewards were held because they didn't pass the security check. However, if you just send the requirements and got reactivated, you can continue using their platform without any problem. This site is legit, you just need to follow their terms and condition to avoid problems.


Feb 20, 2019
I was able to make money and made a couple of cash out in this site. However, my account went through a security check where they ask for verification documents like an electric bill, so I sent them an ID, and they reactivated my account.

This site is legit, and there's a lot of task available that can be completed such as taking surveys, watching videos, and many more. It's easy to earn, you just need a little time and effort, and more importantly, when answering surveys, always be honest to avoid complications.

I'm happy to be a member of this site. I did encounter some issues like a late reward, missing points, and so on but their customer service good. It takes about two days for them to reply, but they always solve my problems.