LEGIT Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel Review - Share Your Browsing Data for Rewards - Legit or Scam?


Rookie Wordsmith
May 16, 2018
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I always see people refer to survey sites as a passive form of income. I don’t mean to nitpick (I can’t help it; I’m a college professor!), but completing surveys isn’t exactly passive, because you have to actively do something (ie. take surveys) to earn. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to make passive income via the internet.

Case in point: Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel. They’re one of the leading ways for you to earn with minimal effort and participation - here, you’ll be making true passive income. No looking out for survey notifications, no spending time answering survey questions.

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, you can find out by reading my review of Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel Review!

About Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

Nielsen is a UK-based global information, data, and measurement company. I don’t know if they’re the biggest, but they’re definitely the first name that comes to mind when someone mentioned market research to me.

The company studies and measures consumer habits in over 100 countries. One of their most well-known activities is measuring TV ratings. But TV ratings is just the tip of the iceberg for this company. Since the internet became a thing, they’ve started measuring people’s online behaviors as well.

The Computer & Mobile Panel is one branch of the company that handles internet metrics. Via their mobile and desktop apps, they track people’s internet usage (with full permission of the user, of course).

How to Earn on Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

Since data is valuable, Nielsen doesn’t expect you to give up your data without any incentive. By using their Computer & Mobile Panel, you can earn rewards. How does that work, exactly? Read on!

After you’ve signed-up, you download their app on your desktop or mobile device (I’ll be showing you how to do that below). You then leave the app running in the background… and that’s it! You go on and use the internet as you usually would. The app will measure your browsing behavior. See? Totally passive.

The app won’t slow down your devices while you use them. It’s something you can download, install, and forget.

You will then earn points - the longer you keep the app on your devices, the more you will earn! You can then exchange these points later on for a variety of rewards and goodies. There’s even a monthly $10,000 sweepstakes for desktop users.

Privacy Matters

I know it sounds creepy having an app in the background monitoring everything you do. And if it weren’t Nielsen, I would probably hesitate to even try it. To ease your fears, here are lists of stuff they do monitor, and the stuff they don’t:

What They Collect
  • URLs of sites you visit
  • How long you spend on those sites
  • General computer or device activity
What They Don’t Collect
  • Any private data
  • Usernames and passwords
Your name will be separated from the data. For example, let’s say John Doe visits and embarrassing site and spends an alarming amount of time on it. Nielsen will track that info, but it won’t attach John Doe’s name to it. As far as Nielsen is concerned, an anonymous person visited that site. Not John Doe.

See? It’s perfectly safe and non-embarrassing.

My Hot Take: This is a great earning method! It’s non-intrusive, and since this is Nielsen we’re talking about, is completely safe and not shady at all.

Earning Potential

Your points will automatically accumulate as you go about your usual business on the internet. You can always check your monthly point earnings on your profile page.

There are two types of rewards (and earning potentials) on Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel:

Mobile Rewards: Active users can accumulate $50 worth of points in a year ($5 in points 805 points) while desktop users will be entered in the monthly sweepstakes.

The great thing is that you can even use multiple devices! If you have two mobile phones, you can earn $50 for each one (provided you use both of them equally) in a year!

Computer Rewards: When you actively use Nielsen on a laptop or desktop computer, you will be entered in the monthly sweepstakes. Nielsen gives away $10,000 every month which is distributed to 400 winners. To top winners will get $1,000. Not bad, huh?

My Hot Take: A yearly earning of $50 may not look like much, consider the fact that this is a completely passive earning method. Considering the fact that I didn’t need to do anything, this is actually a pretty decent amount.

Payout Options

When you’ve accumulated 805 points (equivalent to $5) you can request a payout. Or you can keep accumulated points and earn up to $50’s worth of points in a single year!

If you make a payout, there is unfortunately no cash payout method. The only way you can get your earnings is via gift cards. Granted, there’s a lot of gift cards you can avail of - 50 different gift cards, the last time I checked, but it’s still a bummer that there is no PayPal Option.

My Hot Take: Gift cards are nice, but they should also offer cash payouts for a better overall experience.

How to Join

Anyone 18 and above can join Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel. Below are the relevant links:

Website: https://computermobilepanel.nielsen.com
iOs: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/nielsen-mobile-app/id913229909?mt=8
Anrdoid: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nielsen.odm&hl=en

You can install the app in multiple devices for increased earning!

If your devices are used by multiple people, make sure you tell everyone that their online browsing behavior is being tracked. The same goes for work devices.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is completely legit! This is a great way to earn on top of your other earning methods, like taking surveys or completing microtasks.

I totally recommend you give Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel a try!

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel Screenshots

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Your Turn

Now it’s your turn to share! Have you tried Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel? How did you find it?

Let’s hear your stories!



Jun 11, 2018
I tried to sign up and received an email telling me to complete my registration, but when I'm logging in it says my password isn't correct although I know that I'm entering the right password. I signed up using another email because I thought something just went wrong but the same thing happened, even though I'm very sure of my password.


Rookie Wordsmith
Jun 13, 2018
Nielsen is a legit company, and Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is a legit website. You will get paid, no doubt about it - the company is one of the biggest market research companies in the world, and there’s no reason for them to screw you over.

