LEGIT Mendr Review: Earn Money Editing Photos from Home - Legit or Scam?


Jun 13, 2018
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I like to do a bit of graphic design and photo editing on the side. It started out as a hobby: I took journalism in college, but I was pretty impressed by the work that the art and design school students were doing in the next building. So before long, I was asking them to teach me how to use Photoshop.

I stayed in journalism, but I also kept practicing my Photoshop skills. I eventually became a pretty skilled graphic designer and photo editor. Not as good as the graphics guys next door, but enough to hold my own. I also learned that having Photoshop skills makes you pretty popular and in-demand in school. I helped edit photos for various organizations, including the school paper (funny, because I originally joined the paper as a reporter!) and yearbook.

But after school, I eventually found work as a reporter for a local paper. I still enjoyed playing around on Photoshop, but I never made a career out of it. Journalism is demanding work, and journalists hardly have any time for other endeavors.

Well, one of the girls in the art department heard about my love for graphic design and suggested I register on Mendr and offer my editing services there. Mendr is an app/website that connects people who need pictures edited with qualified photo editors (such as myself). Since I didn’t have time to work for an actual design studio, Mendr was pretty tempting.

I tried Mendr out, and can give you guys a detailed review of my experience. If you’ve got some photo editing skills, and are looking to earn a few books, check out my Mendr review!

Why do People Use Mendr?

The internet is full of badly-edited photos - go check the Bad Photoshop subreddit to see what I mean. While some of these images were done humorously, a lot of them are actually just really badly done. Which is surprising, because you don’t actually need Photoshop to edit photos. Even your basic smartphone has some pretty good image editing features. But just because people have the tools to edit photos, that doesn't mean they actually have the talent to edit well.

And that’s where we come in. Mendr connects editors (us) with clients (them). The benefit for clients is that the service is generally cheaper than if they looked for freelancers elsewhere. The benefit for us is that don’t need to bid for projects (seriously, bidding is a terrible practice), and we can set our own work schedules.

Being able to manage my schedule was a definite plus for me, because I had no intention of giving up my day job as a reporter.

The Work Process on Mendr

Most clients will access Mendr through the mobile app. Although you can also take jobs on the app, you will have to do the editing work on your computer, of course.

Jobs will be viewable on your profile’s dashboard page. It’s up to you whether or not you want to take a specific job. In this regard, it’s like Uber for photo editors. But unlike Uber, you’re not required to actually take jobs or meet any sort of quota. If you don’t take jobs, you simply don’t get paid. That’s it.

If a client really likes your work, they can hire you directly in the future. Mendr calls this “direct edit request.” When a client comes straight to you, you can charge a little more than usual.

I can’t emphasize the importance of direct requests enough. This is the way to make money on Mendr. So whenever you get a job via the dashboard, make sure you give it your best effort. That way, you built a good relationship with the client, increasing the chances of them hiring you directly in the future.

Don’t ignore the small jobs. I once edited someone’s 1x1” ID photo. It seemed kind of pointless at first, but I still gave it my all. And guess what? It paved the way for bigger jobs later on. Turned out that client owned a photography studio. He would hire me to help ease the pressure on his in-house photo editors. Ka-ching!

Who Can You Apply as a Photo Editor?

For starters, head to their site, register, and download their app to your smartphone. Follow these links:

Website: https://mendr.com

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mendr-we-edit-your-photos/id1185100442?mt=8

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mendr.app&hl=en

Once you’ve registered, you will have to take and pass a skills test. If you pass, you can start taking paid jobs immediately. If you fail, you will be asked to keep working on developing your skills and try taking the test again in two weeks. So there’s very little risk involved.


Editors from around the world can apply as an editor. Mendr itself doesn’t really list qualifications such as a design or art school degrees. All it requires is that you pass the skills test. As long as you pass the test, who cares if you never went to a fancy art college? The quality of the output is all that matters.

But with that said, I think there are some skills and qualifications that will definitely come in handy while working as a photo editor on Mendr. They are:

You own a computer capable of handling photo editing - Editing photos requires a pretty fast computer. And it’s not just for your own convenience. With a slow computer, you won’t be able to finish jobs quickly, and that might result in unhappy clients.

