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Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
Okay, hands up if you spend way, way, waaaay too much time in front of your computer or phone screen! C’mon, let’s see those hands!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve gotten pretty sedentary every since I started my work from home journey. Working from home and getting smart with my money has had a profoundly positive effect on my life, specifically my personal and family life. But one negative effect is that I’ve become pretty sedentary.

In my old corporate life, I was a desk and cubicle lurker like most of you. But I still did a lot of walking throughout the work day, whether I was scooting from one conference to another, or running to the bus stop after work. Not exactly elite athlete levels of activity, but it was still physical activity nonetheless.

But now that I’m a work from home peep? I lurch into my home office after my morning coffee, plant myself in my worn office chair and… nothing. I mean, I do work. And I work a lot. But physically, I don’t do much. My wife works a regular office job, and my two kids spend most of the day in school. So there’s hardly any reason for me to get up and move (I even have a personal fridge under my desk – bad idea!).

I’ve definitely gained quite a bit of weight since I started working from home. After my wife good-naturedly pointed out the spare tire that is my bulging gut, I decided to make a lifestyle change. I got a gym membership and reminded myself to get up from time to time to move around my room. But not only that – I also started using these awesome money-making apps that reward me for staying active!

Since I’m sure my experience isn’t unique, I decided to share these money-making apps with my readers. These apps that pay you to exercise are great for incentivizing you to get up and move! But best of all, they allow you to maximize your time – when you use these apps that pay you to work out, you’re making money while getting healthy at the same time. That’s an awesome win! Without further ado, here are my favorite workout apps that pay you. Read on to begin your health and money making journey!



For me, SweatCoin is the gold standard by which most fitness apps are compared. It really is an awesome app that lets you earn money for exercise! But I would still consider SweatCoin a beginner app. If you’re new to the concept of fitness apps, you should start with SweatCoin. The app will show you all the concepts that you will encounter in other fitness apps. Once you get fully familiarized with this app, you can move on and try others. (Although I still continue to use SweatCoin – the app is awesome like that!)

You can consider SweatCoin the carrot at the end of a stick, encouraging you to move. With SweatCoin on your phone, you earn by either running or walking. Each distance earns you points – the eponymous “Sweat Coins” – which you can later trade for rewards, including cash! I like gift cards, but nothing will beat cash. There are also levels (and paid membership tiers) that you can go for to get even more earnings.

I need to point out, though, that with SweatCoin, you need to move outdoors to get your points and earnings. I thought about buying a treadmill for my home office until I learned that SweatCoin will use GPS to determine whether you’re outdoors or in. If you’re indoors, it doesn’t count that as an activity. I actually like it. Using SweatCoin, you literally need to pound the pavement. I do need to get more sunlight anyway, so I don’t mind this requirement at all.



Once you’ve gotten a feel for fitness apps using SweatCoin, you can now try EarthMiles. This app has many of the functionalities that SweatCoin has, and then some. For example, with EarthMiles, you can track various fitness-related activities and metrics – and, of course, you get rewarded for hitting those milestones!

With this app, you can track your diet, exercise, and other activities. One of the more unique and awesome features of EarthMiles is that you can even track your meditation or mindfulness training! Given the amount of stress (hey, even work from home peeps experience stress, amirite?) I experience, it’s great to know that I can practice meditation… while getting paid for it!

EarthMiles truly is a game-changer for me. Instead of focusing on just one fitness-related activity, EarthMiles if more of a “holistic” fitness app. It encourages you to improve your entire lifestyle and make the necessary changes to achieve that. EarthMiles truly is – wait for it – earth-shattering!



If you need a little extra kick to get you motivated to eat healthily, check out DietBet. As the name implies, you make a wager on DietBet based on specific challenges. There are two challenges on DietBet: one where you have to lose 4% of your current weight within four weeks. With the second challenge, you will have to lose 10% of your body weight in six months.

If you succeed in these challenges, you will get your bet back, as well as a bonus, which usually ranges from 150% to 200% of your original bet!



If betting money on your fitness goals is too drastic an option, no worries. That’s a totally legit concern. If you prefer a “positive encouragement” approach to losing weight, try Higi. This app is more along the lines of SweatCoin. You do a bunch of fitness-related activities, and whenever you hit a certain goal or milestone, you get the appropriate reward. The only downside to Higi – if it could be considered that – is that they don’t provide cash rewards. But they more than make up for it by offering tons of gift card options.

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