Holden already covered the major points about this company in his Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel. But I’d also like to give my hot take. Here’s the good and the bad about Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel:

The Good

Great earnings - $50 a year for doing basically nothing (other than your usual stuff, of course) is nothing to sneeze at. You can almost forget your earning, and then - boom - it’s like you get a bonus $50 out of nowhere. As far as earning methods go, this is one of my favorites.

It’s easy to earn - As mentioned in Holden’s review, points just pile up while you use go about your regular business. No waiting for available surveys, no getting disqualified! This is so convenient, and it’s the closest thing to free money I can think of.

The Bad

Big brother is watching - Yeah, it’s kinda creepy knowing that there’s a computer background working in the background monitoring everything you’re doing. But when you think about it, how different is it from like, Google, Facebook, or whatever free online service you’ve been using?

Right now, it’s a given that anyone who uses the internet is being tracked in some way or form. As for me, I prefer that a major company is doing it, instead of some shady illegal operation.

Plus, Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel promises it won’t gather information like your passwords and photos. And you know what? I believe them. Like I said, this isn’t some scam company that will try to blackmail you or install malware in your computer. It’s totally legit and safe.

Craig Foss

Nov 2, 2018
This company is legit and a great way to earn passive income. I installed this to both my computer and mobile last August 2017 and my total earnings is $110.
Just by basically doing nothing, anyone can earn from this website. But yes, it's kind of creepy because they monitor your activities, but I guarantee everyone that it's perfectly safe. Take my word.
I know $50 per year is not a lot, but just by doing things that you already do like surfing the web, watching videos and checking emails, earning extra $50 per year is not bad!
Their payment option is wide. They have like 50 different gift certificates to choose from. However, I wish there would be a Paypal option in the future.
In general, I'm happy with this site/app cause they do really pay.

Burt Maklin

Sep 24, 2018
Great review on Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel review, Holden. (Couldn’t they come up with a catchier name? lol) I’m also a bit of a privacy nut, so I wasn’t initially keen on signing up. But I really like the idea of passive earning. I think passive income is like the holy grail if you work online, because it opens up a whole world of possibility you can’t get if you juggle multiple “active” earning methods.

So I decided to get a second device just for using Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel (really, guys, you can’t come up with a shorter name?). But the thing needs your data to work. So I ended up using my “Nielsen Phone” to feed it my surfing habits. First I started visiting sites that didn’t really suit my personal interests to try and throw the app off my trail. But that was too tedious. So I ended up using my regular apps and visiting my usual sites. And before long I was pretty much using my Nielsen Phone like my regular phone, lol

But so far nothing bad has happened to me, so I can totally recommend this way of earning. Nielsen is plenty legit, and their app gives us online earners a great opportunity!


Dec 9, 2018
A very easy way to earn some money. Just by registering and downloading/installing the mobile application onto your phone, you can start making money right away. There's no credit card information required, and the app is free to download.
Once this app runs in background application of your mobile, you can earn up to $50 points a year. You can use this to redeem great rewards on their website such as Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, Target and many more. Items such as DVD players, cameras and TV's can also be chosen.
Yes, you might say $50 isn’t a lot, but it’s basically free cash for doing nothing extra aside from downloading the app. Plus, you’re contributing to important research questions on how people live, learn and buy in the digital age. Nielson’s been doing this for decades, and I must admit, that’s a big factor in why I agreed to sign up.


Oct 18, 2018
Nielsen Mobile Panel is a good way to earn a few cash while contributing to better products and better online experiences. It is obvious that the bad thing is that the application is tracking some of your data.

However, Nielsen is an established and reputable global company that is recognized as a leader in terms of media audience tracking. They are among the best in the industry.

By contrast, the majority of casually downloaded applications track most of the items listed in the Nielsen privacy policies. And they do so without any compensation, without your knowledge, and without encrypting your data. Which means that illegally obtained data is then liable to a double steal by yet another hacker.

All in all, they are totally legit, just don't expect that you can earn decent money from it.


Jun 13, 2018
I’d like to think I’m a very private person. I’m the type of person who always switches off her location services unless really needed, and un-tags photos of her on social media. I was just brought up that way. That said, I think Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is actually pretty rock-solid. I hesitated to try it out, but since I have complete trust in the Earn That Buck community, I decided to install Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel on my computer.

And… I actually like it. It’s passive earning, which means you can earn from Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel while doing other earning methods, like answering surveys, or completing offers or whatever. What happens is, Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is basically a force multiplier for your earnings. You’re earning even when you’re not earning, amirite? Lol

What changed me mind about Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel? Well, for starters, Nielsen is a legit company. I used to work in media, and I’ve known about them for a long time. I might be wrong, but I don’t think Nielsen has ever been part of privacy breaches or scandals. Considering the amount of data Nielsen has, that’s a big deal.

And the most important factor of all: the app isn’t invasive. I don’t get weird messages or any sort of privacy breach that I was worried about before I tried the app.


Bronze Wordsmith
Apr 16, 2018
Just a tip here for everyone. But GrabPoints usually has the Nielsen apps available for download and you get 6000 to 7000 and 15000 for the Hispanic one, so if you are going to download them anyway you might as well score a kickback from it.