My Top 7 Survey Sites That Pay Cash


Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
Hey, how are you doing today? So we’re up for another one of my survey sites lists, but this one is something close to my heart (and wallet). As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I just love earning cash on GPT and paid survey sites. I love certain gift cards, as well, but cash gives me more flexibility on how I can spend my earnings. It’s also a lot easier to quantify the kind of payment I get for particular tasks and activities. Plus, I get to compare how much I earn among the survey sites I frequently use.

This is why I’ve made this special list of seven sites that not only pay in cash but are also known to have the highest payout surveys today. It only makes sense to choose those GPT and survey sites that will not only be worth your time and effort by actually paying you cash, but also compensate you well for it. At this point, it is important to define “high paying” not just by how much the site promises to pay, but how fast and efficiently they process payment.

So without further ado, here’s my list of ten survey sites that actually pay cash (and pay it well).

PineCone Research

Having been established in the late 90s, PineCone Research has since gained the reputation of truly providing some of the highest payout surveys in existence. We are talking about $3 to $5 per survey completed – which, though not impressive at first glance, is definitely higher than what most sites offer. Add to that the fact there is no chance of getting screened out in the middle of a survey – given that membership to PineCone Research isn’t by signing up but by invitation – and you have one high potential earner that’s a keeper if you’re lucky enough to be chosen as a participant!



It’s no secret that SwagBucks is in at least the top five of my most reliable survey sites. It’s got a respectable tenure since it became active in 2005 and has consistently gotten good feedback from users who are satisfied with the money they earn from tasks. You can cash out via PayPal if you earn the equivalent of just $5. This is great because I can request for payment right away, or choose to grow my earnings before cashing out.



Right off the bat, I would have to say that iPoll has one of the highest minimum cash-out amounts I’ve come across thus far – $50. So why would I include it in a list of high cash payout surveys? Because it’s so easy to earn here, that’s why! Surveys are fun and easy to do, and if you prefer shorter versions of those, you can always try out the mobile app version. Plus, you automatically get $5 upon sign up – earning is as simple as that!



GrabPoints makes it to my list of top seven survey sites that pay cash due to a number of reasons. One, they make it so easy to cash out – once you’ve earned the equivalent of $3, you can request for payment via PayPal! Two, they really process payments fast. I’ve gotten my earnings transferred to my account in as short as 24 hours! And when I compared how much I earned per task at GrabPoints versus other GPT sites, I realized I can earn around $4 on the average answering surveys on here. It’s really something when my earnings add up.



iRazoo has been around for at least a decade, and I like it because they have already paid nearly $50 million in cash to members! There are lots of doable tasks where you can earn points on this site, though cashing out via PayPal means you have to accumulate 3000 points first – the equivalent of $20. Still, it’s a feasible amount to work towards, and with iRazoo’s referral system where I can get 500 points for my referred person’s first 1000 points, it’s almost a cinch.



What I like best about CashCrate is, there is a real sense of community in it. In fact, most of the money I’ve earned from this site is via their referral system. I genuinely refer it to others because it’s a good source of extra income (apart from the obvious reason, which is that I get to earn from my referrals, too). There are so many creative ways to earn here apart from the ubiquitous survey-taking. You can sign up for offers or, if you have a blog, go for their affiliate program for even more sources of extra cash. You can ask to cash out once you earn the equivalent of $20 (which is very doable based on personal experience).



Though PointsPrizes is a new site (it’s only been around for a couple of years now), it already boasts of having over 11 million current members. The secret to their success lies in a variety of tasks to earn from. My favorite is the offer walls, which has earned me an average of 50 points per offer (over a hundred if I’m lucky). I also like their referral system in which I can earn 10% of my successful referrals’ earnings.


The verdict?

Those are my top 7 survey sites that pay cash, and pay it well! Again, this is not as comprehensive as I would wish it to be, given that I’m just one dude who’s juggling several GPT and online rewards sites and constantly testing them for legitimacy and time-worthiness. But I’ve crafted my own criteria for what constitutes a high paying site, and my survey sites lists usually involve those that pay on time, allow different ways to earn (such as promo codes and referral programs), have PayPal or other trusted payment methods in place, and basically won’t give you a hard time getting your hands on your hard-earned cash.

I would be more than happy to hear about your personal top survey network list – whether it’s just a couple or up to dozens – because I’m always up for learning new and innovative ways to earn online. So if you have a survey or GPT site to recommend on top of the ones I’ve mentioned here, please let your thoughts be known in the comment section below!
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