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Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
Home-based jobs usually involve odd jobs and doing small tasks like answering surveys, completing offers, and watching videos. But if you’re like me and prefer more creative work, you’ll want to read this post.

I’ll be sharing with you my top work from home writing jobs. If you’ve never considered this type of work, now would be a great time to do so. The internet has given skilled and creative people the outlet and opportunity to make money from their talents. If you’re looking for writing work from home, this article will give you all the great and legit (not to mention lucrative!) sites that will pay you!


The Advantage Of Work From Home Writing Jobs

One of the best things about doing writing jobs from home is that you don’t literally have to do them at home – you can do your writing assignments at home, but you can also do them in a coffee shop, at the laundromat, or even while waiting for your kids at school. The flexibility of online freelance writing jobs have enabled me to spend more quality time with my kids and achieve a better work-life balance.

I do need to point out that to do good at freelance writing jobs from home, you first and foremost need to be a good writer, period. There’s no getting around this – you need to be a good writer to be able to make good money with writing from home jobs.

But don’t worry, I’ll be listing a variety of writing jobs that are suitable for different skill levels. Plus, these online writing jobs from home enable you to level up your skills. Eventually, you can move up the ranks and take better-paying jobs. So let’s get to it, shall we?


Work From Home Writing Jobs For Beginners

Like I mentioned above, writing jobs are available for writers of various skills. The type of jobs listed here may not be as awesome as the ones that’ll come later, but they do give you a solid base for you to hone your writing skills.

Do Data Entry

This is as basic as it gets… so basic that calling it writing may not be 100% accurate. But I figured I should include it here anyway. At its most basic, data entry involves you entering info (like phone numbers written into a guest book) into a spreadsheet or MS Word document. The best place to get this type of job is in the “oddjob” marketplace, such as PeoplePerHour and Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Work As A Transcriptionist

The next earning method here involves listening to audio voice recordings, and writing down what is being spoken. This job may seem repetitive, but it’s actually pretty fascinating. I love learning new stuff from these voice recordings I had to transcribe. I once transcribed an interview with a freelance writer – which is what encouraged me to try other writing gigs!

This job does require a strong attention to detail, though. You also need to be able to figure out what is being spoken – remember, these aren’t voice actors you’re listening to. A lot of times, their voices will be slurred or garbled. Also, discretion is a must, since you might be given recordings with classified information. To get started, you can also check PeoplePerHour and Amazon Mechanical Turk.


Writing Jobs That Require Moderate To Advanced Skills

Okay, let’s say you’ve got enough writing talent and want to make money writing jobs online from home. Here are a few ideas that you might like to explore. Most of the types of jobs listed here are available on sites like Upwork and Guru.

Do Freelance Writing

The term “freelance writing” is a pretty broad term. But generally speaking, you’re looking at writing copy for ads, packaging, and instructions. Basically, anything that isn’t a script, feature article, or book can be called copywriting. And it’s the best type of writing to start your freelance writing career with. And that’s because it’s usually short-form writing.

Other freelance writing jobs you can get are writing greeting cards, writing radio announcements, in-store announcements, and banner ads for websites… the possibilities are endless. That’s what I love about freelance writing. You’ll never know what job you’ll get, so you always have to be on your toes!

Manage Other People’s Blogs

If you prefer to write long-form content, you can start your own blog. But this involves a bit more skill and professionalism. You’ll provide a content calendar to the client, and write articles based on that. If you’d like to earn more money managing blogs, you can even include video creation in the deal! But do note that video creation takes an entirely different skill set (and could be the topic of a different blog altogether!)

Start Your Own Blog

Once you’ve tested the water, you can look into starting your own blog. Why work for other people when you can work for yourself, right? You can get a free blog site on WordPress at the start – no need to spend on expensive custom sites and a dedicated dev team. You can then monetize your content via Google Adsense.

It’ll be really important for your blog to have a coherent topic. You can’t make a blog about the random stuff that pops into your mind and expect people to keep coming back to it each month. I suggest you come up with a unique topic that you feel readers will be on the lookout for. Some topics you can dedicate your blog to include:

  • Pets and pet care
  • Fashion and Grooming
  • New gadget reviews and unboxings
  • Health and wellness
  • Interior decorating
  • Travel
  • Cooking
  • Fitness and exercise
  • Movie and book reviews
  • Pop culture
  • Toy and action figure reviews
… and so much more!

There are lots of topics you can write about. But the key is to limit yourself to just a few – and once you’ve done that, make sure you update your blog often. Who knows? When you get successful, you might be the one hiring freelance writers!

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