Last site that paid you


Jun 14, 2018
I earned $25.00 from Pointclub and $25.00 from $25 from One Opinion last week. Getting ready to cash out with Jobs2Shop $25.00 again, and on tomorrow or Saturday, I'll be cashing out again $15.00 with Paid-to-read-email. Just last week, also, I cashed out with Branded Surveys, but had an issue because they had a site problem. Only when I went to their facebook page did I find that they had posted some information within the time frame I had already requested payout. Made me mad, so, I pretty much put on their page, "yeah, you guys can post some irrelevant stuff on your facebook page, but can't find the time to pay your loyal people that go to your site and do surveys"....smh...that made no sense. Needless to say, they paid me within the hour y $15.00 I made with them!!