SCAM NextGen PaidSurveys Review: Take Surveys and Earn on This Paid-Membership Site: Legit or Scam?


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Jun 13, 2018
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For my next review, I’ll be covering a controversial site: NextGen PaidSurveys. It’s controversial because it does what no legit survey sites do: charge a membership fee. I’ve only reviewed one survey site that charged an upfront fee, and that one turned out to be a scam. But what about NextGen PaidSurveys?

If you’re curious, go on and read my NextGen PaidSurveys review!

NextGen PaidSurveys: First Impressions

There’s no point beating around the bush: this site looks like garbage. The site looks like it was designed on a word processor. Actually calling it a “design” is an insult to properly-designed websites.

The website is basically just a bunch of text slapped together with some stock photos and a bunch of generic-looking badges and buttons. The text is formatted inconsistently. Font colors and sizes change seemingly randomly.

In sort, NextGen PaidSurveys looks every bit like a scam site. But that’s just the looks. What about the actual content?

Well, for starters, NextGen PaidSurveys makes a bold promise - through this site, you will
$1,157 per week working from home and completing surveys. It also promises that you’ll get paid $5 to $75 per survey. Whoops, my bad - it doesn’t actually promise that you’ll make $1,157 per week. In fact, it makes that disclaimer:

“Again, no promises here but I am offering you what I believe is your best opportunity to reach your personal goals. Learn how I make $1,157 per week, on average, by submitting simple online surveys!”

Okay, if they’re not promising anything, then why did they even mention $1,157? That’s a pretty specific number right there.

The site goes on to name drop a bunch of companies. It says companies like HP, eBay , Amazon , and other Fortune 500 companies will pay big bucks for your opinion. While that is technically true - many big companies send out surveys as market research - it’s a bit disingenuous to mention them on your site when they’re not actually your clients.

My Hot Take: I’m usually willing to overlook bad design or unclear content if a site seems sincere about wanting to provide a good service to its members. NextGen PaidSurveys doesn’t look like one of those sites. If I weren’t reviewing this site, I would turn back right about now.

How to Earn on NextGen PaidSurveys

For starters, NextGen PaidSurveys isn’t really a survey site per se; it’s a survey router. What that means is, NextGen PaidSurveys doesn’t actually provide surveys. It acts like a portal that connects you to other companies that do provide surveys. NextGen PaidSurveys claims that by becoming a member of this site, you will gain access to 200 survey companies.

Survey routers are usually legit. But there’s a catch with NextGen PaidSurveys: you gotta pay $19.95 (it used to be $49.95 - what a bargain!) to gain access to that list of companies.

You know what? I can recommend another site that will give you all that info for free. That site is called freaking Google. Basically, NextGen PaidSurveys is selling you info that you can find yourself. With a little bit of research (using the Earn That Buck community) you will be able to tell which ones are worth checking out.

The funny thing is NextGen PaidSurveys tries to make its service sound super-special. Check this snippet out:

“And many of these companies will send you email messages requesting that you do additional surveys for them…and get paid again and again!”

Yeah, that’s pretty standard among survey sites. And you don’t really “get paid again and again” because sometimes you won’t qualify for surveys. That happens on legit sites. But what legit sites don’t do is over-promise the way NextGen PaidSurveys does.

As part of your $19.95 payment, you will also get “training” on how to earn via survey sites. It’s funny that you have to pay for training… the main feature of survey sites is that they’re easy to use!

My Hot Take: Red flags all around. You shouldn’t pay for info that’s easy to find elsewhere. Something tells me NextGen PaidSurveys is hoping some gullible mark will pay for that info. If you’re new to survey sites, use Earn That Buck Instead. There are lots of threads here that discuss various survey sites (and other earning methods)

Earning Potential on NextGen PaidSurveys

In theory, your earning potential will depend on how much the survey sites are paying. Payment form those sites are coursed through NextGen PaidSurveys, but to be honest, I didn’t bother staying long enough to find out whether NextGen PaidSurveys would actually pay me. It just wasn’t worth the risk.

NextGen PaidSurveys also has the following disclaimer:

“Setting the right expectations upfront is extremely important to us. This is why throughout this website you will see nothing but the simple truth about paid online surveys.”

That disclaimer goes against its $1,157 promise. I’ve used lots of survey sites. I know it’s impossible to earn $1,157 a week. When a site makes a promise like that, I don’t get excited. I get doubtful.

My Hot Take: Instead of finding surveys through NextGen PaidSurveys and hoping they remit your earnings to you, why don’t you just go straight to the survey sites? Cut out the middleman, I say.

Payout Options on NextGen PaidSurveys

NextGen PaidSurveys claims to pay via check, direct bank deposit, wire transfer, PayPal, or AlertPay. No mention of minimum withdrawals or other rewards.

My Hot Take: NextGen PaidSurveys is shady, just shady.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

I guess it’s obvious by now that NextGen PaidSurveys is a giant, stinking pile of a scam. They’re selling you info you can get for free, and making big promises they would not be able to keep. They’re hoping that dollar signs will blind you and encourage you to hand over your hard-earned cash.

Avoid this site at all costs.

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Your Turn

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