LEGIT Microsoft Playtest: Get Paid in Gift Cards and Software for Playing Video Games!


Bronze Wordsmith
Apr 16, 2018

Are you a hard-core gamer? Or are you intrigued by it?
Would you like it if someone paid you to perform your skills in video games?
If so, there is a program called MICROSOFT PLAYTEST. It is a neat platform for gamers and even non-gamers to do a trial on a new software and game console. Yes, you will play, and you will be called “playtesters.”

Are you interested in that?

But before you enroll read this in-depth review on the program so that you’ll know everything about it.

Microsoft Playtest Basics

As mentioned earlier, you will be termed as a “Playtester,” and you will “test” the game based on their studies using a wide array of game consoles and other types of gadgets.

You have to understand these facts about being a “Playtester”:

You will be there to play games.
It is necessary to report your opinion of the games.
You are playing and working at the same time – it’s a beta testing job.

  • There are no age limits on this “job,” in fact; even children are advised to apply for the game studies as long as they are 6 and above.

  • The Playtest studies are conducted in a building within Redmond, Washington, but they also have some centers outside the area.

  • Now, if you are within the vicinity of these research centers, then, you have the chance to take part in the studies.

  • It doesn’t mean though that you’re not in Redmond, you can’t join the Playtest, no. Anybody is welcome to apply for the research.
Playtester Eligibility: Are You Up For It?
  • Gamer or non-gamer, Microsoft is in need of your comments.
  • Young, old, and anywhere in between, any race, color, sex, religion, and whatever classification – you are encouraged to apply for the program.
  • Testers of all types are necessary.
  • Experience in gaming is not a prerequisite. Everybody is welcome, even without know-how in gaming.
  • As Playtesters, you will be engaged in playing through a personal computer, laptop, game consoles, and other gadget types.
  • Xbox savvy is not necessary.
  • A Microsoft employee and other related contractors or vendors are not allowed to be a Playtester.
  • If you are a child wanting to be a Playtester, parent’s consent is required. (17 years and below)
I Want To Enrol Now, How To Do It?

Enrolling online for the playtest is effortless.
  1. Inform the research team of Microsoft on the games that you are willing to test or play, and they will match you with the necessary test studies.
  2. Your data is kept private by Microsoft.
  3. Visit the Enrolment Page online and Register.
  4. You have to answer the enrolment sheet with your basic information.
  5. There will be a question about games and consoles that you already have with you.
  6. You also have to list your games and your playing time.
  7. You can finish the online form in less than ten minutes.

Now, once it’s done, your application is in their database. The Microsoft team will communicate with you once they see if you’re a good fit. Every two months, there is a Playtest study, and if chosen, you can test the game. Once you show that you’re interested in doing it, Microsoft will contact you.

You will receive a gift card/software in about 6 to 8 weeks (process time and shipping included). If you want to stop game testing, you can always tell Microsoft through email of your choice to end the test.

Rules On Children Playtesters

If you are 17 years old and below, you need parental consent before you can play. The parents must use the online form to “Enroll My Child.” As expected, children 12 years and below will have to ask their parents to assist with the enrolment.

For parents, don’t forget to sign the Parental Consent Form. Send the form within 30 days or else; the team will cancel your child’s application. These rules are governed by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).

Minors will be playtesting games that age-appropriate. They will be asked to test the game, provide their opinion by themselves, with a companion, within a crowd, or with loved ones. The parents must also accompany their children when needed in the research center while the testing is ongoing. In some studies, the parents are asked to wait in the lobby.

As compensation, the children can choose which video games (sometimes, consoles or software) they want to own. All the games are within the guidelines of ESRB, and the parents are aware of which game studies the kids will play.

The Fine Print

Playtesters are asked to test many unreleased games. The games are not sold anywhere, or it will never be released. Before testing, all Playtesters are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement or NDA. It is a valid contract and binding between the Playtesters and Microsoft.

Your personal information is kept secret from third parties, and of course, everything that happens within the facilities is classified. You cannot disclose specific matters in the games and studies. While it is allowed for you to state that you are a Playtester, you cannot say these things:

- Title of the games you’ve tested​
- It’s graphics​
- The features of the game​
- The Gameplay itself​
- Discussion on the game and with Microsoft​

If you violate the NDA, you will be sued for contract breach, infringement of copyright and other legal violations.

Is There Payment?

Of course, there is a payment for your services. You will earn gift cards, games or software. Microsoft will discuss with you the payment deal on your participation. As to how much, some studies agree to a $250 fee per test – depending upon many factors. Playtesters usually receive $100 in gift card or games. Take note: you can only test a game once every two months.

Honest Reviews: Testimony From Playtesters

• They love the idea of playing an unreleased game.
• The Playtesters said that they test the games alone or with others. After that, they have to share their feedback in a forum.
• The NDA restricts reviews for the program that is why not a lot of online sources have the full-on information.

Our Verdict: SCAM or LEGIT?

Enrolling and perhaps participating in the playtest is easy especially if you are a gamer. The fact that you are playing an unreleased game or playing it with others in a sort of like a “secret” facility is over the top amazing! The downside is that you cannot talk about the game (or else you’ll get sued) and your participation (and gift card claim) is limited to once every two months. Nevertheless, it is super fun to be involved with even if the payment is not that big. Obviously, we deem this LEGIT as it’s run by Microsoft.

Microsoft Playtest Screenshots

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What Do You Think?

Are you interested in a Playtest study? Or have you been in one already? Will you indulge us with your experience up to the extent of what you are legally allowed to say? Please, tell us about Microsoft Playtest by commenting below. Is it worth the time?