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Bronze Wordsmith
Apr 16, 2018

I’m sure a lot of us are old enough to remember when playing video games was considered a non-productive pastime. My mom used to lock up my PlayStation 1, and ration the quarters I used in the arcade. (I know, I’m ancient)

That was then. Today, playing video games is a legit career for many. You’ve got professional “eSports” players who can fill sports arenas during international tournaments. There are also professional content creators who monetize their gaming via platforms like Twitch and YouTube.
And pro gaming is big business. For example, the global revenue generated by eSports in 2015 was $325 million!

I’ve discovered two websites where you can make money playing video games, even if you’re not a hardcore or professional player. Now, these two sites won’t pay you the same amount of money if you entered (and won) a professional gaming league. The payouts here are a bit modest, but they don’t require you to pour huge amounts of time and money into them.

These two sites, WorldWinner and Gamesville hold tournaments and mini-competitions for a wide variety of games. Most of these games are friendly towards casual players. They include games you’re probably familiar with already, like Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. You’ll have to pay a small entry fee before playing, usually around $1. The winner gets the money in the prize pool.

If you wanna game and earn at the same time, read on!

1. Gamesville

Gamesville was founded in 1995. The computer gaming landscape was radically different back then. Internet gaming wasn’t big yet, and people were playing on machines that were way slower than today’s average smartphone. But Gamesville managed to maintain its relevance, and is now considered a pioneer of online casual gaming.

It withstood the test of time by listening to user feedback (and acting on it quickly) and by offering the most prize money, often for free! You can play bingo for free on Gamesville, and you still earn money from it. It’s like entering a lottery for free.

If you prefer to pay to enter “proper” tournaments, you can still do so. The site has a good library of games, most of which are based on familiar “real-world” games like poker, solitaire, and the aforementioned bingo.

Average payouts for winning in these tournaments is around $10. It’s nowhere near the money professional eSports players make, but it’s still not bad. These games don’t require hours of practice and a high-end computer. You can just log in using whatever computer you’re using and start playing (and hopefully earning) before long.

If it sounds too good to be true, don’t worry. Gamesville is legit. They make money through advertisements and sponsors. Good for the site, good for you.

Link: https://www.gamesville.com

2. WorldWinner

WorldWinner is another long-standing gaming website. The site was started in 1999, and operates under the Game Show Network’s GSN Games department. So WorldWinner has both tenure and pedigree. But what does that mean to you as a player?

It means WorldWinner know how to hold great tournaments with great prize pools! Every year, the site gives out $175 million in winnings. That’s not a typo! And very recently, the pot for a solitaire tournament hit $10,000. The top hundred players in the tournament got to split the prize. $100 is nothing to sneeze at when all you have to do is play solitaire!

Tournaments such as that have great prize pools, and feature both social casino and skill-based games. Don’t worry about the term “casino”; this isn’t gambling per se. Since WorldWinner can’t legally run gambling games, they’ve modified those games to rely more on player skill than chance.

If you’re not keen on jumping in with the big guns, you can always join a mini-tournament. These contest match you with a player with a similar skill level. The site determines this by checking all scoring records prior to connecting players.

Link: https://www.worldwinner.com
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/worldwinner-play-for-cash/id1248993106?mt=8
Android: Android games are available under GSN Games, but do not offer cash prizes.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

Both Gamesville and WorldWinner are legit! I earned a good deal of money on those sites playing the games I love. My winnings varied depending on my luck and performance, but I never left empty-handed. Even if I won just a dollar, I would consider that a net win… that’s how much fun these sites are.

Your Turn

This review is based on my own experiences playing and earning money on those two sites.
Now it’s your turn to share. What games do you usually play, and do you have any tips on how to win big?

Let’s hear your stories!
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May 18, 2018
I am going to forward this to my brother, he literally spends all his waking hours playing computer, he might as well get paid for it.
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Jun 21, 2018
I think my son would be very interested in this opportunity. But I'm not sure I'll be too happy if he spends the whole day playing games :)


Bronze Wordsmith
Jul 28, 2018
It says on their website that you cannot get money anymore from Gamesville. :( And sadly WorldWinner is not available for people in EU.

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