My three month journey to making money online.


Nov 4, 2018
Hello ETB community. During the last three months, I've been on medical leave thus I haven't been back to my jobs since. Because of this, my bills been pilling up high and I need to do something about it. I found some websites that pay me right away and love it. So here is the website and I hope that it will help you guys out as well.
Clickworkers is a site that pays you to do to micro jobs on here. The pay can be from .10 cents to up 3.00 pays and 5 dollars referrals to get people to sign up. Not only that, they have another site, if you passed the assessment then you are invited to join URHS, which is another micro-job site, pays you on site. There are always jobs on here for you to earn money.
If you make over 300 to 600 dollars, depending on which state you live in, you have to fill out the w-9 form and send it into them so that you can get money into the PayPal account.
I made about 18.79 cents and just recently done 1.00 dollar recording. I am happy what I'm making on there.
Crowdsurfwork is transcribing site that you transcribing audio and video files. What I like about this site is that, once you sign up, they will ask you to sign up to work This is where they will send your money and you can request a work market debit card, so your money is right there when you need it. Once you have applied for the debit card, you are then given the option to switch payments from the card to Work is also a perfect site for people who work in the construction field or those who do electrical work. They have jobs on here posted all the time and the pay on here is from 50.00 to 1600 on continuing contract jobs. On Crowdsurfwork, once you finished your audio file, you will be score for your work, you will be paid for your work. The pay is low, so when you get started, the pay is between 8 cent to 15 cent. Don't let to payment fool you, the audio files are short, like 1 min to 6 min audio file and you have 15 min to finish the file. If you work for 8 hours on here, you will be able to make about 10 or more dollars on here. And you will get the payment immediately.
I made on this site 21.79 for the first week only.
User testing is a site where you are testing out a website for companies. You are being recorded, so you have to speak out loud and just tell the client what you are doing, what you are thinking about when using the site and follow the directions they give you. You are being paid 10 dollars for each testing you do. The longer the review the more money you are making. What I like about it is that a week later, you are given your money in your PayPal account. What I don't like is that once you do a review on there, you are not allowed to do another testing until they review your video and give you a score. Depending on your profile, and what you put on there, you will be given lots of chances to be screen for other testing either on the computer or on your phone. So I have love/hate relationship on here. But once you do a testing, you will be given your money in your PayPal account a week later. Make sure that the window is open so you can hear the ding and do the screener or test immediately.
Today, I just received my first 10 dollars from them.
Paidviewpoint website is very different. Unlike other survey websites where once you finished, you are then booted out. On here, once you finished your survey, you are then paid from a penny to 10 cents and given a score. The higher the score you have on here, the more surveys invite you will get. Since joining, I made 5.89 and my score is 1375. When you started out, once you finished your profile, you are being paid, and the score will be 500. I'm going to tell you right now, it is slow as heck. You might wait a day or half a day before another survey is presented to you. But once you get one, get it and apply. You will know you have a survey waiting for you when a red dot appears on the icon. The referrals on here are great, you will be given 25 dollars for every person who signs up. Check it out.

All of them, except for crowd surf has a referral link. Again, check them out and tell me if you guys like it or not.

I have another list of sites that send you checks in the mail. Just need to remember which ones. But anyway, this is what I earn so far. Been off and on since I've been going to the hospital majority of the time. I hope this list help and I have another list of survey sites that pay you by sending your check in the mail. Anyway, best of luck with you guys.


Bronze Wordsmith
Apr 16, 2018
Hi Kabachi,

Great post and happy to see you putting your downtime to work and succeeding in making money online. However, I was wondering why you're not doing surveys, your hourly earnings seem way low. Are you in the US or Canada or another country? Like if you check this post they have compiled what top users can make doing surveys and I find the data to be pretty spot on. So making a few dollars for 8 hours of work is crazy imho. Again, this is why we as a community need to share tips and tricks on how to make the most with our time spent online.


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Jun 10, 2018
Hopefully by now your back to work :)

I cant speak for any of those sites except PaidViewpoint as I have been a member there for many years. But I can say for sure it is one of the SLOWER earning sites out there. Im in the US, and so I get better results with that site, or so Ive heard, Ive talked to a few who are from other countries and barely get any surveys from them. It takes me about a month and a half to reach payments.

Never put all your eggs in one basket so to speak, there are so many great paying sites out there, where you can earn faster from. Look through the threads here, see whats paying, if you have questions about any of them, ask questions, pick up some more faster /easier sites to earn from to fill in the gaps with