Love Disney Theme Parks? Here's How You Can Work For Them...From Home!


Jun 14, 2018
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If you, like me, ever wanted one of those seemingly glamorous Disneyland careers as a kid - maybe as a Princess or any other character in a mascot suit - then this would be the perfect article for you. I loved Disneyland and most anything Disney-related, even now that I’m a mom to my own Disney-obsessed kids. That dream never materialized for me, sadly. Corporate and family life beckoned, and before I knew it, I’m well past the possibility of becoming a theme park actor (or similar) :D

But there’s good news! Now that we’re home-based adults, the most magical place on earth is still thankfully within reach. Of course, the dream does come with compromises, meaning I still can’t don a Cinderella gown and speak in a sweet sing-song voice to guests. What I can do, though, is to promote the theme park I’ve grown up with and still visit from time to time with my family...with my own words, right here in the comfort of my own castle, err, bungalow.

Be a Disney blogger

Out of all the possibilities of working for Disney in my current situation, this is the one I find the most appealing. You can make it a themed blog that’s all about Disney, whether it’s how to travel there, what to expect once you’re in or if there are new themes and rides and characters to check out, etc. Or you can do reviews of new and old Disney movies!

Just make sure not to mention “Disney” or its other trademarked characters in your blog because of intellectual property laws. But don’t worry - there are plenty of creative ways to name your blog and give clues to readers that it’s all about Disney magic (I’m personally liking “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”).

You can monetize your blog by being an affiliate partner with Disney product and service distributors or programs. ShopDisney also has an affiliate program where you can earn commissions while they provide all the tools needed for affiliate marketing.

Promote Disney travel and tours

I’ve been to Disneyland as a kid with my parents and siblings, then with college friends during one memorable spring break, then several times with my husband and kids. Though far from being a Disney expert, I do admit to having accumulated enough travel experience and memories to be able to relay some of them with knowledge and confidence to potential readers.

You, too, can be a travel consultant and promote Disneyland tours and travels! The thing is - you really, really, REALLY have to prove that you’re a true Disney fan and expert before getting approved as an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner (a title that is a distinguished one among travel and tour agencies, since their knowledge doesn’t come from guidebooks and brochures, but from firsthand experience!). You also have to have visited a Disney resort more than just a couple of times (somewhere in the area of 8 to a dozen is good), and be familiar with the rides, events, and other details that make it the happiest place on earth, before you become an approved agent. (I googled “Authorized Disney Vacation Planner” and found dozens of agencies that are looking for people with near-encyclopedic knowledge of Disney travels).

Contribute articles to Disney theme park blogs

I never thought that the words “part-time work from home” and “the happiest place on earth” will ever become connected in any way, since the Disneyland experience is akin to a sensory overload, and not the routinary one of a home-based job. But blogs like Theme Park Tourist are always looking for writers who can expertly describe the Disney theme park experience in an entertaining yet informative way, with a compelling title to hook readers right off the bat. Compensation is pretty good, too - $40 per 1000-1500 word article, to be paid at the end of each month. The blog is looking for at least one article contribution a week, preferably on a long-term, regular basis.

Become a home-based guest support representative

Among the possible Disney work from home jobs, this one seems to be the most popular, especially among WAHMs. After all, Disney careers don’t need to be confined to costume-wearing, dancing and singing, and live-action type roles for the magic to happen, right? If you are good at sales and marketing, have the gift of gab, and think you can sell Cinderella a new pair of glass sneakers (I kid! I kid!), then try going for a guest support representative job over at Disney Careers. As of this writing, I typed the words “guest support remote” in the keyword bar along with my city and got some searches for Remote Support Representative and Guest Services Representative. To cast an even wider net for this kind of job, try using a combination of other keywords.

The verdict?

While it’s not exactly the kind of glamorous work that I imagined as a child, working with Disney has its own perks (aside from the monetary) - you can get to share your love and knowledge of theme parks and the Disney experience, and help shape others’ travel experiences in turn. Aside from that, there’s something very distinguished about being considered a Disney travel expert among a sea of casual Disney-goers, so to be able to work for the happiest place on earth, even if it means working in my comfy lounge pants and flip-flops, is something of an honor.

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Your turn!

Do you like Disney’s theme parks and all the things that go with them? Would you consider a home-based career promoting Disneyland? Share your thoughts below!