Nordstrom Rewards Review: Earn Nordstorm Notes by Shopping - Scam or Legit?


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Apr 16, 2018

Is there a Nordstrom in your city? If there is one and you go there for your shopping, then, you may benefit from their store loyalty program. Nordstrom has at least 330 stores all over the country, and it is one of the biggest department stores in the United States. In fact, their total revenue in 2017 amounted to over $15.4B US dollars. Their gross profit was $5.5B. It’s massive, and their earnings came from ordinary people like you and me who loves to shop.

Nordstrom is a multi-billion company in the apparel and footwear retail industry. They’ve been operating since 1901 and they know how to make their customers happy. For their loyal shoppers, they offer the Nordstrom Rewards program. This loyalty program provides extra savings, discounted offers, and other promotions for the clients. With that, here is a quick review of the Nordstrom Rewards program.

What Is Nordstrom Rewards Program?

Nordstrom Rewards is a loyalty program just like any other department store rewards program. As long as you shop in Nordstrom as a member of their loyalty program, you will earn points. These points can be redeemed and converted into Nordstrom Notes.

Nordstrom Notes is just like money when you buy from Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, and Hautelook. You can use it at any of the 330 plus locations all over the US. Why do they have this program? It is their way of saying “thank you” to us, the customers of Nordstrom, for the business and the loyalty. Actually, it is a great way to earn back a portion of what you shop which is considered savings!

How Can I Join The Nordstrom Rewards Program?

You can avail of the points given out by Nordstrom every time you shop there in two ways. The first way to receive the rewards is by signing up as a Basic Member. The second way is by getting the Nordstrom Rewards Card.

Basic Membership

If you want to become a basic member at Nordstrom, you need to do the following:
  1. Check the sign in page and fill out the Create Account form.
  2. Put all your necessary information like name, email, mobile number, and account password.
It won’t take long for the basic membership registration to push through. You will also have to confirm your mobile number since a password or a code will be sent via a text message.

You have to input that code on the website to validate your mobile number. After that, the code will become your Nordstrom account number.

When buying from the store, you have to use your account number. Upon store checkout, you have to give the account number to the cashier. By doing this, the points will directly go to your account.

If you purchase from Nordstrom online, then, before you pay, you must input the same account number. Don’t forget your account number because you won’t earn points if you fail to give it to the cashier, or if you don’t input it when you buy through the website.

Nordstrom Rewards Card

The second way to earn points in Nordstrom’s loyalty program is through the Nordstrom Rewards Card.

The Nordstrom Rewards Card is basically a credit card. First, you have to apply for a Visa credit card and get approved. It’s not necessary to become a Nordstrom member first to be approved of a card, but you can always join as you fill out the credit card application.

Once you are approved of the Nordstrom Rewards Card (credit card), you can use it to purchase from Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Hautelook, and Trunk Club. Trunk Club rewards are not offered for basic members.

You need to go to and activate the card. Input all the necessary personal information before using it. You also need to check your statements regularly and pay on due date every single month.

Another benefit of being a Nordstrom cardholder is the points you earn for every dollar spent in a non-Nordstrom company. As long as the store accepts Visa credit cards, you will rack up points. Use it to pay for gas, groceries, clothes, shoes, and whatever. You will still get your rewards.

Here is another reward tip:

Once you get your card, you have to spend $100 which will earn you 100 points. After that, you will also get a Nordstrom Note worth $20. You have to do this upon receiving the card.

Cardholder Levels

As a cardholder, there are four levels wherein you can earn more points and bonuses. All members will start at Level One, but it can upgrade anytime soon depending on your purchases.

Level Two status is reached if you spend $2,000 each year. Level Three status is achieved if you purchase items or goods worth $5,000 annually. As for the fourth and last level, you will have to buy using your card a total amount of $10,000 every year.

Your points will double up if your level goes higher. There will be bonus points as well or early anniversary sales. You can also take advantage of the Triple Points Days. Once a year, a level one cardholder can use the Triple Points Days program. If you’re a Level Four cardholder, you get four Triple Points Days each year.

What Is Triple Points Days?

You can pick any day of the year to activate the Triple Points Days program if you’re a Nordstrom cardholder. Let’s say you plan on purchasing items worth $1,000. By availing of the program, you will only pay $334. You will also get points too.

