Is Quick Rewards Legit or a Scam? Here’s My Review


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Apr 16, 2018

I would consider myself a survey site junky. I’ve tried using lots of different survey sites, and have maintained my membership in several (legit) sites. Filling out surveys, as well as a few other tasks, is an awesome way to make a few bucks. But to maximize your savings, it’s best to use several sites, which is what I do. That way, if one site doesn’t have any suitable surveys, you can always go to the next one.

I heard about Quick Rewards through the survey site community. Since I’m always on the lookout for ways to make money, I looked into it… and as far as first impressions go, it didn’t look very good.​

But I’ve also tried a lot of dubious-looking sites that turned out to be legit. And Quick Rewards could be one of those sites. So, in the name of fairness, I gave Quick Rewards a shot.

I’m sharing my experiences with you, to help you decide whether you want to include Quick Rewards to your regular survey site rotation. Let’s go!

First Impressions

The page design looks pretty amateurish. It looks like the designer used clipart from a 90s version of Powerpoint. (They claim to have been around since 2002)

There isn’t a whole lot of information on the company, or their programs. A website may not look pretty, but it should at least have all the relevant info out there in the open.

Up to that point, I was not impressed.

What They Promise

The info that is available is pretty basic. You take surveys, shop, take offers, play games, and watch videos and get rewarded for it. They also promise the following:
  • Quick Crediting: Most offers credited within 24 hours
  • Quick Cashouts: Cash out for PayPal with as little as a penny or for Gift Cards starting at $5.
  • Quick Payments: PayPal payments sent within 72 hours and Gift Cards within a week
  • Quick Customer Service: Same-day email responses to your questions, from real people
You can get payouts as one of over 50 redemption options, including PayPal, Amazon , Red Lobster, and the Disney Store.

Beyond that… nothing. It doesn’t tell you how many points you’ll earn per task, and how many points are equivalent to one dollar.

An older version of the site did mention that surveys pay a minimum of 50 cents up to $1. But if you didn’t know that, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for you to think there was something questionable about Quick Rewards.

Taking Surveys on Quick Rewards

Quick Rewards used an algorithm to match you with appropriate surveys. That’s standard practice among survey sites. The interface of the site is also easy to navigate. But the site does have a weird glitch.

In the middle of completing a survey, I would sometimes get a message stating that I wasn’t actually qualified to take that survey! How could this be? The site is supposed to have an automated way to connect people to surveys they could actually take. This was pretty frustrating.

But for the sake of my review, I kept trucking. Their customer service rep asked me to send them evidence of the error (a screenshot, which I took the moment I got the error message). They promised me a “courtesy” credit. I appreciated the effort, but frankly, they wouldn’t have had to do that if their algorithm wasn’t so janky in the first place.

And that’s the best-case scenario. It gets worse.

I did manage to complete a few surveys… only to discover later on that I wasn’t being paid for them! The site mentioned something about me not clearing the cookies on my browser. I’m not a tech guy, but I don’t see why that should stop me from being paid for work I’ve already done.

What sucks is it usually takes 72 hours to process cash payouts. That meant it took me three days to learn I wasn’t getting paid!

So I went back to customer service and got promised another complimentary credit. This is frustrating, to say the least.

Loyalty Program

The site also has a loyalty program, but when I click the link, I get a message stating that their loyalty program is being revamped. Since I’m an optimistic guy, I’d like to think that also means they’re revamping their, uhm, entire site.

I know I’ve been ranting about them in this article, but I really do want them to succeed. Let’s hope there are positive changes in store for this company.

Other People’s Experiences

As a reviewer, I also need to consider the experiences of other people. I need to be somewhat objective. While I may have had a sucky experience trying to use Quick Rewards, other people may have had better experiences.

So I did some Googling and found very little info. A few sites shared the same frustrations I had. From the looks of it, I’m one of few users who stuck with the site. (Admittedly, I only stuck with the site to be able to write a detailed review… otherwise, I would have left right away)

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

Okay, I’ll tread carefully and qualify my answers. Quick Review is not a scam… at least, not technically.

The algorithm that is supposed to send you suitable surveys simply does not work. I had a frustrating time trying to answer surveys, and sometimes did not get paid for the ones I completed (in effect, I gave them free work).

But here’s the thing: I don’t think there was any malice on their part. It doesn’t look like they purposely set out to rip people off.

That doesn’t excuse them for having a barely-working system, but it does give me hope that Quick Review can still improve their services in the future. And when they do, I’ll be willing to try them out again.

