Need 700 Bucks? Here’s How to Earn it Fast!


Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
I was watching a movie just last night, and an idea came to me during the climactic battle scene: I gotta write a blog post about how to make 700 dollars fast. Does this blog topic have any connection to the movie? Nope. Does the 700 dollar amount have any significance? Nope. Was the movie I watched any good. You bet! To make a long story short, I’m writing this blog post completely on a whim.

But that doesn’t mean the information I’ll be providing isn’t legit. On the contrary, this blog post will be a sort of review of all the awesome ways to earn money, and fast. So think of this as a greatest hits package of all the tried and tested ways to make fast money – and with enough time and effort, you could definitely make $700 through these means – probably even more!


Fast Money Is Good Money

I didn’t just randomly pull out a bunch of earning methods and side hustles in an effort to show you how to get 700 dollars fast. These earning methods are pretty diverse. Most of them are online gigs, but a few require you to get out of the house and interact with the real world (something I know some of us actually enjoy). But one thing these sites and apps have in common is that they pay fast.

Fast payment processing is one of the primary considerations I kept in mind when going through my mental list of websites that let you earn. And there’s a reason why fast money is good money: simply put, people need their money. Whether it’s for groceries, or to buy food and medicines, there’s always a bit of urgency when it comes to receiving money. And that’s why I tried to show you ways you can make 700 dollars fast. If you need to do your groceries soon, these websites give you the chance to get your funds by the time you’ll actually need them.

Okay, enough intro. Do you want to know how to make $700 fast? Read on!


Methods To Get 700 Dollars Fast

All right, before we get to my list of earning methods for earning 700 dollars fast, some important info first. There are, unfortunately, a lot of scammy sites out there. They tend to exploit people’s need for fast money. Avoid suspicious sites at all costs! The ones I’ve listed here are all 100% legit, so feel free to test and experiment with them.


Hold An Online Garage Sale

Selling old or unused stuff is still a great way to make some extra money. But this time, instead of holding a garage sale in your, well, garage, take your sales online. Selling online broadens your scope. This is especially true if you have lots of collectibles with niche markets. When you sell them online, you increase the chances of the right person (read: the one who is willing to pay a good price for it!) finding your items.

If you want to give this a try, you can start selling on Decluttr.


Do Random Freelance Jobs

If you’re the jack of all trades type, it might be hard finding just one type of job to do – so why not do multiple types of jobs? Online freelance marketplaces like TaskRabbit are great places to find random (and fast-paying!) gigs to try. The jobs you can find on TaskRabbit are pretty diverse. You can try doing data-entry one day, and line up for a client the next day. It’s super satisfying doing tasks on TaskRabbit because they require me to get out of the house and interact with real people.


Do Tasks On Zoombucks

ZoomBucks is a rewards site that pays you to answer surveys, watch videos, and complete offers. They’re pretty new to the scene, but I decided to give them a try after reading a review on 3hundrd. This passage, specifically, was pretty encouraging:

"Once you reach the minimum amount, you can request a payout.

(Personally, I like to withdraw after I’m a few dollars above the minimum, but your preference may vary.)

And get this – it’ll only take 48 hours for your reward to be sent to your email inbox!

Other sites might take a few more days longer, and I’ve even tried other sites that take up to a week to process your payout.

The great thing about the low minimum withdrawal and the fast processing times is you get flexibility.

Let’s say you need a few extra dollars to supplement your overhead costs by this weekend.

You can request a payout on Wednesday, and be confident that you’ll receive your funds by the weekend."


Do Tasks On GrabPoints

GrabPoints is my favorite rewards site (although ZoomBucks is fast catching up – no surprise, since the people who run ZoomBucks also run GrabPoints ). This site is one of the pillars of the rewards site scene. They’ve been around since 2014, and the fact that they’re still around as of this writing is a major sign that they’ve got their act together. Most rewards sites tend to go belly up before long. Not only is GrabPoints still around, their user base is thriving, and they’ve distributed millions of dollars since the time they started.

On GrabPoints, you do the same types of tasks you do on ZoomBucks – you answer surveys, watch videos, and complete surveys. One of the most noteworthy things about GrabPoints is that they offer the highest payouts in the world! Don’t believe me? Check out this chart that compares earnings on GrabPoints vs. other popular rewards sites. You’ll see that GrabPoints consistently gives the highest earnings!


Be Someone’s Friend

I mentioned the appeal of real-world interaction at the start of this list. Well, you can get more “interactive” than getting paid to be someone’s friend! I was reading an article entitled “Strange Ways to Make Money Online” by my friend who runs Work From Home Genius. In the article, he recommended sites like RentaFriend, which is also a great way to earn fast money!

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