By Level Two, there will be Holiday Point activities which usually takes place by year-end. If you are a Level Three or Level Four, you can also join the Extraordinary Experience event. Details of this activity are posted at the Nordstrom Blog and other online sources. They will set up packages for you to browse and choose – if you’d like to buy it.

Level Four cardholders can join in VIP events like a spa day with friends, or fine dining experience for four. You just have to schedule the event with Nordstrom at least three weeks before your planned VIP experience. As for the early anniversary sale event, a Level Four cardholder can shop a day before the said date and avail of the discounts.

All cardholders can avail of the Alteration Program. You can have your clothing repaired, and the purchase will also be refunded to a certain amount, depending upon your level. As mentioned earlier, every time you purchase in Nordstrom, you have to use your account number for points and rewards purposes. Nordstrom will issue a reimbursement in Notes under the Alteration Program using a member’s account number.

How To Earn Points

If you are a basic member, you will get one point for every dollar spent. Being a cardholder, you get to earn two points to a dollar spent in a Nordstrom store, its online website, and the store affiliates. Every dollar you spend in other stores, you get one point. Earning of points is unlimited.

How To Redeem Your Points

To get a Nordstrom Note worth $20, you have to exchange that with 2,000 points. As stated, you can use the Notes anywhere as long as it’s affiliated with Nordstrom. There is an expiration period on inactive accounts. If you fail to use the points within three years, or if you don’t pay the credit card dues for two months straight, then, your membership together with the points will be canceled.

Your Note will be sent to your mobile number which is why it’s important to verify it upon application. If you didn’t confirm your mobile number upon signing up, then, you won’t get a Notes notification through your mobile phone. Anyway, you can print the email copy and bring it to the store for verification or show the email to the cashier upon payment using your mobile device.

If you shopped online, then, just input the Note code as sent through the email to avail of the discount. Don’t forget to use the Notes before it expires because it’s a big saving on your part.

Notes can’t be used in Trunk Club, and the points are non-transferable, as well. Only you can use your points, and there are no sharing of benefits. For example, your daughter can’t use your points for herself. If she wants something, you have to go with her and buy the item yourself. Multiple accounts are also not allowed.

Nordstrom Rewards $10 Certificate

This event happens intermittently, and some people get it out of pure luck. Nordstrom sometimes offers a $10 reward for new members just by signing up. The last known Nordstrom Rewards $10 Certificate offer happened in August 2017. Again, this reward expires pretty quickly and so; you need to use it within 30 days.

OUR VERDICT: Scam or Legit?

The rewards program of Nordstrom is 100% LEGIT, but there are things you need to consider before choosing which membership plan you want to join. If you are an avid shopper of Nordstrom, you have to become a member. Why? Joining is easy, and it’s no hassle. The points are quick to accumulate, and you'll save some cash!

What kind of member will you be at Nordstrom? Are you the basic member type or the cardholder member kind? If you are thinking of becoming a cardholder, then, remember the interest rate. There are Nordstrom cardholders who say that their interest is around 15%. Others reported that they pay up to 24%. They base the interest on your credit score.

They don’t charge annual fees as long as you pay on the due date each month. If you are the type to pay credit card debts like clockwork, then, the cardholder option may work for you. You don’t have to worry about interest rates if you pay on time. The only problem here is if you don’t pay the dues on the payment date.

There are no other retail stores in the country that offers an Alteration Program, early Anniversary sales, or Triple Days events. You can save at least $100 during activity if you are a cardholder. If you are a big spender, it can benefit you a lot. Sale events are accessible for cardholders, and there are VIP experiences as well.

Weigh your options. If you can keep up with the monthly payments, then, go for the card. Now, if this is an issue for you, then, be a basic member. Either way, you get points and rewards. Nordstrom is a stable company, and it’s not going away anytime soon. What they are offering their patrons is a great “savings” thing. Something, even if the amount is small, is better than nothing right?

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Are you a Nordstrom basic member or a cardholder? Can you tell us the advantages and disadvantages of your membership plan? Is it worth it? What other things can you say about Nordstrom Rewards? Please let us know more and help our readers understand if getting a card is better than being a basic member. Please comment down below! Thanks!