Quick Rewards Screenshots

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QuickRewards 1.jpgQuickRewards 2.jpgQuickRewards 3.jpg

Your Turn

This review is based on my own experiences using Quick Review. Now it’s your turn to share. Have you also used Quick Review? Did you manage to complete any surveys, and how much did you earn?

Let’s hear your stories!

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Bronze Wordsmith
Jun 10, 2018
QuickRewards has been around since 2002, and Ive been a member since about 2008

Not many people know about the site, maybe thats because there is no referral program so they dont advertise it. Their referral program has been down for a couple years years now :( I sent them a note a year or so back, and was told "were working on it"

I have earned: $167.58 from them

What I like best is they have No Minimum Cashout, and their payments are rather quick, usually within a day or so. They are VERY active on Facebook, and are quick to answer any questions you might have. Also I sent them a note a couple weeks back about a trivia they had that was wrong, they wrote me back within an hour, and credited me a couple points for my trouble and thanked me for bringing it to their attention

As far as I know, they only allow signups from United States, United Kingdom and Canada
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Dec 17, 2018
Quick Rewards is one of my favorite survey sites. Like any other survey sites, it has flaws. I get a lot of emails, but those are the opportunities available. The emails come in random time. You don't need to answer each of those. Honestly, I don't think they expect you to.

The payout is fast, and it only takes up to 24 hours. Plus, there's no minimum cashout. Another thing that I like about this website is the credit I receive even I get disqualified for a survey.

Yesterday, I spent about 20 minutes on a survey. About 90% completed when I get disqualified. What I did is I sent an email to their support, and they sent me the credit right away.

This happens several times already. Whether late disqualification or technical issues, there's no need to worry as I'm confident that they'll sent me what they owe. Quick Rewards is legit!


Dec 9, 2018
QuickRewards is a good and legit site for earning extra money. This site has a lot to offer but only if you know what to do and how to do it.
I started using their site after the issues I had with the previous survey site I worked with. I found QuickRewards via google when I was specifically looking for a survey site that paid out quickly via PayPal.
There is no minimum points required to cash out, and you can get paid every night. They never fail to pay you for your time and effort. Their customer support staffs are impressive, they reply promptly and are very helpful.
I have been reading some negative feedbacks about this website, but honestly, it's the members' fault. These people are cheaters who were banned for abusing their system. Once more I have to say this site is totally legit.


Oct 24, 2018
This one is a legit website. I was a member of this site when I was into survey sites back then. I got paid twice from this website. Like any other survey sites, one must complete offers such as taking surveys, watching videos, and etcetera.

This isn't the highest paying one, plus they don't have a referral system. However, this is best when paired with other survey sites to boost the earnings. Also, they have Paypal as a reward option which is excellent, and they send the rewards fast.

There are better sites for making money online. But if you're into exploring different survey sites, QuickRewards is a viable option. I recommend that anyone looking for multiple paid survey options check out QuickRewards.


Jan 17, 2019
QuickRewards is a legit way to make money online, but just like any GPT site, you will be trading time for dollars. To be honest, their site doesn’t have a fancy look, and it’s quite messy. However, there are many opportunities to make money, and that’s what really matters.
The best thing about QuickRewards is that there is no minimum amount required to cash out. They always pay on time, and they really pay. Also, their customer support staffs are very promptly when answering tickets. Being with them for almost a year, I only had issues twice.
In general, I have to say this site is fantastic and legit. You will never find a more honest and upfront group of people.


Jan 30, 2019
This site is one of the best survey sites around today. However some of the offer walls soft ban you for watching, I'm not sure if this is because of supposed proxy or VPNs that supposedly being used.
I've been banned from part of the site (Flix) which is a separate entity. Just to be clear it is not Quick Rewards that bans me. I don't know why cause I am the only user of my computer.
I have been with QuickRewards since the beginning and now only making about 50 cents per day. However, thanks to their support staffs that have been trying to help me to resolve any, and all issues I have with their site.
I would recommend this site even with the problems that I have been having. They do everything that they state such as payouts, and as said before, the staff are really great, and always get back to you. This site is legit.


Feb 20, 2019
Great review. Quick Rewards is one of the honest ways to make money online. Earning may be time-consuming but who cares? It's free, and all I have to do is complete offers to get paid.

However, my advice is to work with other GPT sites as well for better earnings. What I recommend other than this site are SurveySavvy and GrabPoints . I have made about $300 in just six months by online working with these sites in my spare time (3-4 hours a day).

Well, all I have to say is this site is legit. This company has paid me several times, and I rarely encounter problems. Quick Rewards is one of the sites I do recommend to make some extra money online. Cheers!