Good communication skills - Photo editing is a very technical process. You’ll have to be able to explain, in layman’s terms, certain aspects of the job, including resolution and color theory to clients. In this regard, you’re not just a photo editor. You’re also a teacher.

Good comprehension skills - This is also pretty important. Sometimes, clients aren’t very good at explaining what they want. If you get a client like that, you’ll have to sort of decode what they’re trying to say. But I recommend asking lots of questions, just to settle any doubts on your part. Remember: it’s better to look dumb asking lots of questions than it is to not ask questions and look dumb when you’ve missed the mark.

Good taste in esthetics - If a client wants something that might embarrass them later on, you should explain that maybe that’s not such a good idea. But for some people, putting their face on a well-oiled bodybuilder riding a unicorn isn’t tacky. You’ll have to explain why certain creative decisions aren’t exactly the best ones. You will then have to be able to recommend alternatives that are tasteful.

Earning Potential on Mendr

Most photo editing jobs are in the $2 to $30 range. But take note, Mendr deducts a commission for every transaction. Your earnings will depend on how many jobs you can accommodate (and complete), and whether you get any direct requests. These direct requests are the best way to boost your earning capacity on the site. So always give clients a positive experience, to encourage them to come back to you later on. You can cash out your earning via PayPal.

As you may expect, your earnings won’t be enough for you to quit your day job. And you shouldn’t. Mendr is a source for supplemental income. As a person working as a journalist by day, that was fine by me.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

Mendr is legit! Photo editing is a great activity, and it’s awesome to have a way to earn from it while working from home or during my free time. (What little free time I have!)

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Your Turn

This review is based on my own experiences working as a photo editor for Mendr. Now it’s your turn to share! Have you tried receiving jobs through the site? How were your earnings?

Let’s hear your stories!

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Fred W

Jun 14, 2018
Editing photos from home sounds like such a fun and challenging way for me to earn an extra income. With my more-or-less fluid and flexible freelance schedule, it’s something I can accommodate while taking a break from the daily writing I do to earn a living.

I tried Mendr based on friend recommendations who keep raving about it. Since a lot of my family members turn to me to edit their photos (my teenage daughter used to do this a lot, pre- beauty filter app haha) for Christmas and other occasion cards, I figured it would just be right up my alley. Thank goodness I was accepted as a Mendr editor based on my Photoshop skills, so I was able to get the kind of jobs that I think match my skill level. So far, my average pay for the jobs I’ve accepted is around $10, and they’re all pretty simple portrait-improving photo editing stuff. So...not the kind of amount for me to even seriously think about giving up one of my writing jobs for, but it definitely adds to the beer money fund!

I like being able to cash out on PayPal because it gives me a chance to just let my Mendr money sit in there until I need it. It’s definitely a passive income at best, but I like being an independent contractor here because I don’t need a “higher up” to breathe down my neck while I try my best to meet a client’s requirements. So overall, I’ve had a great experience with Mendr so far!


Rookie Wordsmith
May 16, 2018
Thanks Naomi for the Mendr review! I haven’t tried Mendr myself (but maybe I should?) but my cousin has and he totally swears by it. He used to find photo editing work on sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr. But Mendr is now his primary source for his photo editing side hustle. Those other sites don’t pay very well – there’s a lot of lowballing, and you need to work for peanuts, if you want to get hired by clients. On some cases, my cousin actually does the work as part of his pitch! I’m not a super smart business person, but something tells me that doesn’t make very good business sense.

And soon figured out that those sites weren’t very good options for him. He started finding work on Mendr and hasn’t looked back. He prefers Mendr because he could earn more simply because clients paid more. That isn’t exactly a “feature” per se, but something about the site encourages better paying clients. And that encourages him to do better work, which in turn leads to more work.

Bulk of his income on Mendr comes from repeat clients. So when you get a job, do it well. And the more you work with a client, you can charge more, especially when they recognize the quality of your work.