Is phone farming still a viable option for passive income or a relic from the past?


Jun 11, 2018
So the other day I was browsing another beer money forum online and I learned about phone farming, for those not in the know it's where you buy a bunch of cheap android phones, hook them up and install GPT apps on all of them and basically run them all simultaneously to generate video views which you get paid for. It's a way to make passive income as basically you just need to make sure the phones are charged, that your internet is working and more importantly that the apps are not crashing. Now from my research the experience of doing this ranges widely from don't do it to yes it's a solid way to generate some beer money.

I don't have any crazy expectations but was wondering if anyone here have experience with this and if I am willing to spend $100 buying the devices, how much should I expect to make per day and which sites/apps allow this or simply don't care?


Apr 19, 2018
I am not sure how viable this is anymore, I know of people years ago making over 1000’s bucks a month doing this, but they’ve all stopped it as it’s not worth it anymore. But to answer some of your questions here goes.
  • Expect to make about 25 to 50 cents a device PER DAY, from this you need to deduct your electricity cost, repairs etc. The rate can go higher but I would be conservative if I were you.
  • As for device cost, you can pick up working devices on eBay for $5 to $10 each which should do the job. Doesn’t really matter if the screen is cracked as long as it can run the app and you can see what’s going on.
  • Rewardable, CashMagnet, Adfun and Perk are some sites that doesn’t seem to mind this, alternatively you can find sites that run EngageMe.TV and Smores.TV
Again this is not an endorsement for doing phone farming and always check the TOS of the site you are using and if you get kicked don’t cry, as you know what you are doing is basically fraud.
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Jun 14, 2018
I did this on Perk many years ago. I just ran it on old tablets and phones that I didn't use any more but to be honest although it is supposed to be passive I found I had to constantly reset the devices. Also the cash out rate for the UK was something ridiculous like 26000 for $10 so the end was never really in sight for me. They let you run it on a maximum of 5 devices at the same time back then but I don't know how it is now.