Multiply Your Earning Potential with Passive Income


Rookie Wordsmith
Jun 13, 2018
I was thinking about what to write today, but couldn’t think of anything interesting topics. To try and get some inspiration, I started watching videos on ZoomBucks, since that’s a no-brainer earning method. Basically, all I do is let videos run, and I end up earning in the process. No other effort needed. Then it hit me: I should write about passive income, and why every work from home peep should have some passive income earning methods, in addition to their “active” earning gigs.

When you use a passive income-earning method you’re still free to do other work. For example, if you have videos playing, either on ZoomBucks, GrabPoints , or whichever rewards site you prefer, you are still free to do other stuff. Let’s say you do audio transcribing as your main gig. That requires a lot of attention. But you could have videos playing on your mobile phone, and you’d be earning from that. So you’re earning twice in the same span of time. Here’s another example: you could be a driver for Uber or Lyft. While doing trips, you can have another mobile phone playing videos (make sure you don’t look at the videos while driving). Again, you earn twice this way,

Watching videos is just the tip of the passive earning iceberg, and I do think it’s the simplest to do (that’s why I called it a no-brainer). But there are more passive income-earning methods that require a bit more effort, but are still pretty awesome and lucrative. You can rent out your driveway through apps like CurbFlip and Parking Cupid. And I would even consider Airbnb passive income. These earning methods allow you to do other stuff while generating income for you. And that is why I think passive income is super important for us work from home peeps!


Bronze Wordsmith
Apr 16, 2018
About the videos, the anti-fraud has gotten a serious upgrade over the last year and most videos require you to be in focus mode, meaning if you switch tab you have to start all over, not to mention they will generally ask you every 2 to 3 minutes if you're there. I guess this is in order to strike down on the video farms etc. people were using.