LEGIT Neoskip.com - Scam or Legit?


Jan 23, 2019
Neoskip.com is one of the best ways to make money online (short link). It’s time for you to start earning cash online without any risk of losing your money or getting scammed. You don’t need to pay in order to sign up, in fact, we’ll be the ones giving you money once you register.

How much do you earn?

Up to 15 EUR: https://neoskip.com/payout-rates

Payment Methods:

  • PayPal - minimum withdrawal at 3 EUR
  • Bitcoin
  • WebMoney
  • Western Union

General Information:

  • Free
  • Ad format: Banner
  • Low minimum payout at 3 EUR
  • Detailed Stats
  • Featured administration panel
  • API
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Anti-fraud system
Offers: https://neoskip.com/blog/2-offers-bonuses
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