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LEGIT Netflix Tagger Review: Get paid to binge watch your favorite shows - Scam or Legit?

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NETFLIX Needs You! Be Their Netflix Editorial Analyst

Calling all movie and TV series buffs. Are you one of those people who are fond of watching shows on Netflix? Wouldn’t it be nice to do your favorite thing and earn a bit? With Netflix, that’s now possible!

Netflix needs you! They need someone to fill up their Editorial Analyst position, and that can be you. What you’re going to do? Watch movies and provide reviews on their shows and films as much as you can on a daily basis. Netflix will pay you to do just that – are you ready?

Why Does Netflix Need Me Binge Watch?

Netflix has one of the most extensive online libraries regarding movies and TV series. Each year, there are at least one hundred thousand titles added to that library. These titles need reviewing, tagging and categorizing.

They hire people to do the job, and that is binge-watch films and episodes for them to provide a movie/series review and rating, aside from tagging and categorizing the film. These hired people are sometimes called “Netflix taggers.”

If you want to be a "tagger," you need the latest updates on entertainment news. It’s essential that you give a summary of the TV shows or films that you watch, rate it honestly, and provide tags.

Netflix Editorial Analyst Qualifications

Netflix is looking for potential taggers with these attributes:

- A movie or TV series buff who is familiar with the “what’s going on” in the entertainment industry
- Able to segregate film and TV show genres
- Provide valid reviews and briefly explain the plot of a film or show
- Timely submission of output
- Multi-tasker and independent
- Versatility when needed and can cooperate with others
- Objective output and able to provide a productive review
- Fast learner
- Attentive, detail-focused, and strong work ethics
- Fluent in another language is much preferred
- With experience in writing reviews, analyzing content, and other similar functions is an added benefit
- Educated in the media or video industry, and related skills is a plus

Responsibilities Of A Netflix Editorial Analyst

The work responsibilities of a Netflix Editorial Analyst typically encompass:

Watch movies and series episodes, research on the content, rate it, and provide a grammatically correct English language review.

Check the metadata of the output for quality assurance and proficiency.

You will receive a payment to watch these shows, write a short review, tag it accordingly, and assign the show to its applicable genre. Of course, there is a deadline, and everything has to be complete by due time and date.

Talking About Payments

The program is relatively new, and we are all waiting for feedback on it. Online sources don’t reveal much about payments for Netflix taggers, and their site says nothing about the pay. They just posted about the work, requirements for the analysts, and the job description.

(I will revise this post if ever there’s a new update with regards to payment.)

How To Apply

1. Go to this link.
2. Answer the necessary information and click “SUBMIT APPLICATION.”
3. You can also upload your resume by clicking “upload your resume (.pdf, .doc).”
4. There is also a “LINKEDIN” option if you have an account.


I say this is a LEGIT job from Netflix. Been to the site and saw at least 400 jobs posted online with needs on workers coming from the US, the UK, Korea, India, the Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, and Belgium. I even saw a need for Editorial Analysts who speaks Spanish. It is real, and with a job, there is also payment, for sure.

Netflix Tagger Screenshots

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Netflix Tagger 1.jpg Netflix Tagger 2.jpg Netflix Tagger 3.jpg Netflix Tagger 4.jpg


If you’ve tried working for Netflix as a “tagger,” then, we need your feedback and opinion! Was it a good experience for you? What did you like/dislike about it? How much did you get for a review? Shoot us your comments and let us know!

Link: https://jobs.netflix.com/jobs/866633



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This looks like a very good idea to work from home. How much does it pay per hour?
As the review states there is currently no information available regarding the pay of being a netflix tagger, let alone the hourly rate.


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Well, you cannot say it is legit until you have actually done it. I'm not willing to take the risk. :)
Of course I can, Netflix is a public traded company. I am 200% sure that they are not posting job ads for phantom jobs that don't exist.


Sounds like a dream job for a stay at home mom like myself.

I tried googling the salary as well and found this article http://time.com/2970271/job-netflix-professional-binge-watcher/ which says

A non-disclosure agreement prohibits Netflix taggers from disclosing their salary, although Sund did volunteer that the part-time work’s pay “makes up a percentage of his overall salary.” A 2012 story in the L.A. Times estimated that taggers make “several hundred dollars per week.”
So guess we will never know.


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I currently work as an Editorial Analyst. The review is pretty accurate, overall. But I need to add some info to what the OP wrote. This job is indeed awesome, but here are few things you guys need to know first.

You Don’t Get a Free Subscription

You get assigned specific shows to write tags and blurbs for, which become available on your dashboard. And that’s about it. You don’t sign into Netflix then pick whichever show you want. It doesn’t work that way. You need to watch and process whatever shows they assign you. Which brings us to the next item...

You Gotta Watch Shows You’re Not Interested In

You get assigned shows that aren’t ones you would usually watch. For me, it was romantic comedies, or shows with pesky kids outsmarting adults — ugh, I hated those. But watching those show is part of the job.

So, no, don’t look at this as “free” Netflix. I would say, out of all the shows I’ve watched, only about 25% were shows I liked. And it does get boring when you’ve been assigned a show you don’t like.

I’m not trying to dissuade you guys from trying this out. This job is still pretty fun, compared to all the other stuff I’ve done in the past. But remember that this is still very much a “job.”

You’ll Write About Shows You’re Not Interested In

So after watching the shows you’re not interested in, you’ll have to actually write about them. This is the biggest challenge of all. You need to put some enthusiasm into your writing. You can’t write it as a person who didn’t like the show. On the contrary, you’ll have to make the series look like the coolest show on earth.

They’ve Got High Writing Standards

This is pretty self-explanatory, considering Netflix is a giant media corporation. But it’s worth mentioning that they are super-particular about writing quality. You don’t need to be a published author or whatever, but knowing how to write well is a major job qualification.

Earning Potential

I also signed an NDA, which prevents me from disclosing how much I make. I’m currently on pretty good standing with Netflix, and don’t want to break that trust.

But I will say that the money was enough to cover a sizable chunk of my monthly expenses. Not enough to quit my other online gigs. No complaints here!
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