Master List of Passive Income Apps/Sites that Are All Compatible


Apr 16, 2018
United States
This is not just another list of ways to make money online. This is a list of sites and programs that will pay you without you having to spare an extra thought to utilize them.

Not only that, but every program on this list can be used simultaneously to pile on the money. Don't you hate it when an article says "10 apps to earn money" and then you realize you can only run one of those 10 at a time.

Authors will also often tell you a program is passive, but then it is extremely tedious to claim the reward every time you trigger a reward opportunity.

For instance, having to take a picture of every receipt from the stores you go to. That's not passive. These apps are passive.

Honeygain - Let it Run, Get Paid

Honeygain is a program where all you have to do is download a safe program on your computer, and scientists from institutes and business will use your excess data transfer to help power their large scale computations.

You won't notice this program running in the background, but there are reports of people earning $20+ a month passively.

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Cocoon - Browser Clone of Google Chrome, but it Pays You

No matter what browser you use, somebody will find a way to track, sell, and otherwise share your user data. When you use programs like Cocoon , you basically take back control of your data and get paid for it.

I used Cocoon for just a few minutes, and already it says I've made 17 cents. Now that's not a lot, but when you use it day after day, month after month, it'll add up and begin to scale!

Also because it is based on Chrome, you don't have to change any of your behavior. You can login to sync all of your bookmarks, passwords, and defaults. It runs very quickly.

Cocoon can handle ANY extension from the Chome webs store, which is why Cocoon is compatible with the rest of the list.

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Swagbucks - Extension: Paid to Search, Paid to Shop

Now of course you probably have heard or even used Swagbucks . But did you know there are two main passive opportunities that are compatible even with Cocoon ? The first is the "Get Paid to Search" feature.

Now this one isn't all that lucrative, but adds up over time. Of course it requires you to change your search engine from Google to Swagbucks Search (Yahoo based). Every once in a few searches, they'll send you a captcha code for 4 cents to $1.

Then there is also the Paid to Shop, which EVERYBODY should have installed in their browser. It's a no-brainer because it gives you up to 7% on any Amazon purchase, and from 4-8% on travel sites like Expedia. Often I earn $50 in cash back for every trip I take, and of course equal amounts when I shop for Christmas presents.

Also, hint hint nudge nudge, you may be able to use this when making business purchases for a little extra income.

They have a lot of other earning opportunities, some lucrative, but I wouldn't call them passive.

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SavvyConnect - Extension: Paid for Data

This extension is a similar concept to Cocoon , except it's just an extension and is compatible with any Chrome browser! They claim to pay out $5 per month just to leave it installed. That's $60 a year in true passive income, which is amazing.

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Loginhood - Extension: Paid for Data

Here's another program that is compatible with all of the above, but has a twist. It blocks bad trackers, so that you're almost always getting compensated for your data rather than allowing your data to be sold without a reward.

This one already sent me $1 by Paypal, just for having it installed for a couple of days. It's certainly legit, and I'd say you could make another $100 a year if you use your browser frequently.

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Honeyminer - Use Processing Power to Automatically Mine Crypto and Get Paid

Honeyminer uses your CPU and GPU power, basically processing capability, of your PC to mine and sell cryptocurrency.

This program is fully compatible with Honeygain . Whereas the prior program uses excess data to generate income, Honeminer uses excess computing power to mine crypto. It scans crypto marketplaces to determine which cryptocurrency is the most profitable at any given time, and then sell it for you and deposits into your Honeyminer account.

Both can run simultaneously, and both are careful to ensure they're not interfering with your usual usage of your computer. Just leave this program installed and you'll earn some extra coffee money every month.

Honeyminer has a great referral program, which pays 10% for direct referrals and 5% for indirect referrals.

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Dosh - App: Paid for Shopping, just Connect a Card

Dosh automatically finds you cash back whenever you pay with a linked card in stores! For instance, go about your normal business and eat at a restaurant. Then notice 2-10% appear in your Dosh account automatically.

This is of course compatible with many major credit cards (and debit cards when you swipe as credit), and happens fully automatically without any further interaction with the app. And they'll pay you $5 when you sign up using the link below and link your first card.

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Pei - App: Paid for Shopping, Connect an Account and Card

There are a lot of programs popping up like Dosh , but many of them use the same backend to connect cards, like Empyr, and therefore are not compatible. Pei on the other hand IS compatible. It uses Plaid as the backend, so you can go ahead and earn with both types of programs.

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