LEGIT Lucktastic Review: Have Fun While Winning Cash! - Scam or Legit?


Jun 14, 2018
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I have to admit that, during my first foray into the world of online rewards and GPT sites, I was really looking forward to getting paid for playing games. I love games! I can do them all day if I could! But then I realized later on, with most of the online rewards sites that had games as tasks, these often had the lowest points or payment equivalent. So yeah, that kind of took the fun out of earning cash from playing online games.

Today, however, there’s a current crop of lottery apps and sites that is pretty much the virtual equivalent of scratch-off card games - meaning, it’s not by any sort of work put in that you get earnings, but more of sheer luck and some serious risk-taking. There are no surveys are tasks to do - just try your luck and see if it gets you some money!

Now, I have to say right off the bat that gambling isn’t my thing, but since I’m all about the possibility of earning extra cash on my free time, I say why not give this site Lucktastic a spin? So let’s check out and get to the bottom of it: is Lucktastic legit, or is Lucktastic a scam?

First things first - what is it?

It’s an app you can download either at the Google Play Store or the App Store. Lucktastic only works on smartphones and tablets, not on PCs. The games are of the scratch-off cards kind, though there’s a good variety of them to keep you coming back for more.

How long has it been around?

The Lucktastic app is the brainchild of the New York-based mobile gaming company Jump Ramp Games, founded in 2011. The app itself was launched in 2014.

Is registration free?

The first entry of the site’s FAQ states that “Lucktastic is a free and fun way to win real cash and prizes and earn rewards.” So yes, registration is free, and you can start playing after you’ve downloaded and entered your ZIP code. The games re-set at 5 AM EST and 2 PM PST every day.

How do I start earning extra income from Lucktastic?

As with most online contests, to win money, you have to play. The premise of Lucktastic is to “win cash instantly” but I’m here to tell you that it’s never as easy as that, ever. The odds of winning depend on how many people are playing at that moment, as well as the number of entries per game. The average scratch card game available can win you around $2, though there seem to be harder games offering bigger prizes in the area of $100-$1500 (or even bigger) if you’re lucky.

Does it pay well?

You can earn in tokens, which you can then use to enter more contests or redeem for Instant Rewards (you can check your balance in your account’s Wallet to see if you have enough to redeem rewards or claim your cash equivalent).

Lucktastic pays well enough to actually have a section in their website bearing all the names of those who actually won something with their app through the years. There are video clips and headshots of people showing off checks and gift cards and items, complete with captions bearing the winners’ names, location, and how much they won (the highest-winning amount I can see so far is $26,000). But how did these people manage to win so much?

The secret seems to be in using your token earnings to be able to afford the games with higher prizes, such as the $5000 scratch card which you can play after four days of consecutive playing. You can also get the chance to play the $10000 scratch card IF you manage to play a total of 150 scratch cards prior. So yep, spend “money” to make money seems to be the deal here, which, to be perfectly frank, is what gambling is all about, anyway.

How soon do I get paid?

With the site’s referral system, you can get credited with 1000 tokens as soon as your referred friend downloads and plays the app. As for the actual earnings from the games themselves, the cash prizes, of course, translate into actual dollars, while tokens can be traded for cash (15000 tokens for $10) or gift cards (15000 tokens for a $5 GC from Amazon ). Cash winners get an email notification. All Lucktastic winners are announced as soon as their information is confirmed.

The verdict?

So we’ve come to this point in the review, and I would like to say that Lucktastic is legit, BUT.

First, the bad news? It’s only available to US residents. The app needs a zip code and only US zip codes are accepted. Secondly, the chances of winning really depend on the odds and, having grown up in a family that had lottery tickets as a staple in our regular budget, but not really getting any sort of windfall from winning (my mom occasionally did, though the winnings were more for buying more lottery tickets than any significant expenses), I wouldn’t recommend this as something of a second source of income.

The good news? There are winners in the past, and there will be more winners (maybe you?) in the future. So if you have the time and inclination to try your luck with sweepstakes-type apps like this, I say why not?

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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Your turn!

Now that I’ve shared with you my personal thoughts on earning money from Lucktastic, I would like to hear yours, too. Is an app like this worth the gamble just to see if you’re lucky enough to win cash or rewards for your time? Or is it something you won’t even try because you prefer the less risky options of GPT and paid survey sites?

Link: https://www.lucktastic.com
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lucktastic-win-real-prizes/id976708161?mt=8
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lucktastic.scratch&hl=en

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Oct 24, 2018
Nice board and I figured I will share my experience with lucktastic here! I personally use the lucktastic app from time to time and I got lucky a few times already. Basically unlike many other get paid to sites they won't let you cash out your money but instead give you the chance to win even more money with their sweepstakes. To earn points you watch some ads and then get to play to win. All in all a fun way to make some extra cash but you def need some luck to win.

I wish there would be a lucktastic hack but so far I haven't found one. Once in a while you get lucky and if you like to gamble then Lucktastic is definitely a nice way to "earn" some money. Keep in mind though that you can also lose all your hard earned points which sucks a lot. Imagine you downloaded a bunch of apps or watched some advertisements and collected some points just to lose it all. But then you could've also scored big with their sweepstakes. C'est la vie I guess :)
Nov 19, 2018
Lucktastic is fairly simple and straightforward. This is an application for Android and iPhones for playing scratch games online and even better, it’s free.
I started using this app three months ago. I have already received about four gift cards, and I have taken my kids out to eat using these cards.
This app won't make you rich, yes that's a fact, but it's still nice receiving decent rewards.
I always receive my rewards in 2-3 days. It takes days to receive the rewards because there are a lot of people also redeeming their tokens, so they have to verify and take time to look you up, load the gift card and email it to you.
I love Lucktastic and have never had a problem using their app. It simply works fine for me.


Nov 13, 2018
I love Lucktastic. Been using it on my android phone for the longest time and made some nice $ with it. You could call it my lucky day app . Honestly its also quite entertaining and you can play when you got some spare time.

One of the best ways is their search and win function. Basically you can earn points to play with by searching the internet ( I mean thats something you would do anyways once in a while so why not get some points and then use them to win a prize ).

Btw if you're not a user yet make sure you sign up now. They have some great extra bonuses during the Christmas season. At the moment they give out $500 for xmas presents ( promo goes till dec 15 2018 so make sure you sign up in the coming days ) . All in all they're legit and my experience with them was good.

Amy Es

Sep 24, 2018
Lucktastic is a pretty interesting rewards app. From the looks of things, there are people on either side of the fence – they either like it or they don’t. As for me, I’m kind of leaning towards not liking the app. Don’t get me wrong, Lucktastic is legit. But your enjoyment will rely largely on how much you enjoy things like scratch cards and games of chance. If you like testing your luck, this is the app for you. It’s also a good way to earn (or try to earn, rather – your earnings are all up to luck, after all). So if this sounds like something you’d like to try out, give it a test run.

As for me, here are the things I liked and disliked about Lucktastic:

Like: It’s good, brainless fun

If you suffer from survey site fatigue, Lucktastic offers a respite from all that.

Dislike: No guarantee that you’ll win anything

I won a few minor prizes a couple of times. But it wasn’t enough to get me hooked on the app. I prefer knowing that I’ll actually earn something from my efforts.

Dislike: Lots of pop-ups and annoying ads

Argh. I know serving ads to their members is part of Lucktastics business model, but the ads on Lucktastic made we want to chuck my phone down a well.