LEGIT My TimeBucks Review: Earning Cash for Doing Tasks - Scam or Legit?


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Apr 16, 2018

I’ll admit it: I’m a survey site snob. The survey site/GPT (“get paid to…”) industry has been rapidly expanding during the last few years. I know this based on the number of survey sites that have been popping up. But quantity doesn’t always mean quality. Trust me, there are a lot of crappy survey sites out there.

As for me, I only choose to work with the ones I think are legit. And why shouldn’t I? Time is valuable.

Since I like to use different survey sites at once, I’m always on the lookout for new sites I haven’t used before. While looking for sites that looked legit, I came across TimeBucks. My first impression of the site was pretty good, so I decided to give it a try.

Did the overall experience match my good first impression? Are they a legit survey site? Find out in this detailed review!

Introducing TimeBucks

TimeBucks is a company based in the United Arab Emirates. The site was launched in 2014, which gives it a bit of cred in the industry. Most scam sites simply don’t hang around long after pulling their scams.

Their website is, to put it simply, excellent. It won’t win any design awards, but it’s clean, professional, and easy to navigate. Most importantly, they have a pretty thorough FAQ section which covers just about every aspect of TimeBucks, from the tasks you’ll be doing, to the payout methods. This is a top-notch website.

Like most survey sites, TimeBucks awards you points for completing simple tasks such as taking surveys, watching videos and installing apps. They also have other unique methods, which we’ll be discussing in the following section.

How to Earn on TimeBucks

TimeBucks has all the traditional tasks we’ve come to expect from survey sites: complete surveys, watch videos, download and install apps on your device, and play games.

In addition to those, it also has a few more fun tasks for you to try, including growing a beard (No-Shave November, here I come!), taking selfies, and making drawings of people. I’m looking forward to the beard-growing task, but I’m also an avid sketcher. I never thought I’d be earning using my artistic skills on a survey site, but here we are.

You can also earn bonus points by doing individual tasks like subscribing to their YouTube page, liking their Facebook page

Referral Program

Maintaining a sizeable user base is important to the overall health of a survey site. That’s why TimeBucks likes to incentivize referrals. Every time you successfully refer someone to the site, you will earn a percentage of their site earnings for life (up to five levels deep!).

Earning Potential

Here are some average rates:

Polls: $0.01
Sharing Content: $0.01
Surveys: $1

As with other survey sites, your earning potential will depend on factors such as location (some surveys may be applicable to certain areas only), and the time you put in. I can’t stress the last item enough. Just because this is an “easy” way to make money doesn’t mean you don’t have to make time for it. In fact, you get paid by quantity. So be prepared to put the time in.

The website claims people can claim $50 on their first day (mostly due to all those one-time tasks) and about $10 to $20 on a regular day. It was a little difficult to hit those amounts, because I didn’t always have surveys to take. So set your expectations accordingly.

Payment Methods

Payments are sent either through PayPal or Payza and are made every Thursday (cut-off is every Wednesday 12 am, New York Time). Take note that there’s a $10 minimum for payouts.

They currently pay in cash only, but I don’t consider that a negative. Real money is always the best way to get paid!

How to Start

It’s super-simple. You create a TimeBucks account, either by creating a new profile or signing in using your Facebook profile. There is no minimum age requirement, and the site works in countries where PayPal is used.

They won’t charge you an upfront fee, which is a good sign of their legitimacy. In my experience, scam survey sites will try to charge you a fee first, or even ask for your credit card info (big red flag).

How to Maximize Your Earnings

I recommend you finish the easiest offers first. It may be tempting to go for the top-dollar ones first, but you’ll actually earn more in an hour if you did many small tasks, instead of a few big ones.

I also recommend you make the most of the referral program. There were times I actually made more money from referrals than actually completing tasks! You will need to have lots of referrals because there may be times you when won’t have any tasks to complete (see below). Having a deep line of referrals will ensure that you keep earning during these “lean” periods.

Any Complaints?

Just one: sometimes, surveys and tasks are not available, due to my location. While the site has a global scope, I wonder if most of their clients are from the Middle East. That probably explains why I didn’t qualify for tasks and surveys. It can sometimes be disappointing to be available online, but not have anything to do.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

TimeBucks is absolutely legit! The company is very professional, and their site has all the info you’ll need out in the open. They’ve got some fun, unique tasks for you to take, and the payout rate per task is pretty good.

The only downside is that you won’t always qualify for those tasks. I suggest you keep checking the site often to get up-to-date info on any tasks you could take.

Time Bucks Screenshots

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Your Turn

This review is based on my own experiences using TimeBucks. Now it’s your turn to share. Have you tried out the site? What tasks did you do, and how much have you earned?

Let’s hear your stories!

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May 29, 2018
Haven't personally used TimeBucks but in this video
which is from the site itself they show all the payments they've done and there are lots of comments below it on YouTube saying they pay on time. I would have no reservations signing up and earning with TimeBucks.
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Jun 14, 2018
I joined this site and I can't remember why I discontinued it. It may have been I just didn't have the time to carry on along with my other sites. Anyway I seem to remember it had interesting features that other reward sites didn't have and that you got paid a different amount for using the site on your phone but I can't remember if it was more or less. Maybe it's time to take another look.
Jun 8, 2018
Phoenix, AZ
I haven't tried this site out yet but I'm not too sure I'm ready to sign on to another site just yet. I work a full-time job and only have so much time to wade through my emails and visit these GPT sites in the evenings.
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Jun 6, 2018
I joined this site some time last but I realised there were no many offers from my country making the earning process quite slow and I had to give it up in it although I still receive emails from them.One thing I know is that thus site is legit and paying.


Sep 28, 2018
Long story short : Timebucks is 100% legit. They're one of the good ones out there and I've been using them for a while. First of all you won't have to worry about getting paid. I've gotten paid plenty of times and so did thousands of other users.

They're def one of the better GPT sites out there. Another great thing is the amount of offers they have. They got all kinds of cool things for you to earn money with ( basically all you need to do is spend some time )

I saw some previous comments mentioned that they didn't have enough offers. I guess these users are outside of the US. For me as a US users there is always plenty to do. Besides surveys they also pay users to mine cryptocurrencies. Yes thats right you can just mine crypto through your browser and they will add some $ to your account. The longer you mine the more you earn. Careful though as it will take electricity so if you're using the computer anyways then its a good way to earn cash. On the other end I would not leave the computer on to mine as I believe the electrify bill would be higher than the earnings. It's just a little extra that can run in the background while you do something else! All in all I highly recommend timebucks.


Nov 13, 2018
They're one of the good ones and you don't have to worry about getting paid. They're one of my top 5 survey / beermoney sites and my experience with them is very good.

What I used before a lot is the timebucks crypto mining stuff. Basically you got paid for mining cryptocurrencies. Its not recommended to do it from home because your electrify costs would be higher than the money you make but I basically just let my computer running from the office and was mining some crypto in the background :)

Of course I also did the other tasks such as surveys etc but the crypto stuff was basically free money for me :) shh don't tell my boss! They also answer support questions very quickly and if you are looking for a good site to earn some beer money then give them a try. 100% no scam and legit.


Jun 14, 2018
Long story short, Timebucks is legit. I like that I can get my money via PayPal because it’s the most trusted payment method for me. Timebucks isn’t on my top ten list of favorite survey sites but I haven’t given up on it because I do earn doing tasks here without too much of a hassle. I usually don’t bother with the lesser paying tasks like watching videos or visiting websites. Those pay only the equivalent of loose change. I do surveys and occasionally sign up for paid offers and free sites (though not frequently) so I can gradually build up towards the minimum cashout amount of $10. The surveys I’ve answered don’t take too much of my time so I don’t really mind not getting paid a huge amount for them. Also, I don’t use Timebucks regularly so I don’t really go beyond $10 in maybe two months or so...but all in all, not a bad experience here. Nothing outstanding, either, but it works.


Jun 14, 2018
Here are my two cents to chime in on this TimeBucks review. The long and short of is that it’s a legit GPT site. But I want to dwell on the “long” part, which involves some of my time wasted in spite of the number of tasks to do here in order to earn. So legitimacy notwithstanding, there are a couple of issues with this site that made me put it on the back burner for the time being.

See, there are different levels of payouts here depending on the task involved. A survey averages at a dollar per completion and the rates vary if you watch a video, download apps, play games, etc. But the bottom line is, the earnings aren’t worth my while in the long run. There is a minimum withdrawal amount of just $10 - not the lowest one I’ve encountered by a long shot, but still very doable. However, there are dry stretches when I won’t even get a single survey or task to accomplish. That means time wasted waiting when I can actually start making money on more reliable GPT sites. So overall, TimeBucks has potential but needs to shape up to be competitive.


Oct 26, 2018
I am pretty positive about TimeBucks, and it is a legit site. I think it is great that they offer tons of opportunities, and also offer these for countries, where it is usually difficult to get many opportunities for survey sites.
Some of these do, however, give very low rewards. But many of the things are things we spend time doing online anyways, and then it can be great to get paid a bit to do.
So if it will be worth for you to join depends on what your expectations are, and if you find the opportunities on TimeBucks interesting.


Apr 23, 2019
If you join Timebucks or any similar program then you should do it not just for the money but for fun as well. I have tried similar programs and earn some cash but it's not just enough to make a living. However, it is fun.

Timebucks is a good opportunity to earn some POCKET money online with so many options available. But it’s important to remember that this is just a way to earn some extra cash, for little effort.

Timebucks is definitely not a scam. I have earned more than a hundred bucks since I joined this platform. They do pay their members, sometimes late but they always send it to me.